Healing testimony: terminal breast cancer with multiple tumors,

heart failure, diabetes with blindness, weakness, inability to digest:

The wheatgrass juice “detox” cancer cure against all odds

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The following real-life story is by far the most powerful terminal cancer (and more!) healing testimonial I have read in a long time, and perhaps ever. It is excerpted from the book “HOW AND WHEN TO BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR” written by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with her husband Steve Solomon and published in 1997[1].

It is in fact the story of two women, Ethyl and Marge, both with similarly highly advanced stages of breast cancer, both of them having been sent home to die by their conventional oncologists. After receiving the same naturopathic detoxification treatment, both seemed to recover — but only one eventually survived.

They had received the same regime of (obligatory) fasting with wheatgrass juice implants, daily colonics, wheatgrass/clay poultices, acupressure massages, reflexology treatments, followed later by a raw food diet etc. The only discernible difference between the two women? Their will to live or life purpose.

These are powerful testimonials both to the innate healing power of the human body when properly supported and to the tenet espoused by Healing Cancer Naturally that in the final analysis, it is mind and/or spirit which directs and determines the eventual outcome of human affairs including the question whether or not a person will heal of a “terminal” illness.

These testimonials would have been equally well placed in the Mind or even the Juicers & Juicing section but since the treatment the women received centered around detoxification measures involving wheatgrass juice and what amounts to a variety of fasting, they are featured in this Detoxification section.

In summary: if Ethyl could heal, anyone can!

Terminal breast cancer cure: Ethyl

excerpted from “HOW AND WHEN TO BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR” written by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
Emphases and notes added by Healing Cancer Naturally

“Ethyl always comes to my mind when I think of how much healing power can still be left in a dying body. She (accompanied by her husband for support) came to Great Oaks School with terminal cancer, heart failure, advanced diabetes, extreme weakness, and complete inability to digest. Any food ingested just came back up immediately.

Ethyl had large tumors taking over the breast, sticking out from her skull, and protruding from her body in general. The largest was the one in the left breast which was the size of a big man’s fist.

She did have one crucial thing going for her, Ethyl was a feisty Irish redhead who still had a will to live, and a reason to do so.

She and her husband, who had just retired, had dreamed their whole life of touring the US and Canada in their own RV the minute he retired. The time had finally arrived but Ethyl was too ill to support her own weight (only 90 pounds) and to top it off was blind from diabetic retinopathy.

The doctors had done everything they could to her, and now judged her too weak to withstand any more surgery (she had already had her right breast removed). Radiation or chemotherapy were also considered impossible due to heart failure.

They sent Ethyl home to die, giving her a few days to a month at most.

Any sensible hygienist[2] trying to stay out of jail would have refused to take on this type of case because it was a cancer case where death was likely. Treatment of this highly lucrative disease is considered the AMA’s exclusive franchise, even when the medical doctors have given up after having done everything to a body the family can pay for or owe for.

Whenever a person dies under the care of any person who is not a licensed M.D. there must be an autopsy and a criminal investigation in search of negligence. If the person dies under the care of an M.D. the sheriff’s assumption is that the doctor most assuredly did everything he could and should have done and death was inevitable.

By accepting Ethyl I had a reasonable likelihood of ending up in trouble; but being foolish, brave and (stupidly) feeling relatively immune to such consequences (I was under 40 at the time), it seemed important to try to help her.

So, undaunted by the task, regardless of the outcome, I proceeded logically, one step at a time. Today, with more experience and a modest net worth I wouldn’t want to have to defend in a lawsuit, and at age 55. possessing no spare five to ten years to give to the State to ”pay” for my bravery, I would probably refuse such a case.

Fortunately I have not been confronted with this problem lately.

Since Ethyl was unable to digest anything given by mouth, she was fed rectally with wheatgrass juice implants three times a day. She was carried to the colonic table for a daily colonic. Wheatgrass and clay poultices were applied to her tumors three times a day.

She received an acupressure massage and reflexology treatments during the day, plus a lot of tender loving care. This program continued for a month during which the tumors were being reabsorbed by the body, including the large, extremely hard tumor sticking out the flesh of the right breast.

Ethyl complained of severe pain as the large tumor in her breast shrank. While it had been getting larger and pressing ever harder on all the nerves, she had little or no sensation, but as it shrank, the nerves were reactivated. Most people think that a growing tumor would cause more pain than a shrinking one. Often the opposite is true. Pain can be a good sign that the body is winning, an indicator to proceed.

Compare Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s “German New Medicine”: According to Dr. Hamer, pain can be a positive sign indicating that the body is healing itself. See particularly Annette Stahel’s discussion of the positive role of pain in German New Medicine: A Revolutionary Biological Paradigm as well as the Interview with Dr. Hamer, discussing (inter alia) “The Role of Aches and Pains”.

By the second month, Ethyl, gradually gaining strength, was able to take wheatgrass and carrot juice orally, and gradually eased into raw foods, mostly sprouts and leafy greens such as sunflower and buckwheat greens grown in trays.

She started to walk with assistance up and down the halls, no longer experiencing the intense pain formerly caused by a failing heart, and most surprising of all, her eyesight returned, at first seeing only outlines, and then details.

The third month Ethyl enlarged her food intake to include raw foods as well as the carrot and wheatgrass juice and sprouts, plus vitamin and mineral supplements to help support her immune system and the healing process.

All the tumors had been reabsorbed by her body and were no longer visible, her heart was able to support normal activity such as walking, and nonstrenuous household chores, and her diabetes had corrected itself to the point that she no longer required insulin and was able to control her blood sugar with diet.

Her husband was then instructed in her maintenance and they went home to continue the program. The last I heard from them they had made two lengthy trips around the US in their RV and were enjoying their retirement together after all.

My treatment worked because the most important factor in the healing of the critically ill person is not give them more nourishment than their body is able to process. The moment the digestive capacity of the sick person is exceeded, the condition will be exacerbated and in a critical illness, the person is likely to die.

If the body still has sufficient organ integrity and vital force to heal itself, it will do so only if given the least possible nourishment that will support life–provided no essential organs are hopelessly damaged. If the liver and kidneys are functional, and the person has done some previous dietary improvement and/or cleansing, success is likely, especially if the person wants to live.

A person in critical condition does not have time to ease into fasting by first spending a month or two on a raw foods diet. This means that the person who is taking care of the critically ill person must be experienced enough to adjust the intensity of the body’s healing efforts and accurately assess the ability of the person to process toxic waste products clamoring for removal so the ailing body is not drowned in its own poisons.

It is often necessary to use clear vegetable broth, vegetable and wheatgrass juices, and fruits juices, or whole sprouts to slow down the cleansing gradient and sometimes, to resupply the tissues’ exhausted nutritional reserves.”

Terminal breast cancer near-cure: Marge

excerpted from “HOW AND WHEN TO BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR” written by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
Emphasis by Healing Cancer Naturally

“I wish all cases of critical illness had such a positive outcome as Ethyl’s, but unfortunately they don’t. I had Marge on the same program at the same time. She also had cancerous tumors all over her body and had similarly been sent home to die.

In some ways Marge’s body was a more likely candidate for survival than Ethyl’s. Marge did not have heart failure or diabetes and was still able on arrival to at least take small amount of water orally and walk to the bathroom. Put on a similar program, her tumors also shrunk and were reabsorbed and she too went home.

But Marge did not really have a strong reason to live. Although her husband was by her side throughout the treatment program, Marge was deeply upset because she was estranged from one of her sons who she had not seen for over 10 years. When she went home from Great Oaks, the son finally consented to see his mother, went to the effort of trying to work things out with her, and finally confessed that under it all he still loved her.

At that point Marge died in peace. She had accomplished the last thing she wanted to take care of and her will to live did not extend beyond that point. Had she died several months earlier as predicted by the medical profession, Marge would have been unable to resolve this relationship. This was what Marge’s life was pivoting on at the end.

I was glad to assist her in doing what she needed to do. Her husband and other family members found it difficult to understand, and they were hurt that Marge did not wish to continue her life with them.”

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1 which can be downloaded from, a fantastic online resource for free books on autonomic health care, healing and living.

2 This refers to the healing system and school of thought named Natural Hygiene which Dr. Moser generally embraced and considered the most sensible and effective approach to the healing of the human body.

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