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Wheatgrass as a cancer cure

Healing testimonials (including terminal cases)

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As can be inferred from the article Healing testimony: terminal breast cancer, wheatgrass appears to be some sort of superfood, both highly nourishing and cleansing, and triggering multiple healing responses in the body.

As with other natural healing approaches, this seems to not just apply to humans but to our animal companions as well[1] — as becomes beautifully apparent in the book "Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine".

One of its chapters titled "Real Stories from Real People" comprises numerous astounding healing stories many of which refer to cancer (including so-called terminal cases) as well as impressive improvements and cures experienced in animals. What's more, apparently those healing reports are only a small sample taken from amongst thousands.

Not every single one of these stories actually has a happy ending. But typically, amazing improvements in general health were experienced or the cancer disappeared (even after the patient had been through conventional treatment and had been sent home to die), with death being due to other causes.

The following is a concise summary of the most interesting cases related to cancer.

  • Colon cancer

    The patient refused all invasive treatment, taking large doses (18 oz a day) of frozen (outdoor-grown) wheatgrass juice instead. He was completely healed. In his conclusion he stressed that determination and the strong will to win was essential ("I am going to lick this killer").[2]
  • Breast cancer

    After taking 8 oz of fresh wheatgrass juice (which she grew herself) a day over a period of nine months, all the patient's breast tumors were gone.
  • Breast cancer

    This nurse-patient had seen first-hand what conventional treatment did to other cancer patients[3]. Feeling that one should not kill both bad AND healthy cells but rather strengthen the immune system (had it been strong enough, cancer would not have taken hold in the first place), she decided to go against "doctor's orders".

    She did a combination nutritional approach: raw (mostly organic) juicing[4] incl. garlic, supplements[5] and wheatgrass which she gradually increased to 6-9 ounces a day. She also focused on detoxification via colonics[6] including 4 oz wheatgrass enemas which she held for several hours.

    She exercised a lot and did yoga.[7] To the surprise of her colleagues, ever since adopting her new health and healing regime she never called in sick although she kept working a fulltime job. An eventual AMAS test showed that there were no signs of cancer left in her body.
  • Bladder cancer

    This unfortunate woman had been through "the works": chemotherapy and radiation[3], "all the drugs", and her bladder had been lasered and "scraped" "at least" six times. In spite of all these efforts, each subsequent MRI and sonogram examination showed a new tumor or two. Finally (and unsurprisingly) her doctor wanted to cut her bladder out.

    She actually was about to submit to the surgery when right there on the table, she suffered a light heart attack. This, she writes, prevented the surgery from going ahead and oddly, was to save her life. At this point, her doctor "gave" her a few months to live.

    Since she finally had had "enough", she began looking for alternatives. Upon one of her daughters' advice, she took up wheatgrass juice and began drinking up to seven ounces a day spread out over three meals.

    During the next four years, she only developed one new tumor — when she neglected her wheatgrass routine while visiting another daughter, only to discover the new growth on her return home. Since then she faithfully continued her daily wheatgrass juice and never developed another tumor, with MRIs and sonograms continuing to show a clear and cancer-free bladder.
  • Throat cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma)

    A 10-year-old girl had a fist-sized tumor in her throat making her throw up any food she was trying to eat. She was fed wheatgrass juice through a feeding tube and her tumor gradually and completely vanished.

    For a throat cancer remission testimonial achieved by taking a powerful herbal supplement, read Apán medicinal mushroom in complementary cancer care: superior herbal formula — many cancer remission testimonials.

  • Melanoma

    In spite of having followed a healthy diet, a woman discovered a suspicious quarter inch spot on her thigh which was diagnosed as melanoma. Her doctor wanted to cut out a 3x5 inch area including the lymph nodes, followed by a skin graft and chemo and radiotherapy. Since she didn't believe in her doctor's approach, she only allowed the quarter inch spot to be removed.

    She went to see her kinesiotherapist to test which remedies would be indicated for her condition.[8] It was found that she should take wheatgrass as well as other grasses (barley etc.) plus some herbs.

    In spring she started growing her own wheatgrass in her backyard. She (as well as her husband) took eight ounces of juice at a time which they sipped over an hour on an empty stomach. 18 months later when revisiting her surgeon, he attributed her cure to the surgery. (A pleasant side effect of her wheatgrass regime which her husband also experienced was silky hair and softer skin.)
  • Lymphatic cancer

    This young "junk-food addict" (a regular McDonald's customer) was initially treated with drugs. As his condition kept worsening, he was put on chemotherapy which according to his doctors would give him another three months. He lost his hair, developed large blisters and was put on morphine for his pain.

    At this point he learned about wheatgrass and live foods (which he had never heard of before) and started drinking the juice. He also was taught to meditate[9] which allowed him to discontinue the pain medication. Additionally, wheatgrass implants provided pain relief within an hour or even faster.[12]

    His lymph nodes started to shrink. He went on to undertake a wheatgrass fast for a full 30 days, increasing his daily juice intake to 8 oz split into four doses plus distilled water in-between. Passing through periods of nausea and diarrhea (considered welcome detoxification symptoms), he finally went on a live food diet, adding other sprouts such as sprouted sunflower seeds.

    It took him a total of six months to be completely healed (as confirmed by testing) and with his lymph nodes back to normal size. Welcome side effects of his recovery were the disappearance of premature gray hair and the new spiritual awareness he had developed.
  • Melanoma, gastro-intestinal and throat cancer

    Another case considered terminal which had started in 1961 when a cancerous mole was excised from the patient's toe. Since the roots had stayed in, the melanoma metastasised and in 1976 was found "everywhere". The patient was barely able to speak, unable to eat and reduced to 62 pounds. After being given chemotherapy and radiation, she was sent home to die.

    A neighbour gave her Eydie Mae's book "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally".

    With her nurse's assistance, she started growing her own wheatgrass and a daily regime of multiple wheatgrass juice enemas and implants. Within a few weeks, she had her first major healing crisis which she welcomed as a sign that she was cleansing and beginning to heal. Slowly she was feeling better and even able to take some food by mouth. Half a year after starting her wheatgrass regime, she was walking again.

    It still took her several years to fully recover and being back to her normal weight. But 22 years after her initial diagnosis (at the time of reporting), she was a picture of health at nearly 75 years of age, and still using wheatgrass.
  • Brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme, GBM)

    This case used a mixed treatment including low-dose chemo. The tumor kept shrinking.
  • Heart cancer

    This healing story is owed to Edward Brown MD who had a rare form of tumor where the heart shared its blood and nerve supply with the cancerous growth. After causing four heart attacks, the tumor was finally dissolved thanks to juice therapy, with Dr Brown's mostly raw vegan diet in the final six healing months consisting of 80% fresh juices, and some brown rice.

    Dr Brown considers juice therapy the best treatment he is aware of, with wheatgrass being the best vegetable to juice and the most effective way to treat as well as prevent numerous illnesses. Even patients considered terminal and unable to eat can still take wheatgrass as an enema or bathe in it (see next bullet point).

    And while many wonderful natural medicines may only work for some, in his experience wheatgrass works for everyone. If he had to choose one single remedy to administer, the choice would be wheatgrass.
  • Stomach cancer, stage 5 (inability to eat)

    By feeding wheatgrass through the rectum (20 ounces daily in three sessions, complemented by wheatgrass baths), stage 5 patients who typically die of starvation within a few weeks apparently can be kept alive. The wheatgrass is absorbed into the lymph whence it travels to the liver and finally to the blood.[13]

    The Healing testimony: terminal breast cancer clearly shows the power of this type of nutrition even in the most desperate cases.
  • Wheatgrass as a pain reliever

    As a major anti-inflammatory, wheatgrass works against pain but must be given at 10-15 oz a day.[12]
  • Prostate cancer

    The 70 year old patient had agreed to radical prostatectomy (removal of the entire prostate) plus intensive chemo and radiation therapy. He was started on Flutamide (a chemical castrator) — a terrible experience which "sucked all energy right out of him" .

    When he learned about wheatgrass and read Ann Wigmore's book, he decided to cancel all conventional treatment including the surgery and rely on natural therapy. He became a vegetarian (his PSA lowered immediately)[10] and took a total of six to eight ounces of wheatgrass juice a day before mealtimes. He also added other antioxidants and herbs incl. Essiac tea, Q10, vitamin E, saw palmetto, shark liver oil, and nine grams of vitamin C a day[5], and underwent ozone therapy[11].

    At the time of reporting, he was in remission with extremely low PSA readings even after exercise — and what came as a real surprise, with twice as much energy as before his new regime, while working a full-time job. He believes that (unsuccessful) microwave treatment done on his prostate to relieve painful urination four years prior to his diagnosis was a contributing factor in creating the cancer.

Other successfully treated illnesses

mentioned in "Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine" include lupus, candidiasis, irritable bowel and leaky gut syndrome. One man reports his greatly enhanced marathon endurance — in spite of less training, he was achieving much better performance.


The study Effect of wheat grass juice in supportive care of terminally ill cancer patients — A tertiary cancer centre experience from India" published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2006 found that wheatgrass juice was an effective alternative to blood transfusions and encouraged its use in terminally ill cancer patients.

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13 Other cancer-healing approaches such as the Budwig protocol have also used rectal feeding (here of flax oil or ELDI oil) for patients unable to eat or with difficulty eating, see e.g. Dr. Budwig’s Treatment Advice for Very Ill Cancer Patients.

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