Hairy cell leukemia healed

thanks to strict vegetarian diet, determination and positive thinking

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The following information is from the year 1988 (i.e. before the advent of the drugs cladribine and pentostatin) when a hairy cell leukemia diagnosis was virtually a death sentence.

A book by Ross Horne[1] contains the inspiring story of a man who healed himself of an illness considered fatal at the time. His report is recounted in the chapter "Living Proof".

In early 1981, the 39 year old managing director of a large company was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia. The treating specialist advised removal of the patient's grossly enlarged spleen noting that "there was no other treatment option" available.

Following surgery, the leukemia cells had disappeared from the patient's blood and his platelet and blood cell counts had normalized. The leukemia cells continued to linger in his bone marrow, however — and in large quantities at that.

According to the oncologist, the hairy leukemia cells would gradually overpower the bone marrow and eventually (likely within 18–24 months) prevent the production of normal blood cells. At that point, the only treatment available would be chemotherapy which held out little hope however since it had never been shown to work.

Not only did the oncologist offer no other helpful advice but he actually went so far as to expressly warn the patient against adopting an organic diet since it would both be useless and a waste of time with no benefits whatsoever.

Thankfully, the patient refused to acknowledge defeat and chose to believe otherwise. In fact he assumed responsibility for having — somehow — brought on his dis-ease by himself (suspecting unrelenting stress of long standing together with poor diet to be at fault) and simultaneously claimed the ability to overcome this challenge.[2]

He started by visiting medical libraries and computer data banks to learn all he could about hairy cell leukemia. His findings could easily have disheartened a lesser man — he learned that survival rates were dismal and counted in mere months, with chemotherapy holding out zero hope.

But he did find a medical journal that offered a small silver lining: the story of a patient with hairy cell leukemia who for reasons unknown (or undivulged) had managed to completely rid himself of his disease over a period of several years.

As he read this story, he had found all the encouragement he needed since he reasoned that if it could happen to one, it would also happen for him.[2]

He was introduced to a man who after a melanoma diagnosis with supposedly just a few months to live had recovered his health by adopting a strict vegetarian diet.[3]

So one month after surgery, the hairy cell leukemia patient became a strict vegetarian himself. This dietary change was to complement the exercise program he had already embarked upon by taking walks of increasing lengths every day.

To detox[4] and "alkalinize" his body. he started the first week by eating only grapes[5] (taking them every two hours). He followed this up with a period of eating only vegetable puree and finally switched to a maintenance diet of fresh salads, fruit and almonds as well as juices from freshly squeezed vegetables[6].

He waited several months before reintroducing some steamed vegetables as well.

Over the next twelve months he underwent regular screenings. His blood continued to be free of leukemia cells while still showing remnants in his bone marrow.

It was fifteen months after starting on this diet that a bone marrow test done at M. D. Anderson showed him to be completely clear of his previous disease — just a few months before the leukemia cells were expected to overtake his bone marrow and shut down the production of normal blood cells.

Having experienced his own healing and that of others using natural approaches to heal themselves of various diseases, he came to believe that diet combined with a relaxed mental attitude provided the answer to any chronic medical condition.

While he acknowledged that the strict vegetarian way of life is anything but easy to adopt when one is in fairly good health, he added that it was really very easy when one became desperately ill — and that it worked.

Drug treatment of hairy cell leukemia: cladribine and pentostatin

Hairy cell leukemia seems to be one of the rare types of cancer where drugs have been developed which allow a vast majority of patients to attain long-term disease-free remission periods and even "normal or near-normal projected lifespans". Cladribine was launched in 1993 and appears to come with relatively benign side effects only.

See the studies Long-lasting complete remission in patients with hairy cell leukemia treated with 2-CdA: a 5-year survey published in Leukemia in 1997 and Long remissions in hairy cell leukemia with purine analogs: a report of 219 patients with a median follow-up of 12.5 years published in Cancer in 2005.

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