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Twelve steps to surviving incurable cancer

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For more than twenty years, Belgian psychologist and psychotherapist Alain Moenaert studied the histories of 210 individuals who suffered from diseases considered incurable — cancer, paralysis, Aids. All of these patients in spite of their dire prognosis had succeeded in turning around what seemed like a hopeless situation — they actually healed.

Looking for the psychological elements common to each of their astounding healing journeys allowing them to regain their health, Alain Moenaert found twelve characteristics nearly all of them shared and action steps they took.

1. They accepted their diagnosis.

2. While accepting their diagnosis, they refused their prognosis and the idea there was no hope, i.e. they did not give up.[1]

3. They reframed the seeming catastrophe that had befallen them as the biggest chance of their life. As some cancer patients commented "Cancer stands for Change" and "Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me".[2] A very important step which makes one see the illness not as a catastrophe but as a signal the body sent to clean up one's lifestyle and habits.

4. They decided to become the most important person in their life: taking care of themselves and learning to love themselves.

5. They took responsibility for creating the problem, accepting that they had treated their body in ways which were not helpful.

6. They kept building up their determination and perseverance.

7. They uncovered and understood the message sent by their symptoms.

8. They cleaned their past of traumas and limiting beliefs.

9. The created a pleasing and fulfilling present for themselves.

10. They built a future without tensions.

11. They felt spiritually connected and engaged in a spiritual practice.

12. They lived their life!

To empower all those he calls "victims of an unjust fate" do the same, Alain Moenaert distilled these twelve steps into a remarkable book (which so far has not yet been translated into English). Twelve chapters guide the reader with concrete examples and suggested action steps through each of the above steps which can lead from seemingly desperate illness to healing.

Most remarkably, Alain Moenaert got the chance to "practice what he preaches" when while still in the process of writing his book, he suffered a stroke. Unable to speak, he was forced to put everything on hold, including his book and speaking engagements. Even worse, he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. To add insult to injury, he lost all his luggage on a trip, had his car destroyed and his pleasure boat stolen.

Overwhelmed, Alain realized that he must leave his old life behind. In a radical move he set up his new home in Bali. As he commented, this move felt like a great relief, a release which gave his body permission to heal.[3] He began to take care of himself (and only of himself) and slowed down from the hectic pace and stress of the life he had led in the west. The Balinese people, he writes, don't chase after success as we do, cultivating a sense of community and of the sacred instead.

Since he wished to pursue his healing first and foremost via the mind and the soul, he underwent a course of psychotherapy to find causes for his cancer in his childhood. Additionally, he took vitamin C on a daily basis as well as medicinal herbs.

Four years after his diagnosis, Alain Moenaert was healed according to his former doctors.

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Les douze étapes de guérison

by Alain Moenaert

(published in 2012)


1 See On Curing Cancer: Spiritual quotes for cancer patients and others in search of healing (3)

2 See e.g. Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Patients and Other People in Search of Healing.

3 "Leaving everything behind" as a means to finding cancer healing is discussed by cancer researcher Lothar Hirneise under the designation of "system change" (see Who survives cancer?). It is beautifully illustrated by the stage 4 lung cancer survivor story Terminal cancer healed without treatment by a return to nature.

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