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More herbal medicines with reported anti-tumor benefits

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In addition to the better-known Essiac/Flor-Essence tea, Aloe, mistletoe and particularly Maria Treben's herbal/plant-based cancer successes as well as the other herbal remedies listed under Herbs & Grasses, there seems to be an ever-growing number of natural plants and herbs which are claimed or actually found or confirmed in the laboratory to fight cancer.

Below is a short alphabetical list of some of these. Far from exhaustive, it is meant to give the reader a glimpse into the range of herbal cancer treatments on offer and to stimulate his or her own further research into the subject. It may sometimes be best to use any herbal treatments under the supervision of an experienced herbalist.

Anamu tea

Anamu is a tropical herb with clinically demonstrated anti-cancer properties.

Apán medicinal mushroom

We owe the discovery of the medicinal and cancer-fighting properties of the Apán to the Native American Tribes of the Columbia River basin. The Apán mushroom is very richly endowed with proven anticancer compounds such as beta-glucans, bitter triterpenes, anti-tumor polysaccharides as well as free radical scavengers like germanium, blood pressure-reducing angiotensin re-uptake inhibitors and more.

Apán's content in therapeutic components is said to be much higher than that found in other already powerful medicinal mushrooms such as Chaga. More under Apán medicinal mushroom in complementary cancer care: superior herbal formula — many cancer remission testimonials (includes 50% off coupon — limited offer).


An Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicine, said to be safe and harmless, CARCTOL treats all types of cancer which includes cancer of the esophagus, ear, nose, throat, brain, breast, lungs, blood, kidney, cervix, stomach, pancreas as well as colorectal and hepatobiliary cancer and lymphoma.

“If you have contacts in India they might be able to speed up getting the Carctol for you.”

Cat's Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa) as immune-enhancer

Based on Phillip N. Steinberg writing in Townsend Letter for Doctors, May, 1994, and August/September, 1995, as well as other health authors, cat's claw supports the body's immune system (eg via its content in quinovic acid glycosides) and protects us from viruses and cancers caused by viruses.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacy (38, page 63, 1993) published a study on the "Mutagenic and Antimutagenic Activity of Uncaria" which explored the potential cancer-fighting qualities of cat's claw.

It was found that the urine of cigarette smokers exhibited "mutagenic activity" (i.e. was able to trigger mutations) while the urine of non-smokers did not. After taking cat's claw, however, the urine of smokers showed a dramatic decrease in its ability to create mutations.

Early studies among other things suggest that cat's claw can decrease the visible size of certain skin tumors.


Echinacea is included in this list since it seems to be a powerful immune system booster and thus might be indicated in cancer as well. Make sure to find a good quality echinacea product (organic/wildcrafted/fresh is usually best).

Green Tea

Green tea extract reportedly induces apoptosis (cancer cell death) and starves tumors by restraining the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), i.e. targets the cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Apparently green tea contains tumor-growth-inhibiting factors (a polyphenol named EGCG) as well as other polyphenols (such as flavonoids)[1] reputed to lower cholesterol, counteract free radicals, exhibit natural antibiotic characteristics or prevent blood clotting. Other ingredients include vitamin C, carotene, fluoride, zinc, selenium, manganese, potassium, niacin & folic acid.

Hemp (Cannabis/medical marijuana)

A number of doctors and scientists in the field of cannabinoid research endorse the medicinal value of this ancient medicine. In fact, Cannabis extract administered orally or as a salve applied topically was used by Western medicine for various purposes until not that long ago and even prescribed for toddlers, until for various reasons, it was made illegal in many places.

A number of researchers have found its compounds to possess remarkable power to selectively kill cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched.

Huang qin (Chinese herb)

While chemotherapy agents typically damage healthy tissue and cancer cells, huang qin, a popular Chinese herb, contains a component named wogonin which triggers apoptosis (cell death or suicide) in cultured leukemia cells while having virtually no effect on healthy blood cells. This was published in "Chinese Medicine News" December 28, 2007 reporting on the work done by scientists at the German Cancer Research Centre.


Described as an ancient time-tested natural remedy originating from Ojibwa and Cree natural medicine, Indian Essence consists of nine special, natural ingredients.

"This drink composed of herbs, roots and bark is no ordinary herb tea. It cleanses the body, promotes a healthy intestinal flora, purifies the blood and strengthens the immune system. According to the practitioners of traditional Indian medicine, the detoxication of the body is the first step toward recovery. Original INDIAN*ESSENCE can also be taken preventively to maintain health or to detoxicate the organism in general.

According to the Indian shamans every illness has not merely an organic cause but, above all, a mental and a spiritual cause. They know that plants too have a "soul", a vitalizing energy. If the right plants are selected and mixed in a particular way, their separate energies can combine, giving rise to a non-material remedial power (a subtle Energy) which is far greater than that of a single plant.

Neither the best doctor nor the most expensive medicament alone can cure an illness, without the influence of the highly effective healing power of the body itself. That is why original INDIAN*ESSENCE is a key to the activation of the enormous self-healing potential which is dormant within every human being.

In original INDIAN*ESSENCE this energizing aspect — based on the "physics of information" is extremely effective. The ingredients are carefully harvested and dried. The quality and effectiveness of the Indian drink depend to a great extent on the locality, the time of harvest and the age of the individual plants.

These natural raw materials are transported to special enterprises in Switzerland (for the European market) or to Canada (for the North American market) without the agency of intermediate traders. Here under controlled conditions ensuring purity and quality they are mixed in accordance with the "secret formula" of the Indians and packaged by specialized and reliable companies.

Indian Essence formula: the ingredients and their effects (plants, roots and bark):

Burdock root (Arctium lappa)
Regulates blood sugar, diuretic, blood-cleansing, detoxifying.

Sheep sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella)
Rich in chlorophyll and carotene

Slippery elm bark (Ulmus rubra)
Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-microbial.

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)
Nettles are powerful medicinal plants, see Urtica research ff.

Blessed thistle herb (Carduus benedictus)
Used in folk medicine for malignant tumors in the stomach and intestinal tract. Regulates the glandular functions, e.g. the pancreas.

Mistletoe leaves (phoradendron flavescens, fam. Viscum album)
Provides support in cancer therapy. Has a positive effect on the glandular system and stimulates metabolic functions.

Kelp (Laminaria digitata)
Rich in minerals and trace elements, esp. iodine, which are essential health-builders.

Watercress herb (Nasturtium officinale)
Blood-cleansing and improving, stomach-strengthening, diuretic, expectorant.

Red clover blossom (Trifolium pratense)
Helps with chronic problems of the respiratory tract, gout and rheumatism. Strengthens the immune system.

The above has been compiled from

As you can see, the above list of ingredients is very similar to the one used in the well-known Essiac/Flor-Essence anti-cancer tea, with red clover, nettles, watercress, blessed thistle herb and mistletoe added, and turkish rhubarb root and milk thistle left out.

Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus)

Fresh lemon grass tea kills cancer cells (makes cancer cells self-destruct in the test tube).

Quote, “Lemon grass is a perennial, aromatic tall grass with a light lemon scent used for culinary and medicinal purposes. ... Ben Gurion University of the Negev researchers made a discovery last year that the lemon aroma in herbs like lemon grass kills cancer cells in vitro, while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

In a fascinating article published in the Health section of Israel21c, it states that the study found the citral in lemon grass causes cancer cells to commit suicide in a process called apoptosis, a mechanism called programmed cell death. A drink with as little as one gram of lemon grass contains enough citral to signal the cancer cells to commit suicide.”

Apparently, drinking lemon grass in hot water actually tastes good.

Maria Treben's herbal treatments for cancer (and many other diseases)

The above-mentioned Austrian herbalist Maria Treben who wrote a number of books incl. the bestselling "Health Through God's Pharmacy", "Health from God's Garden", and "Maria Treben's Cures: Letters and accounts'", is really in a class of her own and therefore cited here again. most highly recommends looking into her approach — deceptively simple herbal advice for all manner of conditions and amazing healing testimonials incl. "desperate" cancer cases, a sample of which including an introduction to her work can be found under Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures & treatment (I) and Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures & treatment (II).

That her miraculous-seeming herbal cures were indeed reality has been confirmed by eminent cancer researcher Dr, Paul G. Seeger M.D..

Poke Root

Poultices made with poke root have been used to dissolve external tumors (for instance in cases of breast cancer). I’ve also seen it described as a powerful detoxifier.

Tian Xian Liquid (Tien-Hsien Liquid) and pill

(Tian Xian and Tien-Hsien seem to be the same product.)

Tian Xian Liquid and pill is a well-researched Chinese anticancer herbal mixture and dietary supplement which has apparently shown many cancer-healing benefits by strengthening the immune system and enhancing various bodily functions. Used topically etc., it is also used as a pain reliever. See

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a scientific study under the heading “The Chinese Herbal Medicine Tien-Hsien Liquid Inhibits Cell Growth and Induces Apoptosis in a Wide Variety of Human Cancer Cells” (April 2005, Vol. 11, No. 2: 245 -256).

This study showed that Tian Xian Liquid “has strong immunomodulatory effects on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and T cells ... and could induce apoptosis in all human cancer cell lines tested [cervical carcinoma C-33A cells, lung carcinoma H1299 cells and human PBMC] but not in normal human cells, [i.e.] had a broad-range tumor killing function ... [and] could be a potential cancer therapeutic agent.”

The article concluded by stating that Tian Xian Liquid had been used by many cancer patients for many years without any known adverse effects. (Tian Xian is not inexpensive.)

Triton (Boston C Triton Herbs)

Antonio Agustin, a Filipino herbalist, has invented a herbal food supplement that “can cure cancer”. His discovery of a coconut-based herbal drink reportedly has cured several serious illnesses and is described as a “very potent, safe and effective cure for cancer (No approved therapeutic claim)”.

Boston C Triton Herbs, a purified extract of Nata de Coco and herbal plants, is very rich in vitamin C and contains other phytochemicals known for their healing effects.

Quote: “...he was able to prove that Boston C Triton Herbs is really effective in healing prostate, cancer, bronchial asthma, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes mellitus, emphysema, edema, sinusitis, hemorrhoid, rheumatoid arthritis, viral and bacterial infections and psoriasis.”

“In 2002 and 2003, the U.P. Institute of Biology conducted laboratory test using Boston C Triton Herbs extracts in different dilutions on lung adenocarcinoma, colon carcinoma, jurkat cell lymphoma, bladder carcinoma, while a prominent Asian Biotechnology Laboratory tested it on lung and cervical cancer cells for presentation to the World Health Organization.

The official results of these scientific laboratory tests clearly revealed and certified that even in its most diluted form, the Boston C Herbal Extracts were still able to kill off more than half the population of cancer cells within 3-5 days, depending on the type of the cancer.

This means that when taken in its undiluted form and on a daily basis for a period of time the herbal concoction will surely free the body of cancer. And since these herbal extracts have an almost zero toxicity level, it can be taken liberally without damaging the rest of the body; thus making it the better and safer alternative to an operation, chemotherapy and radiation.”

Sabah snake grass (Clinacanthus)

A number of cancer cures rightly or wrongly have been attributed to this plant found in Malaysia, Thailand etc. More eg at and .

Watercress compound PEITC interferes with development and spread of breast cancer cells

From a press conference held by the University of Southampton, UK, on 14 September 2010:

The compound called PEITC (phenylethyl isothiocyanate) of which watercress is the richest natural source, can affect the protein called Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF), which plays a central part in cancer development by promoting the flow of blood and oxygen to the tumour.

After numerous animal studies[2] showing PEITC' anti-cancer properties and the demonstration (in 1995) by Prof. Stephen Hecht that PEITC had the ability to neutralise a cancer-inducing chemical in the blood of smokers, Professor Graham Packham of the University of Southampton undertook the first clinical investigation into the ability of watercress to exert an anti-cancer influence via oral ingestion.

Twelve volunteers (breast cancer survivors) were given 80 g of watercress and their blood monitored for the following 24 hours. Very high levels of PEITC were detected in the participants’ blood samples which had indeed affected the HIF protein that helps nourish cancer cells.

Prof Graham Packham concluded that "The research…shows that eating watercress may interfere with a pathway that has already been tightly linked to cancer development".

For more information, search the biomedical database PUBMED for the terms PEITC cancer Graham Packham watercress.

Tip for cancer patients in Malaysia

“An ayurvedic doctor in Penang, Malaysia, has had a lot of success with cancer patients in Malaysia ... You can communicate with him if you are so inclined: Dr Dorai Raja d_dorairaja AT"


1 Polyphenols are disease-fighting antioxidants. Some background on flavonoids under Quality matters: organic vs conventional food and cancer.

2 not supported by this site, see Healing Cancer Naturally's stance on animal experimentation.

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