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Teas & poultices erase tumors and radiation damage and prevent relapses

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”The natural treatment with anti-cancer plants introduced by Maria TREBEN is not a fallacious theory but a biochemically substantiated and corroborated fact that can be presented as the naked truth."
Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger

Maria Treben (1907–1991) was a famous Austrian herbalist and author. Based on a lifetime of experience with medicinal herbs, Maria Treben published a number of books — several of them bestselling and translated into many languages — which detail often unique herbal approaches to healing all manner of disease including cancer.

Maria Treben's first published books contained an impressive number of healing testimonials. When subsequently a great number of people started writing to her detailing their frequently spectacular successes with herbal treatment of a variety of serious illnesses, she published them in a third book specifically dedicated to "Maria Trebens Heilerfolge" [Maria Treben's Cures] from which most of the following testimonials are summarized, excerpted and translated (for reasons of copyright and time, most cases are just outlined but still provide sufficient detail to show how powerfully effective the herbal treatments were).

While sometimes viciously attacked for her work on the part of established medical circles, unbeknownst to most, Maria Treben's cures were fully endorsed by eminent German physician and cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger who authored several books on the subject of cancer.

Please note: While "herbs" may sound innocent and innocuous — make no mistake, herbs can be powerful medicine and are not to be trifled with. In fact, in the year 2002 nearly one third of all OTC medicines in Germany were based on plants.

The following cancer cure testimonials achieved by following Maria Treben's instructions (featured here in shorthand and without specifics as mentioned) are all the more remarkable since hardly any of the persons healed or "on the mend" report having implemented any dietary upgrades or detox measures (a few do mention having followed the diet prescribed by German scientist, physician and eminent cancer researcher Dr. med. Dr. phil. Johannes Kuhl (1903–1968) who reaped great successes with his approach, see Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl: dramatic cure testimonials).

Maria Treben herself seems to indicate dietary restrictions and advice only in cases of psoriasis, leukemia and diabetes, with the former being ascribed to a damaged "underperforming" liver requiring adherence to a special light diet. So typically, credit for the cancer-curative effect is given to the herbal treatment(s) used.

Note 1: The "Swedish Bitters" frequently mentioned below are explained under Swedish Bitters Healing Testimonials.

Note 2: One of Maria Treben's favourite herbs is horsetail (Equisetum arvense). According to the Austrian plant biologist Richard Willfort, research points to long-term use of horsetail tea inhibiting the growth of tumors and eventually breaking them down.
Horsetail also was highly prized by famous naturopath Father Sebastian Kneipp. See details.

Extreme radiation damage to the chest: given up on by doctors but healed by herbal treatment

A 24 year old woman had had a mastectomy of her right breast and subsequent radiotherapy which caused extreme radiation damage. Unbeknownst to her, her doctors had given up on her.

When Maria Treben met her, the woman had a large open wound spreading from her clavicle over her right chest. Cancerous growths stuck out of her skin, with puslike protruberances (which in reality were necrotic tissue) exuding a horrific smell. A hole the size of a fist in the middle of her chest, oozing a malodorous secretion, exposed her sternum to the naked eye.

While Maria Treben was deeply shocked and doubted that herbal treatment would be able to help in this case, she gave detailed advice for herbal poultices to be applied. Half a year later, to her great surprise she received a call from the woman who told her that everything had healed up, without as much as leaving a scar. Treben adds that doctors confirmed that this was a true miracle indeed.

Intestinal and bladder damage caused by radiation treatment

A woman had suffered a tear in her bowels and bladder from radiotherapy which was painful to the point that her doctor gave her morphine. She started drinking Epilobium parviflorum (small-flowered willow herb) tea made from the freshly picked plant and after a week, her pain subsided.

Neck cancer: herbal poultices heal

A woman had a hand-sized cancerous growth on the right side of her neck, and her doctor considered surgery hopeless considering her age. It was wintertime so instead of the fresh leaves of the plant recommended by Maria Treben, its juice was used — to no avail.

When luckily ten days later the snow began to melt, they gathered the first fresh leaves of the medicinal plant. Crushed with a rolling pin, the green mush was applied to the tumor. Under this treatment, it became smaller by the day and after exactly ten days, it was gone.

(Maria Treben adds that it's easy to reduce and heal malignant disease in summer due to the availability of fresh herbs. She suggests to store frozen herbs for winter use.)

Radiation treatments destroying bones

After breast surgery, a young mother of several children had received 32 radiation treatments. These led to metastasis and made her ribs "crumble". For serious bone diseases and bone destruction, Maria Treben recommends Symphytum officinale (comfrey) meal mixed with hot water to be applied as a poultice.

The woman in question dug out fresh comfrey however, and washed and brushed it clean (making sure to preserve the black skin). After grating the root, she put it between a linen cloth und applied it and within ten days her metastases were gone and her ribs had firmed up.

Lung cancer disappears with herbal treatment

A man in his late thirties was scheduled for lung surgery. Although urgently advised, his fever and extreme weakness made it uncertain he would even survive the procedure.

He started on daily horsetail and Swedish Bitters poultices on his lung as well as drinking two liters of a mix of calendula and other herbs made into a tea. As advised by Maria Treben in all cancer cases, he only took a sip every 15 minutes (which allows even the most seriously ill patients to absorb large quantities of herbal tea).

After three days on this regime, a new X-ray showed that the cancerous growth in his lung had decreased in size, and he was allowed to go home. Within several days, his appetite returned, and nine days after his discharge from hospital, a further medical X-ray showed that his lung tumor had disappeared.

Metastasised abdominal cancer (probably cancer of the uterus)

A woman had abdominal tumors plus metastases and her relatives had been told she had half a year to live. After her discharge from hospital she received a poultice with Swedish Bitters on her abdomen (left on for four hours) and started to drink the teas Maria Treben advises for "abdominal disease".

As early as six weeks into this regimen (at her first medical checkup), doctors were surprised at her good blood count. Three further checkups done at six-week intervals revealed nothing abnormal. She did not follow any special diet, and today at age 71 feels great (all doctors are baffled).

Compare the testimonial "Cancer of the uterus, stage 4" featured under Superior herbal formula — sensational cancer remission testimonials.

Sarcoma with metastatic spread considered hopeless

A 19 year old girl had surgery for a sarcoma on her thigh which subsequently metastasised to her lung. While her case was considered hopeless, she started drinking specific herbal teas as recommended by Maria Treben and taking Swedish Bitters in her tea. She also received herbal poultices. A follow-up screening showed her lung to be normal, with no metastasis anywhere.

Prostate cancer surgery followed by intractable pain

In March 1978, a man was diagnosed with a malignant growth by his prostate which didn't press on his bladder but on the sciatic nerve. After surgery his pain increasingly worsened. By June 1978, his back pain was so severe that he could neither stand nor move in an upright position. Getting worse by the day, he lost weight because he couldn't eat (vomiting instead) and thought he would die (his weight had dropped to 48 kg — approximately 106 pounds).

He was hospitalised, at which point his wife discovered Maria Treben's book. She started to provide him with herbal teas, salves and Swedish Bitters daily. After several days on this herbal regime he was able to sit up and eat lightly without having to vomit. Discharged from hospital, he added herbal sitz baths to this routine, and by March 1979, was a happy and well man able to walk without crutches or stick.

"Incurable" rectal cancer

A woman diagnosed with rectal cancer had surgery (bowel resection) in September 1978 which three weeks after Easter 1979 the surgeon declared to be incurable. She started on the recommended herbal teas plus Swedish Bitters poultices on both her liver and the site of her surgery. Each follow-up screening was encouraging, and she was declared completely healed by October 1979.

Abdominal cancer (likely cancer of the uterus)

Case 1. In February 1979, a woman with abdominal cancer considered incurable was "sent home to die". Her doctors told her husband that there was nothing else they could do and that she had perhaps four weeks to live. She couldn't eat any longer and her bedroom had the smell of decay.

She was started on herbal tea treatment and quickly regained an appetite. The stench of putrefaction around her disappeared. To her dismay, one day she passed several black lumps. Gradually she felt better and better and by February 1980, went for walks and looked after her household as before.

She had sustained radiation damage, a perforated colon, and bladder injuries from her conventional treatment. When she developed extreme bladder pain, her doctor had to give her morphine. She drank Epilobium parviflorum for a week and the pain was gone.

Case 2. Another woman had surgery for pelvic cancer (twice in a span of two years) and the doctors gave her one year to live. Since starting to drink the herbal teas recommended by Treben for abdominal diseases she has been in excellent shape (she has herself medically checked every three months).

Case 3. A farmer's wife in her late sixties had had surgery for abdominal cancer (as with the other cases mentioned, likely uterine cancer) ten months earlier. Her husband started to collect the herbs listed in Treben's book under "malignant abdominal disases" to help her after her release from hospital. Once back home, she started drinking the teas. In early April 1980, her doctor declared her completely healed.

Compare the testimonial "Cancer of the uterus, stage 4" featured under Superior herbal formula — sensational cancer remission testimonials.

Terminal intestinal cancer healed by herbal treatment

A nun had two surgeries for intestinal cancer (probably colorectal cancer since 95 percent of cases concern the colon or rectum). The first surgery happened in May 1965, the second in June of the same year (doctors gave up on her at that time). In 1967 two different laboratories determined that she had one of the "worst types" of cancer; she was subsequently treated with radium (introduced into her "from below") but the treatment was abandoned since there was nothing that could be done: "between treatments, the cancer just kept sprouting like a cauliflower" and her bladder was also affected.

At this point, doctors gave up on her a second time, so between 1965 and 1967, she was supposed to have died a whopping four times. "A few more months..." Her weight had gone down to 39 kg (c. 86 pounds).

A fellow nun told her to drink Thuja plecata tea since she knew of five cases where it had helped. The "moribund" nun started to drink the tea and continues to drink it to this day. Doctors and nuns can't believe it — she should be dead. Her success was reported on 7 February 1980, about fifteen years after it all began.

Breast cancer with metastases to the lung

A woman with breast cancer and lung metastasis who three years earlier was given a few months to live is still alive and looking after her family of five. She used herbal teas and the diet according to Dr Kuhl but had no chemotherapy (reported 21 June 1980).

Ear cancer

A medically diagnosed cancerous growth on the ear was healed with herbal treatment according to Maria Treben.

Colorectal cancer

A man in his early forties with daily heavy bleeding from the rectum was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and surgically fitted with a stent (bag). He started on the herbal treatment and ten months later, was back to working full-time. The bleeding stopped as early as the 4th day of his herbal regime, and his tiredness and weight loss also gradually disappeared.

Another man had surgery for colorectal cancer with stent placement. Following the surgery, his prostate stopped functioning. His wife brought him Epilobium parviflorum (Smallflower Hairy Willowherb) into the hospital thus sparing him additional prostate surgery. The doctor in charge told the wife that her husband's liver was also affected and that he had at most half a year left. But thanks to herbal treatment, after two years he is still alive and feeling well.

Tongue cancer healed with herbs

Case 1. A man with tongue cancer who had already "put his affairs in order" learned about Cleavers (Galium aparine). Instead of the suggested six cups daily he drank a total of ten cups a day. After several days the patient was free of all complaints. The doctor he consulted was totally surprised and bought Maria Treben's book on the spot, planning to use her advice in the future. (reported by a pharmacist on 28 July 1982)

Case 2. Another man with tongue cancer underwent an eight-hours surgery in January 1982. Parts of his tongue and several glands were removed. He felt very ill and miserable. In June he learned about Cleavers (Galium aparine) tea, used it for rinsing and gargling, and to his amazement, very soon felt better. All his problems disappeared. He had himself checked by doctors who were surprised to discover that everything had returned to normal. (reported 22 October 1982)

Case 3. A man reported on his friend (age 75) who had cancer of the tongue and larynx whom he "got out of hospital" with Cleavers (Galium aparine) tea while a 35 year old fellow patient of his friend's with the same diagnosis died shortly afterwards. He continued, "I went to visit my friend in the next two years and we climbed mountains together. If he hadn't listened to me, he would have been killed 'academically' just like the other patient who was half his age."

Case 4. A 40 year old man with tongue cancer was healed with Cleavers and Plantago lanceolata. Unfortunately, he lost much of his hair due to radiation treatment.

Bladder cancer

At the end of August 1982, a man had a malignant growth the size of an apple removed from his bladder. The doctor told him that a cystoscopy had to be performed every eight weeks. His wife gathered Smallflower Hairy Willowherb according to Maria Treben's book's instructions and he starting drinking the tea in the hospital and continued drinking it after his discharge.

At home, they added another herbal mix and applied Swedish Bitters packs on his bladder. He returned to work four weeks later. The cystoscopy performed eight weeks later showed NED (no evidence of disease) in his bladder.

Another man had had a malignant bladder tumor removed six months prior. He now drinks Smallflower Hairy Willowherb every day. Two cystoscopies performed have shown that nothing has regrown. The man is back at work and feels well.

Kidney cancer

Man, 76, checked into hospital around Easter 1982 since he was hardly able to eat and had gone from 100 to 70 kg. The doctors found a malignant tumor on his kidney and the oncologist gave him about three weeks to live. Surgery was out of the question due to his heart condition so he was released a hopelessly ill man.

He started drinking herbal teas from the book "Health from God's Pharmacy" and has been feeling a lot better since. On 22 February 1983, a medical examination revealed that the tumor had stopped growing.

A 42 year old woman had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor behind her left kidney three years ago. She underwent surgery twice, after which doctors gave her two to three months to live since there was tumor progression in her middle abdomen and changes were visible in her liver. She had half a year of "injections" (she seems to refer to chemotherapy). Very debilitated, she lost 20 pounds and her hair and was hardly able to do housework.

She then started on herbal teas, initially to help her digestion (she had required laxatives beforehand) and had her first success within two weeks. She began drinking additional teas which enabled her to lay off sleeping pills. She takes no medication since her doctor thinks she doesn't need any. Her disease so far has been halted in its tracks.

The herbal treatment gave her back her inner calm, optimism and joie de vivre. She is back to working in her house and garden, practises canooing long distance, does bike tours and recently joined a hiking club. She adds that as Maria Treben writes in her book, you first have to see your doctor for the diagnosis, and believes that "I had to have chemo, the herbs have strengthened me."

Breast cancer (male)

A man was diagnosed with a breast tumor (in April 1982). His doctors said that his only hope was extensive surgery (removal of both nipples and the lymph glands on both sides). Such surgery would have meant considerably restricted mobility in his arms plus visible scars. Desperate, he followed the advice given in "Health from God's Pharmacy" re "Breast disease and tumors".

After about two weeks the tumor and its side effects (stabbing and twinging pains) had disappeared (reported about one and a half years later on 21 September 1983).

Stomach cancer

A woman with stomach cancer was released from hospital in January 1980, near death. Every week she had to be rehospitalised, checkups showed her blood count deterioriating by one percent a week.

After being put on the herbal tea treatment according to Maria Treben, her blood count first remained stable and then increased — to everyone's amazement. She put on weight and was able to remain in her own apartment.

When she had a hospital check-up in July 1980, the physician in charge was surprised to discover that her stomach tumor had become encapsulated. Learning what she had done to achieve this wonderful result, he congratulated her and added that he also supported treatment with medicinal herbs (reported nearly four years later in December 1983).

Intestinal cancer

In July 1982, a woman underwent surgery for intestinal cancer (probably colorectal cancer). In April 1983, she was rediagnosed with intestinal plus liver cancer and scheduled for renewed surgery.

She decided to follow "God's Pharmacy's" cures rather than surgery. Seven months later, a medical checkup (performed on 30 November 1983) showed no worsening in her intestinal area. She.feels and looks healthy. She also changed her sleeping place after getting a dowser's advice (compare Geopathic stress). (reported on 22 December 1983)

Skin cancer

An 80 year old man with skin cancer behind his ear went through surgery, radiation treatments and pain for two years. No medical treatment was able to close the wound behind his ear (which was the size of a small coin) or heal the thick growth surrounding it.

When visiting his nephew, he was given horsetail (Equisetum arvense) tea to drink and his wound was cleansed using calendula and horsetail tea. The blob of white pus behind his ear came off during the first "wash cycle", and the wound closed within three weeks.

A woman successfully used Chelidonium majus (greater celandine) to stop skin cancer in its tracks.

Inoperable cancerous mass behind lung

A woman had a malignant tumor behind her lung at the main lymphatic vessel so surgery was out of the question. The tumor was dried out with 102 cobalt radiation treatments. She kept vomiting and was unable to eat. This was two and a half years ago. She started the tea therapy as listed under "Tumors" in Maria Treben's book. Since that time, she can look after her household again. In amazement, the professor in charge commented that no one had survived this amount of radiation before.

Note re Maria Treben's herbs vs other anti-cancer herbs

While Maria Treben particularly favoured and had experience with specific herbs native to her home countries Germany and Austria as well as countries with similar climates, there are of course additional herbs that have shown amazing anti-cancer benefits. A number of these are featured in the Supplements & Herbs section of this site.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

Maria Treben's books

The following is a list of those books by Maria Treben which are the most important for people afflicted with cancer (as well as other diseases). Since several of her books have become bestsellers (in total they have been translated into 25 languages), you should be able to even find them in a library near you if you don't want or can't purchase them.

Do make sure to read them since they contain much essential information one should be aware of before embarking on any herbal treatment according to Maria Treben, including exact instructions on how to prepare the teas, tinctures, and poultices, which specific herbs to choose, how, where and when to gather them etc.

Health Through God`s Pharmacy

[The above picture contains an Amazon partner link — commissions earned. If you can't see the picture, please click here.] This is the original classic and self-help reference book by Maria Treben full of invaluable advice for a great number of illnesses, including a number of testimonials.

Health from God's GardenHealth from God's Garden: Herbal Remedies for Glowing Health and Well-Being

by Maria Treben

The follow-up volume to Health Through God's Pharmacy written ten years later. Maria Treben shares here additional advice, knowledge and testimonials she gathered since the publication of her first book. This is another well-organised reference book allowing the reader to put herbal self-treatment into practice. As before, with serious diseases such as cancer, Maria Treben advises to initially get a diagnosis and hopefully support from a medical doctor.

Maria Treben's CuresMaria Treben's Cures: Letters and Accounts of Cures through the Herbal "Health through God's Pharmacy"

by Maria Treben

This book is another follow-up volume to "Health Through God's Pharmacy" and "Health From God's Garden" and features hundreds of (frequently) miraculous-seeming (and often extremely rapid) cures, many of which concerned people afflicted with cancer and who owed their recovery to the various herbal approaches taught by Maria Treben. All of these testimonials were volunteered by the people concerned who typically expressed heartfelt gratitude for their healing.

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