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Additional tips on using ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

by Leonard (leonardleonard1 at with additions by copyright © Healing Cancer Naturally.

I think the benefits (for people with cancer) of taking large amounts of vitamin C far outweigh any harmful effects (such as the alleged acidification of the blood[1] when taking more than a few grams per day).

[Also], acidifying is NOT NECESSARILY harmful for cancer patients (Boik). According to Gonzalez, the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C tends NOT to acidify sympathetic-dominant persons, which most cancer patients are. ... if you're not on a low-sodium diet, you can use sodium ascorbate (or perhaps mixed ascorbates in moderate amounts).

Buffered formulas sometimes contain way too much calcium if one wishes to take large doses of C. I would avoid calcium ascorbates, including Ester C.

If using small amounts, I would get food-based vitamin C (Megafood or New Chapter). If using large amounts AND money is not an issue, I would use beet-derived vitamin C; cancer cells reportedly don't develop a resistance to it (like they do to corn-derived vitamin C).

If money is an issue, I would take sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid. If using HUGE amounts, I would use sodium ascorbate [although the additional sodium ingested in this way might be somewhat counterproductive even for those not expressly trying to reduce their sodium intake].

Many practitioners recommend taking vitamin C to bowel tolerance, arguing that the body will absorb any vitamin C it needs and when it has had its fill, will pass it on through the alimentary canal causing diarrhea.[2]

Vitamin C is synergistic with beta-glucan.

Receiving IV drips of several dozen grams of vitamin C can be powerfully cancer-healing.[3]

Special tip

Here is perhaps the cheapest and easiest way of taking large amounts of vitamin C while simultaneously avoiding the calcium or sodium "overload" trap: Simply buy ascorbic acid by the pound or kilogram and fill it into capsules yourself. This is easy to do with a capsule filler. Personally I have several different capsule fillers allowing me to fill capsules of different sizes.

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1 The idea of "acidification of the blood" seems to be frequently based on a misunderstanding of body chemistry and a confusion of blood and tissue pH. See the explanations given under Does alkalinity heal cancer? (scroll to "On the notions of alkalinity and acidity").

2 More on bowel tolerance under Oral Megadoses of Vitamin C and Cancer.

3 See Intravenous Vitamin C Infusion in Oncologic Treatment.

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