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On the notions of alkalinity and acidity: a foreword by Healing Cancer Naturally

According to research by the eminent German cancer researchers Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger and Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl (as well as others such as cancer researcher Prof. Gyula de Szilvay — all three of which are featured in the 22 Greatest Hits), a distinction must be made between blood pH and tissue pH (or as others have put it, extracellular and intracellular pH).

Blood pH in cancer patients tends to be too alkaline (the more advanced the state, the higher the pH) while tissue pH tends to be too acidic. According to these researchers, hormones, enzymes and central physiological processes work optimally only within a specific pH range and the goal or side effect of successful therapy should be to bring down the blood pH towards reduced alkalinity while bringing up the tissue pH towards reduced acidity (bringing both closer to the neutral point of 7).

When the following text speaks about alkalinity, it is assumed that the term refers to tissue or intracellular alkalinity.

On causes & prevention of cancer

According to a very popular and widespread, but untrue, belief, cancer and other disease can't survive in a properly alkalized and oxygenated body.

Cancer growth slows down only at extreme alkaline levels, attainable only by extreme measures such as cesium (and even that has only a moderate success rate in reversing cancer). Alkalinity PREVENTS MOST types of cancer, but others may be promoted by excessive alkalinity. Oxygenation tends to kill a portion of cancer cells but not all, but I can hardly recall a case of cancer healed solely through oxygenation (though I'm sure it happens), but I do believe in oxygen therapies as one part of a treatment protocol for cancer.

What makes one's body unfriendly to cancer and other disease?

"Unfriendly" (rather than completely immune) to cancer is the key word.
The single biggest factors I can think of are oxygenation, circulation, immunity, sufficient pancreatic enzymes, optimal digestion, antioxidants, nutrition, detoxification, low omega-6 and blood-sugar levels, dental health, clean colon, psychological factors, healthy liver, sunlight, sleep, and many other factors.

With regard to other disease, there are thousands of factors (the things above being predominant), but no one or two factors that all disease "can't survive" in. Alkalinity does tend to prevent many diseases, though some are caused by excessive alkalinity (including some leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, melanoma [Kelley/Gonzalez]).

* Lest the reader be misled by this observation, I can note here that I've heard so far two lymphoma healing testimonials, one of them in the "terminal" stage, being healed with the help of the Kangen™ Water Alkalizer/Ionizer, i.e. by providing the patient with an abundance of highly alkaline, antioxidant and microclustered water.

My guidelines to PREVENTING (NOT TO HEALING FROM) cancer and maintaining optimal health

Below are guidelines that I would (and mostly do) follow to PREVENT (NOT TO HEAL FROM) cancer and maintain optimal health (The items I think are most important are CAPITALIZED).


  • 8 glasses purified water
  • organic green tea
  • FRESH-SQUEEZED vegetable juice vegetables (fresh, RAW & steamed, organic, locally-grown)


Fruit (low-glycemic/ripe/organic)

Grains (soaked or SPROUTED)

  • Brown rice
  • barley
  • quinoa

Beans (ideally SPROUTED)

  • Especially lentil, mung bean, tempeh, miso

Nuts (raw)

  • Especially coconut, Brazil nuts, almond, & walnut

Seeds (ideally SPROUTED)

  • Especially sunflower, pumpkin, (freshly ground) flaxseeds


  • Only if ORGANIC and ideally RAW, GRASS-FED, unhomogenized, full-fat, and cultured/fermented (goat dairy, yogurt, & butter are best);
  • check for dairy & egg allergy.

Seafood (deep-sea)

  • Ideally Alaskan salmon, sardines, herring, & rainbow trout


  • Lamb & ORGANIC/GRASS-FED (or at least naturally-grown) meat


  • May use olive oil & butter for low-temperature cooking. If you must cook at high temperatures, use COCONUT (or palm) oil (or other saturated fat). Use only saturated fat (coconut oil).
  • Avoid all other commonly-used (omega-6) oils & non-animal fats.



  • Amygdalin (apricot, apple or pear pits)
  • fish & COD LIVER oils, & GLA;
  • carotenoids
  • vitamins B- & C-complex (with flavanoids)
  • CoQ-10;
  • GREEN-FOODS (algae, wheatgrass, barleygrass)-BASED-multivitamin, soy-free
  • fiber


  • Pasteurized juice
  • corn (syrup)
  • sweets, sugar
    Be aware that sugar comes in many guises. Here for instance is a list of cariogenic sugars.
  • white/red potato
  • orange
  • HIGH-GLYCEMIC FOODS on empty stomach
    Compare Cancer Causes: Aspartame.
  • table salt
  • nonfermented soy
  • nonsprouted wheat & BREAD
  • white rice, flour, & pasta
  • breakfast cereals (except Food of Life sprouted)
  • pasteurized uncultured dairy
  • farm-raised fish
  • pork
  • conventional/nonorganic animal products
  • constipation
  • drugs/chemicals

To help find the optimal diet for you personally, see,
Compare Metabolic Typing.


  • Consult a HOLISTIC DENTIST ( and holistic physician (; regularly.
    Compare Beware of fake or incompetent alternative and/or holistic dentists (they can harm you since improperly done dental "detoxification" can make matters worse).
  • FLOSS YOUR TEETH daily using simple cotton string. Brush teeth after meals with nonfluoride toothpaste or simple salt/baking soda.
    For totally natural nontoxic dental healing and toothache regimes, see Healing Teeth Naturally.
  • Get tested for food allergies (especially wheat, corn, dairy, eggs).
  • Use nonfluorescent, full-spectrum lights; get SUNLIGHT; avoid sunscreen & sunburn.
    Compare Light Healing.
  • Go to sleep early in a completely dark room on a normal schedule.
  • Exercise.
  • Get air, water, and shower filters.
    Compare Detoxification.
  • Avoid electromagnetic fields, see Geopathic Stress and Cancer.
  • Buy ALL products from a health-food store or natural-foods supermarket [or an organic farmers market].
  • Practice meditation, relaxation, etc.
  • Acknowledge & honor your emotions and allow yourself to feel them fully.
    Compare Emotions and Energetics.
  • In one study, women who reported wearing bras for less than 12 hours a day had less than a 1% incidence of breast cancer (a 21 times lower rate than women who reported wearing bras for more than 12 hours).
    Compare Can Wearing a Bra Kill You?.

Notes by Healing Cancer Naturally

1 As expanded upon in the above foreword, there is a typically overlooked distinction to be made between blood pH and tissue (intracellular) pH. Contrary to what one may read in a number of places, the blood of cancer patients is too alkaline, not too acidic. To amalgamate or confuse blood pH and tissue (intracellular) pH is a common fallacy.

2 Dr Johannes Kuhl made very important observations regarding why high fruit and vegetable consumption (a vegetarian lifestyle generally considered healthy) may even produce illness, see Dr Kuhl: healthy vegetarian lifestyle not enough for protecting health.

3 Eminent researcher Dr. Emanuel Revici introduced a further distinction into the alkaline/acidic debate by presenting the concept of anabolic versus catabolic metabolism.

You can read an introduction to Dr. Revici's concepts in Kelley Eidem's recipe (habanero peppers, garlic, ginger plus emulsified cod liver oil or evening primrose oil to “balance your metabolism” [Dr. Emanuel Revici]: a powerful cure for cancer?). A full explanation can be found in Kelley Eidem's book "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer".

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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