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Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer

according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl

Cure testimonials: cultured foods have helped heal and prevent cancer

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According to German cancer researcher Dr. Kuhl, cancer is a systemic disease primarily caused (or accompanied) by toxic lactic acid buildup in the cells "whipping" the cells into unrestrained multiplication.

To remedy the toxic cellular lactic acid buildup, Prof. Dr. Kuhl devised his own (deceptively) simple method of treating cancer (as well as other chronic diseases) which he applied with frequently resounding success even in a number of terminal cases — as did doctors who adopted his approach. And as other men and women of his calling, Dr. Kuhl was the subject of vitriolic attack and persecution.

Dr. Kuhl wrote a number of erudite books on the subject which so far have found undeservedly little echo, although a number of German and foreign doctors wholeheartedly endorsed his work.

One of them for instance, Dr. Fernando Vaz de Figueiredo (Rio de Janeiro) in the Brazilian Physicians Magazine hailed Dr Kuhl's approach to the healing of cancer as a "historic revolutionary act". And Dr R.A.B. Oosterhuis, Amsterdam, and Swedish physician Dr Davidsson expressed themselves in similar terms.

To give the reader an idea of just what was and may still be possible by simply following Dr Dr Kuhl's basic advice (see "Dietary principles" below), here are a number of cancer cure cases from one of Dr. Johannes Kuhl's books titled "Schach dem Krebs" [Checkmate to Cancer] (14th edition, 139 pages).

What is particularly remarkable about these cases is the fact that these cancer patients frequently received "all the therapy doctors had to offer" and, as is customary, were literally sent home to die.

Note: These cancer success stories could be enlarged by many dozens of similar cases successfully treated by Dr. Kuhl or his students.

Terminal uterine cancer healed "on her deathbed"
after surgery and multiple radiation treatments

In February 1950, the patient underwent a hysterectomy (total resection of the womb) plus excision of the tubes and ovaries. Following a two-months stay in the hospital, she was discharged as "improved".

After a follow-up exam in May 1951, the patient was prescribed a series of x-ray treatments (a total of 24). She went to work in the morning and took the treatment in the afternoon.

After the twelth radiotherapy session, the senior head doctor informed her that soon she would have to stay in the clinic since on her own, she wouldn't be able to tolerate the radiation treatments much longer. Equipped with a will of steel, she did the remaining half however, while continuing to go to work.

After the 18th session, her body showed serious radiation burns and developed a malodorous discharge. In spite of this, the radiologist continued the treatment although she was screaming with pain and her abdomen was "totally burnt".

It took her one month to recover from the radiation burns while feeling very poorly.

A few months later — at a checkup performed in mid-October 1951, she was found to have developed metastases. Her doctors inserted radium for 36 hours, and after the treatment which took a total of three days, again she resumed her work at the office.

Four weeks later, she was in so much pain that she couldn't even walk any longer and was forced to stay home. Starting to rapidly lose weight, her face was sunken, her complexion ashen and profuse bleeding set in. Her doctor administered a small ointment tampon and sent her home.

When two days later, she experienced renewed bleeding accompanied by horrendous pain, her family doctor gave her injections (presumably against the pain) and her husband took her to the hospital the following day.

As she describes it, her doctors now started her on horrible treatments including twice weekly blood transfusions, daily ointment tampons, hormone injections, and bladder irrigations (the radium treatment had seriously burnt her bladder).

She felt so weak that she had moments where she just wished to give up — there were too many treatments at once and what was more, she was under continual morphine sedation since her pain was excruciating.

After six weeks of torturous while ineffective treatment, her physicians wanted to send her home. She knew she was dying, so demanded a transfer to the district hospital. Again she experienced blood loss followed by transfusions, hormone shots and morphine injections. Basically, she was abandoned to her fate.

When she was finally transferred to the nearest university town for Betatron treatment, she noted that "fortunately the machine just went two centimeters (a bit under an inch) deep" so couldn't be used for treating her. The diagnostic verdict of the professor in charge: "...patient's vagina full of metastases, no hope, or another radium treatment".

Dr. Kuhl wraps up the report of this woman's eventual healing "against all odds" in the following unassuming manner:

"This terminally ill woman regained her health and ability to work via a complete and thorough dietary change, with her main food consisting of yoghurt and lactic-acid-fermented foods." The recovered cancer patient wrote that she now felt excellent and full of vitality to the point that it seemed she had never gone through illness and gruesome medical treatments at all.

A follow-up examination by the gynecologist who had originally treated her showed that the tumor had vanished and that there was no hardening of the vagina or any other tissues or organs. The patient commented: "My dear family Dr... was so dumbfounded by my healing process that for a long time he just sat by my side and kept repeating that I had now made it. 'What's happened here is a great miracle'."

Dr. Kuhl comments: "No, not a miracle but a treatment that addressed the true cause" and adds that a radiologist told him that due to the poor results achieved with radiotherapy, he now used x-rays exclusively for diagnostic purposes.

[Note: The following testimonials from Dr. Kuhl's book "Schach dem Krebs" were contributed by one of his correspondents named Gerhard Schröder (G. S.), then head of the Waerland diet association in Hanover, Germany (the Waerland diet is a vegetarian diet named after its creator Are Waerland [1876–1955]).

G.S. had originally learned about Dr Kuhl's treatment for cancer from Are Waerland's wife Ebba who expressed great appreciation for it, so he started recommending it to various people diagnosed with cancer.]

Bladder cancer healed

The first cancer patient he recommended it to in 1958 was a bank director friend who suffered from a continuously growing bladder tumor — and who just a few months later experienced resounding success.

After taking a tissue sample, the professor in charge had enjoined the patient to undergo radical bladder surgery at his earliest convenience since failing that, his disease would take a turn for the worse. The patient however preferred an early death to the extension of his life as a cripple.

G. S. urged him to try combining the Waerland diet with the lactic acid therapy according to Kuhl. He even found support in famed surgeon Professor Karl-Heinrich Bauer[1] who also encouraged the bladder cancer patient to forego surgery and try Kuhl's dietary approach instead.

Just five months later (on Easter 1959), G. S. went to call on his friend and found him in high spirits — as well as good health. The "doomed" man told him he knew he had overcome the disease. He no longer had any discomfort and felt in fact as great as he had rarely felt before.

He continued on the new diet and lifestyle and eventually had his healing confirmed after a thorough examination by Professor Bauer and his first assistant in August 1959 as well as a follow-up checkup in May 1960, both of which concluded that the tumor had vanished.

G. S. adds that a series of additional cases he had since observed had strengthened his view that the Kuhl therapy was the key to the solution of the cancer problem. These cases include eg ...

A woman with incurable cancer, hospitalised in Berlin

G. S. suggested to the head physician to try the Kuhl therapy. While the doctor did not think it was worthwhile, he was ready to give it a try since "all hope was lost in any case".

Some six months later, the patient was discharged from the hospital free of any discernible signs of cancer. Another 5–6 months later the patient suffered a relapse (she had resumed her previous diet).

Breast cancer remission

The wife of a business friend submitted to radical mastectomy but relapsed shortly after with cancerous lumps developing at the surgery site. A year earlier, her sister had suffered the same fate including subsequent radiation treatment — and had died, so she and her husband came to consult with Dr. Kuhl whereafter they started to apply his instructions.

Result: the second radiation series, already scheduled, was canceled since the new lumps vanished shortly after starting on the Kuhl treatment. Within several months, the patient rallied completely.

Esophageal cancer

A 75-year-old man with cancer of the oesophagus already affecting the tongue (which was highly inflamed and swollen) as well as other diseases: after three weeks on the Kuhl treatment, to everyone's astonishment the swelling and inflammation of the tongue had vanished and the patient had recovered his ability to swallow and speak.

He did die several months later since among other complaints, he also suffered from liver and kidney disease with edema, which was not healed.

Nevertheless, the improvement in his condition was truly remarkable considering that the patient had had an unhealthy lifestyle and had been afflicted with multiple diseases.

Abdominal end-stage cancer (likely of the uterus) cured

In the autumn of 1959, G.S.' gynecologist brother tried Dr. Kuhl's approach on one of his patients.

After removal of an abdominal tumor, this woman's state of health appeared hopeless since she also had inoperable metastases. Since there was no other help he was aware of, the gynecologist tried the Kuhl diet.

To his astonishment, the test turned into a resounding success. The surgery wound healed perfectly and the metastases vanished from the abdominal cavity. A medical check-up performed the following spring showed no abnormality or evidence of disease.

Fully recovered and in an excellent state of health, the patient had followed the therapy conscientiously.

Just how crucial this kind of strict compliance is can also be seen from the case of a woman with a cancerous tumor who tried the Kuhl diet but who showed no improvement even several months later. Upon questioning it turned out she could not forgo her daily piece of cake.

Dr Kuhl adds that he could complement the above with more than two hundred cases of cancer patients of his own which were successfully treated, part of whom had been given up on and sent home to die after going through ineffective conventional cancer treatment (some of these cases which Dr. Kuhl published in his major work[2] will be translated and published by Healing Cancer Naturally as time permits, see a first batch [incl. one where there definitely was no placebo effect involved} under More testimonials).

Two cases of terminal cancer of the uterus healed thanks to fermented goat's milk

In passing, Dr Kuhl mentions two other cases — first that of a gynecologist's mother. As related by her son in a private conversation, she was stricken with uterine cancer that was no longer amenable to conventional treatment. She eventually did recover, however, after daily consuming fermented goat's milk.

Another "hopeless" cancer case (female abdominal cancer with metastases all over the abdomen including the liver) was originally treated with surgery and radiation to no avail but recovered without administering any other medication by using fermented goat's milk (which, as noted by Dr. Kuhl, as a carrier of lactic acid was a decisive factor in effecting the healing).
Compare the testimonial "Cancer of the uterus, stage 4" featured under Superior herbal formula — sensational cancer remission testimonials.

Miscellaneous cancer cures thanks to lactic-acid-fermented food treatment
reported by Prof. Dr. Kuhl

Dr. Kuhl mentions many more success stories in his books, among them

  • a female patient of his with melanosarcoma, urged to undergo amputation of the affected leg as well as high-dose radiotherapy because of lymph gland metastasis to her groin. Did not submit to conventional treatment. At the time of reporting, healthy with both legs intact and no signs of disease for five years;
  • a case of lung cancer healed without any conventional treatment;
  • two stomach cancers healed;
  • two tongue cancer cases healthy again;
  • rectal cancer healed;
  • laryngeal cancer healed;
  • three cases of Hodgkin's lymphoma cured.
  • Additionally, a whole host of cancer patients already given up on by their doctors after having undergone full conventional treatment (which at that time meant surgery and frequently very high-dose radiotherapy) were still alive.

    Dr. Kuhl estimated that 70-80% of all cancer patients could be saved if the lactic acid protocol was implemented 100%. Even more specifically, Dr Kuhl expressed his firm conviction "based on sufficient practical evidence" that "no surgeon would lose a female cancer patient with a primary tumor if the madness of ionising radiation treatment pre- and post-surgery were stopped and the Kuhl diet fully adopted and implemented after surgery".

Yoghurt and sauerkraut juice (lactic-acid-fermented foods): observations indicating radioprotective effects and healing results in cases of radiation damage

Dr Kuhl treated a number of cancer patients that had received radiotherapy (x-rays) and consequently suffered various sequelae such as 1st and 2nd degree radiation burns, tight sensation of the skin, a feeling of inner heat etc. These "side effects" of radiation treatment were quickly removed under the following regime: three times daily one liqueur glass full of sauerkraut juice and lactic acid quark[3] poultices on the affected parts.

Other patients of Dr Kuhl's who continued their ionising radiation treatment kept reporting that with internal lactic acid treatment (e.g. with Viscolacticum, a lactic acid plant preparation developed by Dr Kuhl, and the consumption of lactic-acid-fermented foods), they were able to tolerate a second series of radiation treatments of the same length and dose, virtually without discomfort when compared to the first one, e.g. without vomiting, and skin burns or mucositis negligible or non-existent.

Dr. Kuhl also reports on Professor Sukahire Higuchi's experience with the use of yoghurt as a radioprotective agent. Before an audience of some 1000 physicians and engineers assembled in Tokio in 1957, Prof Higuchi recounted that fifty persons who had been exposed to radioactive radiation for a year on a daily basis did not sustain any damages thanks to consuming one liter of yoghurt (=1.05669 US quart) every day. Yoghurt treatment also helped to cure seven doctors and technicians with radiation damage in the space of three months.

Incidentally, Dr. Kuhl writes that massive ionising radiotherapy of cancer patients is not a treatment method but akin to euthanasia and should be prohibited by law. Similar to some others, he also feels however that there does exist a [likely very low] dose of x-rays and ionising radiation in general — a dose which varies from individual to individual — which actually exerts a stimulating effect.

Scientific studies on yoghurt and cancer

One of Dr. Kuhl's books mentions that animal experiments[5] performed in the US in the 1970s found that mice with artificially induced tumors showed markedly reduced tumor development under yoghurt feeding.

Consulting the medical database PubMed, one finds numerous citations of studies researching the effect of fermented milks, particularly yoghurt, on malignant tumors.

Entering the search string cancer + yoghurt + mice + tumor[5], one gets 23 results, keying in cancer + yoghurt + tumor 175 (retrieved July 11, 2020), such as

How does the lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl work?

Without addressing the highly complex scientific details, the working principle according to Dr Kuhl is the "isopathic" removal of surplus and thus toxic lactic acid stores from cells via lactic-acid-fermented foods or supplements introduced into the body "in statu nascendi".

In this context, it seems more than intriguing that DCA (Dichloroacetate) which activates mitochondrial function and has been found to cause regression in several types of cancer in laboratory experimentation (before further research seems to have been nipped in the bud), causes lowered production of lactic acid in the mitochondria.

An additional reason for the effectiveness of a lactic-acid diet seems to be that lactic-acid-fermented foods shift the blood ph towards greater acidity (the blood of cancer patients typically being far too alkaline[7] as determined by numerous cancer researchers such as Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay and Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul Seeger).

The dietary principles of the lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl

In addition to cutting out all processed and chemically treated food items (i.e. choosing organically grown foods) and administering Viscolacticum, a lactic acid preparation he developed himself (no longer available but which could be replaced by other lactic acid supplements), Dr. Dr. Kuhl prescribed the daily ingestion of liberal amounts of lactic-acid-fermented foods and drinks.


  • all denatured products with sugar, starch or flour, and even sweet natural fruit and juices made thereof
  • all meat from fattened animals raised for slaughter, all sausages
  • all animal fat except cultured sour cream butter
  • common salt


  • pure honey
  • dark molasses/treacle (one to two teaspoons a day, but to be avoided in advanced stages)
  • wholegrain products
  • lactic acid skimmed milk products
  • lean meat
  • all non-hydrogenated vegetable fats
  • small amounts of liquid sea salt
  • raw plant foods, steamed vegetables

Must eat

  • daily sufficient amounts (for cancer patients about half of total food intake) lactic-acid-fermented natural unprocessed foods

Among other foods, the latter include of course yoghurts both made from dairy and nut milks, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, other fermented ("cultured") vegetables and their juices, sourdough bread, miso, and in countries where this is customary, even fermented fish and fruit.

Lactic acid is also found in sprouts at certain stages of the germination process (at least in wheat and other grains which have a sourish-sweet taste at the moment of peak lactic acid content — which means that even herbivores will inevitably ingest lots of lactic acid). Even apple must and in a small measure, apple cider vinegar (which is rightly touted for its numerous health and healing benefits) are sources of lactic acid (and even wine!).

Cultured vegetables can be bought online incl. starter kits to make your own. If you do decide on DIY (which isn't too complicated although time-consuming when done the traditional way — but see below Making your own cultured vegetables EASILY at home), make sure to use only organic vegetables since experience has shown that other types of produce are likely to go off rather than properly ferment.

Note that if in spite of following proper food combining rules and carefully chewing[6], you should experience initial worsening of symptoms after starting on lactic acid foods (a frequent occurrence with a number of powerful natural healing modalities), Dr. Kuhl advises to cut back on the amounts taken and only gradually increase to tolerance levels.

Caveat for colon cancer patients: according to Dr. Kuhl, people with this type of cancer should forgo dairy-based lactic-acid-fermented foods and rely on the vegetable- and fruit-based ones in their stead.

Lactic-acid-fermented foods for cancer prevention

According to Dr. Dr. Kuhl, the regular ingestion of lactic-acid-fermented foods is an infallible preventative of cancer. (This would seem to be confirmed for instance by the anti-cancer benefits of Kombucha reported for parts of the Russian population).

Other natural cancer cure approaches that include lactic-acid-fermented foods

Among other approaches, the Budwig Diet, the Moerman cancer cure diet and the kombucha treatment for cancer rely on the inclusion of lactic acid.

Making your own cultured vegetables EASILY at home

A worthwhile undertaking for any health-conscious person, it's not just cabbage that can be fermented and turned into sauerkraut. Nearly every vegetable apart from potatoes can be cultured including carrots, beets, green beans, celery, eggplant (aubergine), zucchini (courgette), cucumber and others (and astonishingly, even berries, legumes, algae and seaweed, olives, prunes, cherries, melons, and more). Their vitamins are preserved and even more are produced in the process, particularly vitamin C, B and K.

While the "classical" way of making your own fermented vegetables can be time-intensive and somewhat daunting (since one has to regularly control the fermentation process), I was glad to see there are now DIY kits that allow to make your own small-batch pickles in a matter of days.

One such device is called the Perfect Pickler® Jar Top Fermentor System [Amazon partner link — commissions earned].

Dr Kuhl: healthy vegetarian lifestyle not enough for protecting health

Dr Kuhl has interesting observations to share regarding the protective effect of organic vegetarian living. High fruit and vegetable consumption, particularly when the produce was raised using too much potassium fertilizer, due to its rich alkaline content can eventually lead to abnormal alkalosis of the blood[7] which sets the stage for chronic disease developing.

He cites several cases of people who for decades had followed a natural health lifestyle, eating only organically grown produce and dairy and shunning meat, alcohol and nicotine. But they had also neglected lactic-acid-fermented foods.

One of these had developed massive breast cancer, one a similar malignancy of the stomach, one had serious degenerative joint disease and one (only 51 years old) suffered recurring thromboses leading to leg amputation as well as lung, heart and brain embolisms with resultant paralysis of the right arm and a strong speech impediment.

In summary, Dr. Kuhl declared:

One third of my patients had been living for many years, and some for decades, on nutritious plant foods and still contracted cancer. Provided their reactivity was sufficient and the stage of the disease not too far advanced, I was able to heal them by administering a lactofermented plant-based diet with strict avoidance of all denatured sweets (sugary, starchy and flour products).

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: There are likely many other reasons why healthy diet and lifestyle alone will not keep a person healthy, one example can be read at Prostate cancer cure upon removal of EMF and (pseudo)geopathic stress (one major reason why even "health nuts" and health-conscious vegetarians can get cancer).

... and for ALL the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

Books by Dr Dr Johannes Kuhl

  • Schach dem Krebs: Verhütung und erfolgreiche Behandlung der Krebserkrankung und anderer chronischer Krankheiten (available in French under the title "Échec au cancer")
  • Eine erfolgreiche Arznei- und Ernährungsbehandlung gutartiger und bösartiger Geschwülste
  • Krebs — Krankheit — Ernährung. Grundlegende Abhandlungen
  • Das milchsaure Getreideschrot-Müsli als biologischer Strahlenschutz
  • Das Ideal aller Breigerichte
  • Dichtung und Wahrheit in der Krebsfrage


1 Karl-Heinrich Bauer (1890-1978), author of the landmark book Das Krebsproblem [The Cancer Problem, first published in 1949] and initiator of the national German Cancer Research Center (founded in 1964).

2 Eine erfolgreiche Arznei- und Ernährungsbehandlung gutartiger und bösartiger Geschwülste, Humata-Verlag (first published in 1952, with multiple reprints)

3 Quark is a dairy product readily available in German-speaking countries made from various types of cultured milk and roughly similar to cottage cheese.

4 Compare Urea treatment as a cancer cure.

5 Please note that Healing Cancer Naturally is a strict opponent of animal experimentation on both scientific and ethical grounds. See its section dedicated to this subject: Cancer Research, Toxicity Testing & Animal Experimentation: an Unholy Union?.

6 Compare On food and supplement absorption, intestinal flora, cancer and immune system and Dr. F.X. Mayr’s research into the link between dietary habits, thorough chewing, intestinal/digestive function and health & beauty.

7 More on blood vs tissue pH under Does alkalinity heal cancer?.

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