Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Healed

Cancer success with high pH therapy, pancreatic enzyme treatment etc.

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Ganga's Combination — A New Approach to the Healing of Tumors and Cancer

This is a unique case where a patient not only understood the essence of healing but also undertook the necessary studies to put together a plan that led to complete remission and healing.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I show his testimony here, with his permission, and I urge anyone to learn from his example and take responsibility for healing instead of delegating this all-important aspect to some well-meaning practitioner who may not even ask the right questions much less have any meaningful answers.

... an anecdotal experience such as this, one that led to success, is always welcome when it comes to taking responsibility for one's healing.

You might also want to know that there is a definitive book on Cesium Chloride, one of the aspects of Ganga's Combination. The book is written by Dr. Sartori, MD. Please consult Cesium Chloride (High pH Therapy): A Cure for Cancer? for details.

With deep gratitude to Ganga for his commendable work and courage. He is a fine example for us all!
(By the way — Ganga is 75 years young!)
Dr. A., ND.

Bladder Cancer and Alternative Medicine: A Personal Experience

by Ganga Banerji

This is an exact account of what I did to treat my own cancer tumor using Alternative Medicine.

1.) My Case History
2.) The Details of the Protocols I followed
a. High pH Therapy Using Cesium Chloride
b. Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy using Wobenzyme N
c. Coffee Enemas
3.) Continuation of My Case History: Ultra-Sound Before Surgery
4.) Another Useful Supplement for Consideration: MGN-3
5.) Conclusion
6.) My Wish
7.) My Dream
8.) Follow-Up Dated 18 March 2004
9.) Resources for Further Reading


First, let me assure any skeptical reader who might be inclined to discount this as an absurd claim, that the diagnostic documents regarding my cancer are available. These documents established that I did have cancer and that I don’t have it now. The documents are from CT Scan, Ultrasound, Cystoscopy, and Biopsy. I have also added a note at the end of this write-up regarding the statement “I don’t have it now” to clarify certain questions and eliminate confusion.

Many medical terminologies will appear in the following write-up. I do not have any formal medical qualifications I will use the medical terminology, as I understand it. In this way, my flow of thinking and writing this account will remain uninterrupted.


Once in 2001 and once in 2002, suddenly and without any symptoms, I noticed blood in my urine. On both occasions, the blood disappeared in a couple of hours. Naturally, I was very concerned and I kept my family physician informed about these occurrences. Since then, I had two ultrasounds and two CT Scans done on me. Finally, on 28th of August, I was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. This was subsequently confirmed by my urologist at Toronto General Hospital through cystoscopy, done on Sept. 5, 2002. The size of the tumor was 15 mm, as read by one CT Scan and 12 mm by another. I will take the average and call it 13.5 mm.

This type of cancer happens to be much less virulent than some other form of cancers, for example, lung cancer or pancreatic cancer. Nevertheless, the diagnosis was cancer, and that was enough to make my family and me very nervous.


The surgeon, attached to Toronto General Hospital decided to take the tumor out surgically. The date of surgery was scheduled for November 4, 2002. It will be improper if I do not mention here that I believe that surgery has been the best treatment for operable cancers so far, and mine was one of the simplest types of operation.

Although I do not have any formal education in medicine, mainstream or alternative, I have been a judicious user of integrative medicine with greater inclination on the naturopathic side. I have been studying nutrition and natural healing for several years. My curiosity developed an urge to find out if there was any alternative to surgery in my case.

So, I started to investigate vigorously about the alternatives, keeping in mind that I had only two months left before my surgery. I browsed through Internet and library books for a month, and finally chose two protocols out of many.

The cancer healing claims by one of those two protocols, namely High pH Therapy using Cesium Chloride appeared to be impressive. I delved into the theory of how it worked and believed that the approach made sense to me. Also, I read a few articles on Cesium Chloride therapy from the Internet, and they were convincing. More about this later.

The other protocol, called Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy, was (and still is) in its third phase of a clinical trial. This trial was being conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of USA. I presumed that the trial could not get into its phase III unless phase I and phase II yielded encouraging results. That was one reason why I chose this protocol. The second reason was that several scientists and doctors including a cancer specialist are behind this proteolytic enzyme therapy. I will tell you about this too, later.

I did not consult any medical practitioner or researcher for fear of being discouraged. Moreover, I believed that I was capable of understanding the language of those protocols.

In the following section, I’m giving a short description of what exactly I did to treat my cancer. If you have any questions, please ask me and I will answer as best as I can. If any cancer patient wants to know more details, I will be pleased to provide more. If any cancer patient wants to apply the protocols I followed, but at his/her own risk, I will provide 100% information, but only through a qualified medical doctor. The progress or the lack of it during the treatment has to be monitored every few weeks by such diagnostic tools as CT Scan, MRI, ultrasound, etc., under qualified and recognized medical supervision.

But see Whole-Body CT Scans & Increased Cancer Risk.


A.) High pH Therapy Using Cesium Chloride

Over 75 years ago, Dr. Otto Warburg, in his Nobel Prize-winning paper, illustrated the environment of the cancer cell. A normal healthy cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer take in oxygen to convert glucose into energy [compare Otto Warburg On The Prime Cause & Prevention of Cancer].

The cell needs energy for its survival, and reverts to a primal nutritional program for the production of energy. Glucose undergoes fermentation producing lactic acid. The fermentation is exothermic, producing some heat energy that is used by the cancer cells for survival and reproduction. Lactic acid makes the cells acidic. This acidic atmosphere destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division. The cancer cells then begin to multiply unchecked.

Subsequently, the mechanism that causes this anaerobic reaction has been explained like this: Calcium carries oxygen into the cell. But calcium cannot adequately enter a cancer cell. So, the amount of oxygen entering into the cell is very small. On the other hand, a sufficient amount of glucose can, and does, enter into a cancer cell as it is easily carried into the cancer cell by its carrier, namely potassium.

The following quote should be helpful to understand high pH Therapy.

“There are a number of areas of the world where the incidence of cancer is very low. At the 1978 Stockholm conference on Food and Cancer, it was concluded that there is a definite connection between food composition and cancer rates. Significant is the report on the presence of high levels of Cesium (Cs) and Rubidium (Rb) in foods consumed in these areas, along with the availability of various supportive compounds such as vitamins A and C, zinc, and selenium. Examples are the Hopi Indian Territory (Arizona), the Hunza area (North Pakistan), and volcanic regions of Brazil. The diets of these populations are similar to the nutritional requirements for the high pH cancer therapy developed by Dr. A. Keith Brewer.”

It was hypothesized that the cancer cells would die if the acidic atmosphere of the cancer cells could be changed to an alkaline condition. Keith Brewer, Ph.D., a bio-physicist in Wisconsin, Dr. Sartori, M.D. of Virginia, Dr. Nieper of Germany, and others found in their studies that cesium, rubidium, and to an extent germanium can easily enter into the cancer cell and can increase its pH value to 8.0+.

The acidic atmosphere of the cancer cell of pH 6.5 or so, now gets converted into an alkaline atmosphere of 8.0+. The cancer cells cannot survive in this high pH atmosphere, and die in a matter of days or weeks. This high pH therapy was tested, among many other places, at the following institutes with satisfactory results.

1. American University, Washington, D.C.
2. University of Wisconsin, Platteville, WI
3. Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Some of the case histories are very striking examples of what this therapy can accomplish in a very short time. I used Cesium Chloride for my High pH Therapy with vitamin A, zinc, and selenium according to Brewer’s Protocol. I also took sufficient amounts of potassium as I came to know that cesium competes with potassium, and depletes potassium from the body.

Continue to Part 2 of Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Healed: The Use of Proteolytic (Pancreatic) Enzymes.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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