Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Healed

Part 3: Coffee Enemas, etc.

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c. Coffee Enemas

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I used a coffee enema once daily during the period of alternative therapies. I made black coffee from organically grown coffee and used that as enema fluid.

I have investigated quite a few alternative therapies for cancer. There is no common denominator amongst these therapies, except one: all protocols include coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are taken for the detoxification of the body in general and the liver specifically. Extensive information is available regarding the theory, practice, and effectiveness of coffee enemas for detoxification.

Whether it is Dr. Gonzalez using proteolytic enzymes, or Dr. Brewer using cesium chloride, or the Gerson Institute using 13 glasses of vegetable juice per day for cancer treatment — all of them use coffee enemas as a part of their cancer treatment.
See Dr Max Gerson Juicing Therapy.

3.) Continuation of my Case History — Ultra-Sound Before Bladder Surgery

Just a couple of days before my surgery, I was curious to find out whether there was any change in the size of my tumor. I went for an ultrasound. I gave the technician a previous record of an ultrasound that indicated the size and location of my tumor in the bladder. The technician kept on searching for the tumor for an unusually long time, but could not detect any. He told me, however, that if the tumor was 2 mm or less, it might escape detection. The radiologist submitted a report to my physician, saying that the previously found tumor, detected by the tests done before, was no longer there.

The Surgery

On November 4, 2002, I went for my surgery as scheduled, in the Toronto General Hospital. I was under local anesthesia, and was watching the procedure on TV monitor during the surgery. While looking for the tumor, the surgeon uttered with a surprise in his voice, “Where is it? Where is it? “. Then he asked me with some excitement, “Have you taken any medication?” And finally, he found a tumor of the size of a millimeter or so. It was scraped out of the bladder wall and was biopsied later to confirm that it was malignant.

4.) Another Useful Supplement for Consideration: MGN-3

I have not used it myself. But I believe that it should be added to any alternative protocol for cancer treatment. The trade name of the supplement is MGN-3 and its chemical name is Arabinoxylane Compound.

It is a poly-saccharide that is extracted from rice bran and mushrooms. When ingested, it enhances the production and power of the natural killer cells (NK cells). As I understand, a few clinical trials support this fact. This was discovered in Japan and subsequently researched by many.

M. Ghoneum, chief of Immunology Research at the Drew University of Medicine and Science, says, “I have been researching mushrooms and NK cell activity for about 20 years. MGN-3 is the most powerful immune complex I have ever tested.”

Note by Dr. A., ND...

Due to FDA Ruling July 9th, 2004, MGN-3 is no longer available from the manufacturer. Companies now recommend AHCC, a similar product in place of MGN-3. It has better research, better results and is less expensive.

Update 2014 by Healing Cancer Naturally

MGN-3 continues to not be available under that designation but apparently is still being sold under different tradenames such as BioBran, Daiwa Health Development Peak Immune and likely a number of other designations.

5.) Conclusion

A cystoscopy was performed on February 27, 2003, which is four months after the surgery. The bladder was clean and no tumor was found.

As a follow-up after 10 months of surgery, another cystoscopy was done on August 21, 2003. The tumor spot was again clean. However, a new polyp, of the size of the head of a matchstick, was found much further away from the original spot. It was burned out right then and there.

“I don’t have it now” and the New Polyp

Consider the following points for the new find. A tumor, that is not healed properly or not properly removed surgically, may come back. But it comes back on the same original spot, not at another spot, provided that there was no metastasis. The surgeon told me several times that this type of tumor comes back quite often.

After scraping off the bladder wall, the broken pieces of the tumor are washed out of the bladder. I would theorize that even if a small molecular particle of the tumor gets lodged somewhere in the bladder wall during expulsion, it may grow back into a new tumor. This may provide an explanation of why this type of tumor comes back again and again.

My reality is: I had a tumor that was reduced from 13.5 mm to a size of almost nothing. I firmly believe that it would have totally vanished if I had continued the alternative therapies for a few days longer, or if the surgery had been delayed by a few days. The tumor has not come back so far. In conclusion: Alternative Therapies worked for me.

6.) My Wish

I think that there is a problem in the field of alternative medicine when it comes to the treatment of cancer. While going through the literatures on alternative cancer treatment, it appeared to me that any doctor, applying any particular protocol, is reluctant to use or even recognize the other protocols. I have never come across any literature which suggested a combination of different protocols. I believe that all of the different alternative protocols are synergistic to each other.

In my opinion, High pH and Proteolytic Enzyme Therapies, MGN-3, coffee enema, vegetarian diet, and anti-oxidant vitamins — all used together may yield excellent results for most types of cancers.

I wish some MD in Canada, or elsewhere, was willing to try the combination as described in the previous sentence. At least, the terminal patients can be tried to start with. Nobody loses anything by trying a terminal patient.

At least one benefit is expected in case of the terminal patients. Various literatures suggest that the excruciating pain of a terminal patient is almost immediately reduced by the detoxification process of a coffee enema [compare the extensive list of Pain medication alternatives for cancer patients].

Moreover, there is no legal restriction any more for any member of Ontario Medical Association to practice Alternative Medicine. The Ontario Medical Act has now been modified in favor of Alternative Medicine. Some reference regarding this modification is given below.

Bill 2 1999: An Act to amend the Medicine Act, 1991

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

1. The Medicine Act, 1991 is amended by adding the following section: Non—traditional practice
5.1 A member shall not be found guilty of professional misconduct or of incompetence under section 51 or 52 of the Health Professions Procedural Code solely on the basis that the member practices a therapy which is non—traditional or that departs from the prevailing medical practice unless there is evidence proving that the therapy poses a greater risk to a patient’s health than the traditional or prevailing practice.

7.) My Dream

It is the talented doctors and scientists mentioned above who have discovered the protocols I have shown here, and not I. I am just making a case for having used their collective protocols in a certain combination that I have outlined above. I dream that this combination would some day be used by somebody to help a cancer patient, and he/she will refer to it as "GANGA'S COMBO, or GANGA'S COMBINATION" PROTOCOL.
And that is my name — GANGA

Subject: Present condition of my bladder

Just now, say about a minute ago, I am back from the hospital. I went to the hospital for a follow-up check-up of the present condition of my bladder. The inside wall of the bladder, as both doctor and myself saw on the TV monitor, is in excellent condition. I repeat — in excellent condition. That is the phrase, the doctor used to express the present condition.

9.) Resources For Further Reading

  1. An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer — by W. John Diamond, William Lee Cowden, Burton Goldberg
  2. Proof of Concept — 25 Best Cancer Cases Presented to the National Cancer Institute — by Nicholas J. Gonzalez MD
  3. A Cancer Therapy : Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy — by Max Gerson
  4. Cancer — Curing the Incurable — by William Donald Kelley
  5. Cancer 1985 —Orwellian or Utopian — by H. E. Sartori. See excerpts from this book under Cesium Chloride (High pH Therapy) A Cure for Cancer?.
  6. High pH Cancer Therapy With Cesium — by A. Keith Brewer
    Compare Cesium Chloride (High pH Therapy): A Cure for Cancer?
  7. The A. Keith Brewer International Science Library, drbrewer at mwt.net
  8. Coffee Enema — Please browse the internet for “coffee enema” and “coffee enema + detoxification”. Also see The Coffee Enema for Liver Detoxification.
  9. MGN-3 Article — One Sizeable Step for Immunology, One Giant Leap for Cancer Patients — Mamdooh Ghoneum
  10. The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer — by J. Beard
  11. Multiple Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy — by S. L. Shively

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