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Beres drops as a cancer cure?

Anecdotal reports regarding an immune-system-enhancing formula from Hungary

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Most of the following cancer survivor testimonials ascribed to the ingestion of Beres drops have been summarised or translated from a German book which (preponderantly but not exclusively on the basis of anecdotes) reports on multitudinous natural and nonconventional treatments for cancer as well as other diseases, most of which are "DIY" or very low cost.[1]

These anecdotal reports are included on this site because they are too impressive to ignore and since additionally, we do have at least a small number of scientific research studies into the possible therapeutic effect of Beres Drops.

As with all other "nature cures" for cancer reported on Healing Cancer Naturally, such inclusion does not equal recommendation (and certainly not "medical advice") since it is the responsibility of each reader to make their own health decisions, preferably based on as much information as they are able to gather.

What are the Beres drops?

The Beres drops are named after their inventor, Hungarian biochemist Dr Josef Beres (in Hungarian Dr. Béres József, 1920-2006). Much of Dr Béres' research activity spanning several decades was devoted to the important role of minerals and trace elements (and the lack thereof) in the human body, including and particularly those present in minuscule amounts.[2]

He recognized (as have many other researchers) that people can suffer deficiencies of essential minerals and trace elements, caused for instance by dietary imbalances and modern agricultural practices leading to nutritionally depleted crops[2]. He eventually developed a dietary supplement to help counteract the deleterious consequences on health and wellbeing of such deficiencies.

What ingredients are the Beres Drops made of?

The Beres drops contain iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, vanadium, nickel, molybdenum, boron, fluoride, and cobalt.

Besides the above minerals and trace elements, the drops (sold under the name of Beres Drops Plus) contain several other substances Dr. Beres believed were enhancing their uptake, i.e. bioavailability[3]. These are glycerine, EDTA, glycine, L-(+)-tartaric acid, succinic acid (succinate), and L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

The Toxicological Institute Budapest tested the Beres drops and found no intolerances. The drops have been patented in several European countries.

Beres Drops "indications"

For people not afflicted with cancer the drops are said to work as a preventative and strengthening support. Disease indications reportedly include ascites, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, inflammations, burnout, female disorders, gastritis, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, MS, rheumatism, metabolic disorders, and particularly the strengthening of the immune system. Thanks to the latter, Beres drops reportedly have even healed AIDS.

Beres Drops cancer success stories

While apparently originally developed as a simple tonic to strengthen the immune system by supplying missing minerals and trace elements, Dr Béres experienced the first resounding success with cancer after administering the drops to his own sister. Afflicted with a brain tumor, she had undergone (incomplete) surgical resection of the tumor at a university clinic (the surgeons were unable to remove it all). At the time of her surgery, twenty other patients with the same diagnosis were conventionally treated. Dr Béres' sister remained the only survivor (it is not specified whether she also underwent conventional treatment, but it seems likely that she did).

Since that time, Dr Béres reportedly has demonstrated in hundreds of international cases real healing successes with all types of cancer including leukemia.

Hungarian chief physician Dr. Zoltan Devenyi reported having successfully treated many hundreds of cancer cases using the Beres drops.

What follows are individual cancer healing reports ("anecdotes") ascribed to the Beres drops which have been excerpted and translated from the above-mentioned book.[1]

Sternum cancer

Erika Roth reports: "We brought the Beres drops along from Hungary. Thanks to the drops, my tumor on the breastbone gradually and completely disappeared within a few months. What particularly convinced us is the fact that my blood count has become completely normal."

Lung cancer

When 60-year-old Hermann R. was diagnosed with bronchial carcinoma, his tumor had already attained the size of a grapefruit. It was located close to the heart, above the scar left from a former heart attack, i.e. was inoperable. After 46 radiotherapy sessions, his case appeared hopeless. He coughed up blood on a daily basis and was debilitated to the point of being bedbound.

Upon taking the Beres drops for twelve days, he was back to climbing stairs. Today he is back to driving his car. He has never coughed blood again.

Pancreas cancer

Miner Janos Olle suffered with pancreatic cancer. The surgeons in the Budapest hospital had given up on him, his tumor being nearly the size of a melon as well as inoperable. His weight had dropped to a very thin 50 kg (110 pounds).

Dr. Szaloncai, his doctor in Bicske (Hungary), however, did not give up on him. The doctor had fought his own cancer with Beres drops and proceeded to treat the sick man exclusively with the help of this "medicine". Today, three years later, Janos is a healthy man and his former near-melon-sized growth is no longer palpable. He has gained a lot of weight and his blood count is good. He easily looks after his garden, pigs, chickens and rabbits all by himself.

Note: you can read about another fantastic terminal pancreatic cancer healing under Superior herbal formula — sensational cancer remission testimonials as well as under Pancreatic cancer homeopathic treatment ('Banerji Protocols').


Yugoslawian leukemia patient Ilona Bühn, 34, was taken to the Novisad hospital. As did all the other leukemia patients there, she was treated with cytostatic drugs. Her hair fell out, her nausea was intolerable, and she finally refused all further medication.

She got herself the Beres drops and is healthy today, with perfect blood counts to boot. None of her fellow sufferers in the hospital survived. (According to a report posted to a German forum, Ilona's story was featured in a film.)

Another leukemia patient also undertook the "Beres drops cure". After the fifth bottle, her blood counts returned to normal (reportedly, "the cure typically takes nine bottles") and have remained in the normal range.

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Presumed breast cancer relapse following conventional treatment

Ingeborg Winkler had radical surgery (mastectomy) of her left breast, followed by 28 radiotherapy sessions which left her with nerve damage. Four years later, a mammography revealed suspicious spots in the area of her left breast. Ingeborg was told to come back for a tissue biopsy should the spots still be there three months later.

She read about the Beres drops which someone brought her from Hungary. For one month, she took thirty drops three times a day (complemented with an unspecified dose of vitamin C). Two months later, another mammography could find nothing wrong with her, her lymph drainage vessels were clear and unobstructed.

She mentioned the Beres drops to her doctors and asked whether they might be connected to this improvement. Her medical report reads: "In the final analysis, we cannot dispute this with certainty." This happened several years ago and since then, Ingeborg has been taking ten drops a day. She feels good and is no longer afraid of ever being diagnosed with cancer again.

Comment by a physician specialising in internal medicine

Internist Dr. Elisabeth S. (Cologne, Germany) reported: "I have started to treat five cancer patients with the Beres drops, one of them, fitted with a colostomy bag, had been sent home to die three weeks ago. I can't believe it: He's back up, has gained four pounds, and has good appetite. The Beres drops are proven nontoxic. Why should we physicians not offer these options to cancer patients since our therapy so far has not achieved any breakthrough."


In a telephone interview (no date indicated) given to the NEUE REVUE (a German magazine published [under slightly varying names] from 1946 to 2005), Japanese professor Masuda said: "For me personally the Beres drops have worked." He is convinced that the drops saved him.from the sarcoma he suffered from.

Some further testimonials gleaned from German-language forums

1) "We discovered the Beres drops over twenty years ago when my cousin's then two-year-old daughter contracted kidney cancer. Taking the drops until age 24 (at which point she discontinued them), she had no symptoms. Shortly after, she contracted an infection in a far-away country and her cancer regained the upper hand. Two years ago, she died of cancer at age 30.

The drops are very controversial. Due to the many reported cures the pharmaceutical industry has declared war on the drops. Some patients are not helped at all by them."

2) "I personally know of three cases which gained many years thanks to the Beres drops, two human - one of them my grandmother - and a dog.

My grandmother had a fist-sized tumor in her abdomen plus metastases. Following surgery she was sent home to die, her life expectancy according to her doctors only two months. Thanks to the Beres drops, she actually lived more than ten additional years, with cancer markers close to zero."

Beres Drops research

See scientific research studies.

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Healing Cancer Naturally considers minerals and trace elements and the widespread deficiency thereof a foundational factor in the disease epidemic observed in our times including in cancer genesis and healing, see Minerals.

It is unclear whether the simple addition of a natural food such as seaweed (a complete source of all known minerals and trace elements and likely the cheapest while richest source of assimilable minerals on earth) would have a similar effect as implied by the above testimonials, or whether the other substances Dr. Beres added to his formula to increase mineral uptake have any decisive role to play.

Please note that there are several products on the market containing a wide variety of natural minerals (up to 80 different minerals) including plant-derived ones, finely ground rock flour etc. Zeolites[4] deserve a special mention as well since in their "tribomechanically activated" form they have shown curative effects even in terminal cancer cases[5].

Cancer cure testimonials

Healing Cancer Naturally features a plethora of reports of how people have healed themselves from many types of cancer using nonconventional means, including the above-mentioned brain, lung, pancreatic, and breast cancer as well as leukemia and sarcoma. See All Testimonials.

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1 Die Heilkunst von Morgen [The Healing Arts of Tomorrow] by Erika Herbst, a monumental work of more than a thousand pages.

2 Compare The importance of minerals and trace elements for health and cancer prevention and Rising atmospheric CO2 decreases micronutrients in plants world-wide.

3 Compare Bioavailability: the science behind "live" and "dead" minerals.

4 See On Natural Zeolites as an Adjuvant in Anticancer Therapy and a Detoxifier for Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Other Toxins.

5 See Terminal cancer remissions thanks to tribomechanically activated zeolites and More terminal cancer patients experiencing remission thanks to tribomechanically activated zeolites supplementation.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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