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This page complements Beres drops as a cancer cure?, a compilation of cancer survivorship anecdotes purportedly due to the ingestion of this immune-system-enhancing formula mostly consisting of a mix of minerals and trace elements.

  • [The mechanism of the immunomodulating action of Béres Drops Plus].

    By testing the Béres Drops in vitro and upon the thymus glands of mice, this Russian study published in Likars'ka sprava in 1995 found the drops of potential use in countering secondary immunodeficiency states connected to malignant tumors, precancerous conditions, the aftermath of nuclear accidents, or to aging.
  • The number of glucocorticoid receptors in peripheral human lymphocytes is elevated by a zinc containing trace element preparation.

    Béres Drops Plus showed this enhancing effect both in lymphocytes taken from healthy individuals and in lymphocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis. When the Zn++ ions were removed from the formula, no augmenting effect could be observed. (Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica, 1995)
  • A trace element preparation containing zinc increases the production of interleukin-6 in human monocytes and glial cells.

    This in-vitro study examined the effects of the Béres Drops Plus on white blood cells (part of the immune system) and in a glioblastoma cell line (published in Biological Trace Element Research, 1996).
  • A Trace Element Preparation Increases Antitumor Activity in Mice.

    This Russian study used two groups of mice. One of them was transplanted with Lewis lung carcinoma (a transplantable malignancy first discovered in 1951 which spontaneously originated in the lung of a strain of laboratory mouse). The other group of mice was transplanted with a tumor cell line derived from mice ("B16 melanoma") which is used in cancer research based on animal experimentation as a model for studying skin cancers which develop in humans.

    The Béres Drops Plus were injected into the mice's abdomen either before or after transplantation or after the primary tumor had been removed.

    Results suggested that while Béres Drops Plus used on their own showed limited value in the tumor-bearing mice, their use in combination could be an important supportive element in the management of cancer since inter alia the drops improved the mice's immunological activity.

    This study was published in Pathology Oncology Research in 1997 and can be read in its entirety at .
  • Oral administration of a trace element preparation and zinc inhibit liver metastasis of 3LL-HH murine tumor cells.

    Mice with a primary spleen tumor were given Beres Drops Plus both while carrying the tumor and after its removal.

    When Beres Drops Plus were administered by mouth on a daily basis (100-5,000 mcg/kg), liver metastases were reduced (end-point: day 14) and the primary tumor was inhibited, with the drops' antitumor effect depending upon the tumor burden. The weight and life span of the mice were unchanged.

    This Hungarian study (published in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine in 1998) is the first to provide evidence of antimetastatic activity exerted by trace elements in an experimental tumor model.
  • [The use of Béres Drops Plus, a preparation of trace and macroelements, in the combined therapy of gastric and duodenal peptic ulcer].

    82 peptic ulcer patients were given a combination treatment of a) a medication that decreases the production of stomach acid and b) Béres Drops Plus. This approach seemed to yield great therapeutic benefits including earlier remission, immunological reactivity normalizing, and the improvement of the blood's antioxidant properties.
    The study was published in Russian in Likars'ka sprava, 1997.

Please note

As usual), much of the above research is based on animal experimentation or on in-vitro studies.[1]


1 Both for ethical and scientific reasons, Healing Cancer Naturally does not support animal experimentation. For details see Cancer Research, Toxicity Testing & Animal Experimentation: an Unholy Union?.

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