More terminal cancer patients experiencing remission thanks to zeolites

(finely ground clinoptilolite powder) supplementation

Observational studies show dramatic successes in prostate cancer, terminal kidney cancer, lung cancer and malignant melanoma, plus encouraging results with thyroid, breast, stomach, colon and other malignancies

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Following the 5-months study showing terminal brain, lung and gastro-intestinal cancer improved or healed thanks to the administration of micronized zeolites (TMAZ) published in 2002, a number of similar observational studies have been done in various clinics in Zagreb (Croatia) and reported in 2006. Carried out under the supervision of Dr. Slavko Ivkovic, these studies involved patients with prostate cancer, terminal kidney cancer, lung cancer and malignant melanoma.

Primary prostate cancer patients: response to tribomechanically activated zeolites (finely ground clinoptilolite powder)

(Study group comprising 24 men in total)

Each of these men received continuous treatment with several zeolite/clinoptilolite products (in the case of this study, finely ground or "micronized" clinoptilolite powder sold under the tradenames Megamin, as well as Megamin forte[1] and Lycopenomin aktiv[2]).

All of these men saw a reduction in their PSA values after two months. In seven of them, a renewed biopsy (apparently done at the same time) showed no tumor cells at all.

Eight prostate cancer patients with metastatic spread to their bones experienced an improvement in their general condition. Six months into the zeolite treatment, two of them had lost all evidence of metastasis while in five of them, the metastases had stopped growing. The remaining patient showed metastatic dissemination.

Terminal kidney cancer patients: response to activated zeolites/finely ground clinoptilolite powder

(A total of 23 patients with two or more metastases in the second kidney, the bones, brain and lungs)

In 1998, all of these patients had been given up on by their doctors after having exhausted all the conventional options offered to them. In the following, these "terminal" patients were treated for a total of eight years (1998–2006) with the same zeolite/clinoptilolite products as the above-mentioned prostate cancer group.

While three of the kidney cancer group died after two weeks, nine saw their metastases shrink. In another three patients, the metastatic growth was stopped. Presumably (the report is unclear about the exact numbers at this point), eleven patients presented no signs of cancer after the eight years had elapsed, with eight of them experiencing a complete remission as early as two years after the treatment was instituted.

It is worthy of note that comparable kidney cancer patients who did not receive the treatment with tribomechanically activated zeolite/clinoptilolite powder all died after one year.

Lung cancer patients: dramatic response to activated zeolites/finely ground clinoptilolite powder

(A group of 22 individuals in total of which seven had large-cell lung carcinoma [LCLC] and fifteen small-cell lung carcinoma [SCLC])

Twelve patients (seven with SCLC and five with LCLC) were put on Megamin powder (a trademarked finely ground zeolite/clinoptilolite powder, compare above under "Prostate cancer patients"), as well as Megamin forte[1] and Megamin plus[3]. The remaining ten patients additionally received chemotherapy (where they observed a 2-day "abstinence" before and after each chemo session, i.e. didn't take the zeolite powder during that time).

At last check-up in January 2006, 21 of the 22 had no signs of recurrence of their disease. One patient with small-cell lung carcinoma who had discontinued the zeolite/clinoptilolite powder at the beginning of the third month had died after six months. Another LCLC patient who had interrupted the zeolite/clinoptilolite powder for six months and had suffered a relapse did resume the treatment and after two months, saw the new growth shrink in size.

Malignant melanoma patients with metastastic spread: dramatic response to activated zeolites/finely ground clinoptilolite powder

(A group of 20 patients in total)

Seventeen had different metastases in their lymph nodes, one had metastases in his back, brain and lung, one had primary metastases at one eye, with new metastases developing in the liver five years after removal of the eye[6], and one showed large masses of epidermal metastases.

All twenty patients were put on the same tribomechanically activated zeolite/clinoptilolite powder as the above lung cancer group, receiving up to 10 g a day depending on the individual.

If the zeolite/clinoptilolite powder preparations were taken more than six months without fail, no relapses/recurrence or side effects were observed and the patients' overall condition and quality of life rapidly improved. In fact, the last checkup (incl. PET scan) done in January 2006 showed that eighteen of the group of twenty had no recurrence of their illness.

(After discontinuing the products, one patient had died after several months, while another died after three years following a recurrence of metastasis to the brain, in this case, the length of time the products were taken is unknown.)

It is worthy of note that malignant melanoma patients who were at the same stage of disease progression as the members of this group but who were not treated with zeolite/clinoptilolite powder died after 1–2 years.

Terminal cancer patients treated with finely ground clinoptilolite-zeolite powder: various clinical observations

The aforementioned[4] German professor of medicine Karl Hecht, an eminent authority on zeolite and related natural substances who has authored many articles as well as two books on the subject (plus a related book on holistic cancer healing)[5] and who recommends finely ground clinoptilolite-zeolite powder not as a panacea but as a "foundational" therapeutic agent to be taken every day, has collected a number of cancer case histories where zeolite was given as a complementary or adjuvant treatment to terminal patients suffering from thyroid cancer, breast cancer, stomach and colon as well as other types of cancer.

Given up on by their conventional doctors, all these "hopeless" cases were administered high doses of clinoptilolite-zeolite powder (up to 10 g a day) on a continuous basis.

The results were remarkable, all the more so since all of these patients had endured the oft-observed ravages of conventional cancer treatments (which typically add insult to the injury of the original cancer, see the Why Alternatives section and particularly Conventional Treatments).

In nine patients, the tumor(s) and metastases vanished, while in fourteen, they encapsulated and shrank in size. In all of these cases, the person resumed work on a full-time basis (status ascertained one half to two years after the treatment ended).

28 experienced less side effects of their conventional treatment with chemotherapy and radiation and outlived their medical prognosis by up to two years (and even beyond).

Nine patients showed short-term effects only, two of which saw an improvement in their overall condition and quality of life. When these two developed new metastases/ malignant cells at the site of the surgery, the physicians in charge ordered chemotherapy and stopped the treatment with clinoptilolite-zeolite powder (even disallowing it as an adjuvant during chemo treatment). As soon as the chemotherapeutic regimen was started, both patients began developing strong metastases and died within two weeks.

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1 which in addition to tribomechanically activated zeolites contains 25% nettle powder. The nettle in itself is a powerful medicinal plant, see Urtica research.

2 Apparently a mixture of stabilised clinoptilolite, OPC grape seed extract, lycopene from tomatoes, tomato powder, selenium yeast, and vitamin C, all of which are cancer fighters in themselves.

3 which in addition to tribomechanically activated zeolite/clinoptilolite powder contains 25% bee pollen

4 See 5-months study showing terminal brain, lung and gastro-intestinal cancer improved or healed.

5 Prof. Hecht's books include "Siliziummineralien und Gesundheit: Klinoptilolith-Zeolith" by Prof. Karl Hecht und Elena Hecht-Savoley (ISBN 3887783220), "Naturmineralien, Regulation, Gesundheit" by the same authors (ISBN 3937895051) as well as "Anregungen zum neuen Denken in der Krebsphilosophie und Krebstherapie" by Karl Hecht (ISBN 3887783379). Eleven other (German-language) books as well as several hundred (German-language) publications authored by Karl Hecht address subjects such as dangers of electrosmog, sleep, visualisation, and others.

Regarding the effects of zeolite/clinoptilolite powder, Prof Hecht also published two shorter articles (in German): "Wissenschaftliche Stellungnahme zu unwissenschaftlichen Internetinformationen über Zeolithwirkungen bei Menschen" (German article downloadable here) and "Natur-Klinoptilolith-Zeolith gegen Atomreaktorstrahlung" [on zeolite/clinoptilolite powder's radioprotective effect] etc., German article downloadable here).

Also see the German Wikipedia on Karl Hecht.

6 This exemplifies one of the great tragedies caused by the silencing of "alternative" approaches, even those invented by professors of medicine. Read under Urea treatment how a Greek Professor of Internal Medicine rescued cancer patients' eyesight by a simple but effective cancer cure he devised (they would have been "surgically blinded" otherwise).

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