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Hidden Therapies — Book series by Jerzy Zięba

A treasure trove of suppressed health and healing information for both patients and doctors

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It is hard to even begin to try and do justice to the book series "Hidden Therapies" (subtitled: What your doctor won't tell you) owed to eminent Polish health researcher and author Jerzy Zięba.

Jerzy Zięba has extensively studied natural therapies for over 20 years, with particular emphasis on nontoxic and/or natural approaches to preventing and treating chronic diseases including cancer.

Spending years reading and analyzing medical research literature and unearthing information actually freely available (but mostly unknown) to medical doctors, he has been widely lecturing and publishing articles sharing simple but extremely effective methods of treating as well as preventing illnesses.

Jerzy Zięba finally decided to condense his vast knowledge in his first book "Hidden Therapies". Written for the layperson and medical doctors alike, this initial work was soon followed by three additional volumes.

While being extensively documented with scientific research, the extremely important health information revealed in these books is both easily readable and intriguing — and not just for the suffering patient but also for doctors who wish to more effectively help their patients by addressing and treating causes rather than symptoms.

To give you a small idea of the vast range of subjects addressed in Jerzy Zięba's books, here are some (but far from all) of the topics covered:

The Hidden Therapies — Volume 1

  • Role of the immune system
  • Vitamin C:
    Vitamin C, cancer, and chemotherapy; how much do we need; how to maintain vitamin C levels in the body; bowel tolerance; intravenous application; vitamin C as a heavy metals chelator; the myth of vitamin C toxicity and kidney stones.
  • Vitamin D: myths vs facts
    Role in the prevention of chronic diseases and cancer; can vitamin D be toxic?
  • Vitamin K2
    Types of vitamin K2; role in osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin A and E
    What we don’t know about them; vitamin E, cholesterol and cancer.
  • Minerals and their importance in human health
  • Iodine
    Safe and unsafe forms; influence on the endocrine system; iodine and “incurable” thyroid disease ("the great step backwards of modern medicine")
  • The “Wolff–Chaikoff Effect” and its hold over modern medicine.
  • Fat
    Debunking the myths of essential unsaturated fatty acids; primary omega-3 and omega-6 fats and their unknown role
  • The pharmaceutical industry
    Are they to blame? Can truth be found in PubMed (the official biomedical database of peer-reviewed research)?

The Hidden Therapies — Volume 2

  • The so-called treatment of cancer
    A genetic disease?
    Mammography: do benefits outweigh the damage?
    Is chemotherapy effective?
  • Non-conventional approaches to cancer treatment
    Alpha-lipoic acid
    Cesium chloride therapy
    Hydrazine sulfate
    Hydrogen peroxide: oral and intravenous administration
    Intensifying therapy with insulin
    IP-6 (Inositol6-phosphate)
    Ketogenic diet, chronic diseases and cancer
    Low-dose naltrexone
    Vitamin B17
    Vitamin C, chemotherapy and antiangiogenesis (intravenous use; effect on sepsis; natural or synthetic vitamin C?)
  • Vitamin D
  • The cholesterol lie
    Recommended limits: a scientific fraud; cholesterol-lowering “medicines”
  • Vaccines a scam?
  • Medical star chambers
  • How can we fix what’s broken?
  • Homeopathy
  • Margarine: fit for human consumption?
  • Are patients cannon fodder?
  • Clinical trials — another fraud?
  • To medical students
  • How to help children with drug-resistant epilepsy

Volume 3.1 and 3.2 (table of contents) discuss a wide range ofhealth-related subjects including the effective naturopathic treatment as well as prevention of numerous illnesses.

The four books of "Hidden Therapies — What your doctor won't tell you" currently available undoubtedly have not only improved but actually saved numerous lives of formerly very ill patients.

As a complement to the health and healing information already provided on the roughly 1000 pages of, I cannot recommend these books highly enough.

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Interview in English with the author about his first book "Hidden Therapies"

Interview with Jerzy Zieba on youtube

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