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”Hi, my name is Carmen and I live in southern Texas. I am here to celebrate life and to report that I am a breast cancer survivor since 1992. After my cancer experience, and my bout with radiation, I was a very sick person, and I thought that I would never see good health again.

I want to share with you some of the very positive experiences I have had, since I changed my diet and lifestyle after reading Fit for Life.

Now, don't get hung up on Fit for Life - there are other good diet advice out there - What I am trying to say is - look into diet & lifestyle change if you are diagnosed with breast cancer! (And do it before surgery and chemotherapy - it may save you lots of pain and problems.)

In February 1992 I discovered a lump in one breast, I was 54 years old at that time. I had an operation the same month, and they removed the lump. Only the lump, not my breast. Then I was on radiation treatment for 3 months, until May.

I was extremely weak and sick from the radiation treatment, I had to lie in bed for months after the treatment ended. At one point I just didn't know what I was going to do, I was so sick, and at Christmas 1992 I couldn't even open my Christmas presents. I was lying in bed, I was just too weak and always having these chest coughs and all of this stuff. I thought I would never get well again.

Someone had just given my husband Kenneth the book Fit For Life and he told me, - you know I have been reading this and maybe you ought to try it. And I said - bring me the book, I'll read it. I was ready for a change.”

“I then read the book - and the book's principles are based on the Natural Hygiene principles, and once I read the book I started cold turkey and have been living healthfully ever since. ("Hygiene" here means the "science of health". Check your dictionary if you wonder.)

One of the things, that they tell you to do, is getting rid of what we call the standard American diet, which the Natural Hygiene refers to as the SAD diet. Also, that in our country we are not really a healthy society, we are a diseased society. We do not have health care in this country - we have what's called disease care. And I agree with this more and more.

Once I had learnt the principles of Natural Hygiene and begun to implement them little by little, things were happening to my body that Natural Hygiene tells you are going to happen if you try to live naturally.

The first thing that happened was that my body started detoxifying rapidly, which was not too pleasant for a while. I was having diarrhea and had to run to the bathroom all the time, and also a runny nose, headaches, fever and so on. But I soon started feeling much better.

When I say I tried living naturally, I mean living in harmony with nature, especially eating the right foods, more fruits and vegetables and less meat/chicken/fish and processed foods. I actually started eating almost a vegetarian diet, with lots of fruits and raw vegetables and green salads.

One of the things I had had problems with in the past was my cholesterol-count. Of course there is always the treatment to lower the cholesterol. My cholesterol was at 250 when I became a Natural Hygienist, and I have the tests to prove it. But I am happy to announce that in 1995 it had dropped to 163, and has now stabilized around 160.[1]

Once I could see what was happening to my body, all the positive changes, I became very excited about it.

At this time, in 1992-93, I did have a lot of visits with my oncologist because of my cancer treatments. I was being followed for what was going on in my body, and I had multiple complaints from some of the medications that I was having to take.

After the operation and radiation I was given a popular drug, that is taken for the type of cancer I had, called Tamoxifen. It has many side effects. Gives you hot flashes, and insomnia and many many things. And the doctors then wish to give you different types of medication to counteract these side effects. I found that the medications were creating more problems than they were worth as far as my thinking ability at work and all kinds of activities. So I chose to go the natural way and not take anything.

But I continued to take Tamoxifen, while at the same time eating better and living more healthfully, and the side-effects started going down. After some time I even stopped taking Tamoxifen. The symptoms didn't disappear completely the first years, but were alleviated greatly. Now I am so much healthier than I have been, ever in my whole life I think.

And my doctor was amazed when he read the report and saw how well I was doing.

Once I could see what was happening to my body, all the positive changes, I became very excited about it. When I had my routine visits with my oncologist and with my doctor I shared Natural Hygiene with them, and told them how I had read the book Fit for Life. And how I was going on a (almost) meatless diet, and how I was eating more fruits and vegetables. Also I was being critical, I hate to say it, about the standard American diet.

And my doctor was amazed when he read the report and saw how well I was doing, and said that he wished that more of our society would go ahead and do what I was doing. Well, it has started, but we haven't arrived at getting America really on a healthy program. But the food pyramid has changed, and now we are told to eat more fruits and more vegetables. Also of course we should eat very little processed food.

Still Fit for Life is one of my favorite books, that I read over again when I feel I need it. After Christmas time, after eating too much unhealthy foods, I usually get a bad flu or a cold - or some other symptoms of a healing crisis. Then I may take a week with fresh juices, fruit and vegetable juices, take it easy and read Fit for Life - a great book that explains to you what a healing crisis is, how the body detoxifies, and why drugs actually may be harmful.

I have also tried fasting, never water-fasting though, which is THE method used by Natural Hygiene doctors for serious diseases. My husband and I both did a 5 week juice-fast together, which was great. I was amazed to see all the stuff that came out of my body during the fast, I was eliminating toxins like crazy. This was a couple of years after my diet change.

In 1999 I wanted to lose some weight, and my dentist recommended the Zone-books by Barry Sears. These made me understand better the interplay between our food and the hormones in the blood (e.g. insulin), and made me change my diet somewhat, away from fruit and away from carbohydrates.

I am very happy with my current diet, I no longer eat those enormous amounts of fruit I did at first, which has an acidifying (and aging) effect on the body. I also eat very little bread, potatoes, yams, rice and other starchy or sugary foods and I eat more fats and more proteins, some animal proteins.

No more protein at one meal than what equals the palm of my hand. Lots of salads just as before, more avocado, nuts, more eggs. As an afternoon snack I may e.g. have a slice of turkey and an avocado.

What I have gained is fewer sugar-cravings, it is true what writers about the insulin-mechanism say, that sugar causes craving for more sugar [compare On the Link Between Sugar Consumption and Cancer]. And it is much easier to control my weight. I just found out (Nov. 2000) that Natural Hygiene is beginning to study and incorporate the insulin-mechanism, see e.g. Dr. Stanley Bass.

I have received e-mails saying - this must be a contradiction, first you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, then you cut down on fruit and increase the proteins. ----- No - and this is important to understand: what I did for the 7 years was detoxify, my diet was perfect for that purpose, mainly fruits and vegetables. It was a typical "detoxification diet".

How long you can go on with such a diet is very individual, you have to watch the signs of fruit-overeating: is your weight beginning to go up, are you feeling too tired (symptoms due to too much sugar), are your teeth loosening, is your hair too dry (due to too much acid). ------

When my weight began to go up, I changed to a "health-maintaining diet". Perhaps I was slowly wearing down the insulin-mechanism, something you can do by overeating on sugar and starches year after year. (Example: kids stay thin no matter how much sweet drinks they have, but when they get older, all of a sudden they start gaining weight - because the insulin is not as efficient any more, due to the wear and tear of sugar/starch-overconsumption.)

It is also a good idea to watch your protein [=that you get all necessary amino acids], an egg or some bee-pollen every day is a good insurance if you are on a vegetarian diet. Here as well you can go for many years before getting low on some amino acid, and perhaps into anemia.

I marvel at how healthy I have become. My husband and I are on the go all the time. We both eat very well, lots of salads, whole foods instead of processed foods. I consider rest and sleep high priorities, and I may take a short fast occasionally, e.g. when I feel a bit down or have lost my appetite.

Also I have a regular workout program, going to the gym and exercising different muscle groups, under supervision by a trainer. I think this may be important to counteract boneloss at my age, besides a healthy diet, a non-acid-forming diet.

In my practice with Natural Hygiene, I am being more intuned with nature, and I am glad to say that it has made a big difference in my life. These years I have learnt a lot about my own body that I didn't know, and now I feel in control, instead of being scared.

And I really hope that many of you will be motivated to practice the art of living in harmony with nature, and perhaps also will learn more about Natural Hygiene, the Laws of Life and how the body heals itself.

Since medicines/drugs are very rarely used in Natural Hygiene, it is a truly low-cost method. It gives result fast, and has a no-nonsense scientific approach, that I like. - But there are many other diet-based anti-cancer strategies, (Cornell-Oxford-China Project [...], Humlegaarden (the original) [...], macrobiotic, holistic ...) - so investigate! I doubt you will find anything better though.

To learn about diet's impact on cancer, invest in a few books and see what you can find on the internet. E.g. [the] page at mercola.com on how Sugar Feeds Cancer.”
Compare On the Link Between Sugar Consumption and Cancer.

Source: www.angelfire.com/ia/trikay/

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally

I also recommend the Fit for Life books (particularly vol. 2) by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond since they seem to give a synthetic while easily readable overview of nearly everything written in the field of nutrition (at the time of publishing).

Fit for Life I and II (I haven’t read number III yet) are perhaps the most comprehensive all-in-a-nutshell alternative health maintenance and “gourmet” healing books available. Based on Natural Hygiene thinking and wide all-round researchl [containing hundreds of scientific references to corroborate their claims], these books provide a wealth of easily applicable basic health maintenance and restoration information, including body cleansing and detoxification protocols, data on food combining, elimination cycle, dairy etc. etc. More at General Health Books.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 Please take note that the entire "cholesterol hysteria" may be somewhat of a red herring. In fact high cholesterol levels seem to be associated with reduced cancer risk, see On the link between cholesterol and cancer incidence.

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