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I believe that very generally speaking, health comes from “natural” [holistic] living, which means healthy expression of feelings, wholesome nutrition and clean, harmonious and loving inner and outer surroundings, in short, living as close to untampered-with nature as possible — while carefully avoiding natural and man-made toxins.

Health, even when compromised by cancer, can be restored and healing can be achieved — as evidenced by many cancer victors — as one works at reestablishing these conditions to the best of one’s ability, cleans, heals, harmonizes and balances one’s body, emotions, mind, spirit and environment and applies those remedies that honour the first injunction to all working in the healing field: primum nihil nocere (Above All, Do No Harm).

The books I list and/or recommend in the following (among many more I could include) honour these precepts.


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General Books on Healing Cancer
written by doctors, scientists and researchers

Individual Book Listing

Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World is FlatChemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World is Flat
by Lothar Hirneise

Outstanding resource on the holistic healing of cancer. See alternative cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise
772 pages.
Price UK: 29.90 Pound Sterling
Price USA: 49.90 US$

Options by Richard WaltersOptions

by Richard Walters

Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to CancerAlternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer
by W. John Diamond, W. Lee Cowden, Burton Goldberg
1115 pages

A wide collection of alternative medicine for cancer by M.D.s, based on 25 years of research. It outlines the pioneering successful cancer treatment plans of 37 alternative medicine cancer specialists, guiding you through the safest and most effective treatment alternatives known today.

Learn how leading practitioners use herbs, nutrition, supplements, diet, oxygen, enzymes, glandular extracts, homeopathic remedies, plus specialized new substances such as Ukrain, Essiac, Carnivora, Iscador, 714X, shark cartilage, and many other to prevent and reverse cancer. ”The most helpful book for those who actually want to live... This book saved my life.”

Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing CancerKnockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place

by Suzanne Somers

Rick Simpson Oil - Nature's Answer for CancerRick Simpson Oil — Nature's Answer for Cancer

by Rick Simpson

The cannabis plant and its powerful oils have amazing medical properties. Since curing his own skin cancer in 2003 using the cannabis oil he had made himself, Rick Simpson has been at the vanguard of helping to restitute this therapeutic powerhouse to its rightful place. Cannabis oil / medical marijuana has successfully been used against cancer including children's brain tumors and leukemia as well as diabetes, arthritis, MS, chronic pain, inflammation, AIDS, autism, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, paranoia, heart conditions, insomnia and more.

The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured by Hulda Regehr ClarkThe Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured

by Hulda Regehr Clark, PH.D., N.D.

One of Dr. Clark’s ground-breaking works. Note that Hulda Clark does not deal with thoughts, emotions or spirituality.
Read excerpts from Dr. Hulda Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers.

Cure For All Advanced CancersThe Cure For All Advanced Cancers

by Hulda Regehr Clark, PH.D., N.D.

“95% sucess rate! So you can count on this method, not merely hope it will work for you.” “The cause of the malignancy is described in the earlier book, The Cure For All Cancers.

But removing the malignancy left the tumors behind as they were, prior to the malignant development. Eliminating tumors became the focus of additional research, and is the subject of this book. The 21-Day Program described in this book does both.

Once you win this battle, even advanced cancer can be cured. The success rate for even advanced cancer is about 95%. So you can count on this method, not merely hope it will work for you. It is a total approach that not only shrinks tumors, but also normalizes your blood chemistry, lowers your cancer markers, and returns your health.”

The Cure For All DiseasesThe Cure For All Diseases

by Hulda Regehr Clark, PH.D., N.D.

Introduction and extensive excerpts

Prevention of All CancersThe Prevention of All Cancers

by Hulda Regehr Clark, PH.D., N.D.

Dr. Clark’s newest book (October 1, 2004)

“Cancer can be cured, not just treated. Kill the malignancy-causing parasite and the tumor-causing bacteria. Learn the dietary triggers for each oncovirus that immortalizes your tumor cells.

"Cancer has many contributors but the main actors form a single chain of events. Pull out one link and the whole cancer process is blocked. This kind of prevention is more powerful than a cure. You can get started now! ...for your pets, too.”

“... published 10 years after her original book, The Cure for All Cancers, [The Prevention of all Cancers] catches us up on Dr. Clark's advancements in experimental zapping techniques including the new Food/Water Zappicator. I found that this book was very detailed, but I think that if you are a first time reader of Dr. Clark's books, it may be best to first read her book, The Cure For All Diseases as a basic foundation.

Then it would be good to read Prevention for the advanced information. I like the Diseases book more because of it's simplicity, and that I believe that simple methods are more effective because more people will actually be able to follow simple methods.

I have personally had three family members with various forms of cancer, and they all successfully followed the herbal parasite cleanse and basic zapping programs found in Dr. Clark's Diseases book (and are all cancer free to this day).

I don't think any of them would have gotten into making Homeographic Drops, Plate Zappping, Syncrometer Science, or any of the involved processes found in the new Prevention book. It was difficult enought just to get them to take their Black Walnut Hull herbs, and use a zapper, so anything more involved would have been a turn off to them, I just know it.

An alternative health care provider would be very interested in the information found in the Prevention book, but the average person may find the information a bit overwhelming if it is the first book one reads by Hulda Clark.”

Questioning ChemotherapyQuestioning Chemotherapy: A Critique of the Use of Toxic Drugs in the Treatment of Cancer

by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

The author: “[H]ow and why I came to write this book. I started as a believer in chemotherapy. As a science writer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, I wrote articles praising the latest advances in chemotherapy. I was impressed by the then-emerging cures for Hodgkin's disease, acute lymphocytic leukemia and some other relatively rare cancers. At the same time, I began to learn how skeptical many good scientists...

Incisive statements and warnings on chemotherapy by researchers and oncologists

Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's GuideCancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention

by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., one of the foremost authorities in the field

“Excellent listing of alternative cancer medicines and therapies, including all scientific health studies published on them... Dr. Moss left his position as Director of Information for Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center to publicize alternative treatments.” (Alternative cancer treatment consultant Art Brown)

Antioxidants Against CancerAntioxidants Against Cancer

by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

Detailed discussion of the importance of antioxidants both in fending off cancer (and other illness) and for tolerating better the conventional cancer treatment mainstays, toxic chemotherapy and radiation.

FlaxOil As A True AidFlaxOil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, And Other Diseases

by Dr. Johanna Budwig

“Every home library needs to have a copy of this book.”
For a comprehensive introduction to Dr. Budwig’s health and healing discoveries, see Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Diet & Protocol. Read excerpts from FlaxOil As A True Aid.

Oil-Protein Diet CookbookThe Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook

by Dr. Johanna Budwig

A seven-times [alternative] Nobel nominee, her easy-to-implement “Budwig diet” and protocol has possibly helped save thousands of people including patients given a few hours to live. This book shows how to use flaxoil plus cottage cheese in many varied tasty vegetarian dishes, including “ice-cream”.
Read excerpts from her book FlaxOil As A True Aid.

How to Fight Cancer and WinHow to Fight Cancer & Win

by William L. Fischer

William L. Fischer has been involved in medicine, health care, and natural healing for over 30 years. After working with several of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in his native Germany, he moved to the United States and began publishing books on natural healing.

For him to obtain the most comprehensive information available, his research has taken him around the world to such diverse places as Iran, the Far East, Europe, and Egypt to study natural healing techniques... Fischer arrived at the personal conclusion that Dr. Johanna Budwig’s easy-to-implement diet & protocol is the number one basic choice in healing cancer.

Excerpts from Dr. Johanna Budwig’s book FlaxOil As A True Aid and her latest book Cancer — The Problem and the Solution

Cancer is Not a Disease! It's a Survival MechanismCancer is Not a Disease! It's a Survival Mechanism*

by Andreas Moritz

“...provides you with some of the most precious and fundamental principles behind the healing of any illness. ... during an illness the body is not trying to kill you or punish you in some way. Rather, a disease is part of the body's intrinsic intelligence and constant effort to live and survive. If we saw disease as the body's attempt of self-protection, supporting its efforts (versus attacking or suppressing it through approaches of medical intervention) would make spontaneous healing not only possible but most likely. ...

What we need ... is a new approach that recognizes and heals the reasons behind the body's many survival attempts (diseases). Cancer Is Not A Disease is for everyone who wishes to create a permanent state of balance where the body no longer needs to take recourse to such drastic protective measures as infection, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.”

* Also compare Lothar Hirneise’s view of the (potentially) positive role of tumours.

Cancer As a Turning PointCancer As a Turning Point: A Handbook for People With Cancer, Their Families, and Health Professionals

by Lawrence LeShan

Elliot Yudenfriend who was diagnosed with lymphoma — considered incurable by mainstream medicine — in 1989 and who cured himself of this cancer using natural means, writes, “I strongly suggest obtaining a copy of Cancer As A Turning Point ...

I credit a significant part of why I am alive today to reading that little book! ... LeShan knew decades before MDs saw the link that people with cancer were often seriously depressed. Some of them had been depressed for so long that they no longer even knew they were depressed. They simply thought life was supposed to be drab and dreary.

LeShan found that when he could rekindle the ‘life spark’ in such people-something to give them reason to enjoy life again and to look forward to awakening each day-that many of his clients with cancer made remarkable recoveries.”

Compare Holistic cancer healing advice by health care professionals (4): Twelve steps to surviving incurable cancer.

Cancer, Curing The IncurableCancer, Curing The Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation

by Dr. William Donald Kelley

Dentist Dr. Kelley who held numerous degrees from Baylor University, University of Alabama and the University of West Virginia, cured himself of pancreatic cancer in 1963.

One of Dr. Kelley’s several books, "One Answer to Cancer, is available for free online; see Free Online Books.

Cancer SalvesCancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment

by Dr. Ingrid Naiman

A unique and important contribution to the subject by one of the best writers in the field

A Cancer TherapyA Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer

by Max Gerson, Charlotte Gerson

“Dr. Gerson's book is a must-read for anyone with cancer (particularly if you've been given a ‘hopeless’ prognosis). It proves once and for all that there IS and HAS BEEN a cure for cancer in America for many, many years.” Also see the Juicers & Juicing section for the article discussing “Is there a best juicer for cancer patients?”, Gerson’s insights on juicing as well as Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson TherapyThe Gerson Therapy: The Amazing Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses

by Charlotte Gerson, Morton, D.P.M. Walker

“ Outstanding Resource! ...If you need to buy a book on how to get well from degenerative disease, this is the first choice. ... Disease as simple as arthritis, and as tough as cancer respond to this therapy. ...The program is nutritional and detoxification with minimum supplements.” ...

”This is the book that I would first recommend for anyone wanting to understand the use of alternative medicine for the healing of any chronic condition including cancer. I would also highly recommend this book to anyone contemplating the use of conventional medicine because of the excellent material on the disease process and the potential for using this or some other alternative therapy in a complimentary or combination process of natural and conventional healing.

...includ[es] program modifications for people who have had chemotherapy, for people who are in an extremely weakened state...three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer...I chose to first start with the Gerson Therapy. The results have been wonderful with the cancer having gone in remission after about 18 months and numerous other problems have responded to the therapy as well.” (from readers' reviews)

Compare Gerson Therapy.

Healing the Gerson WayHealing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

by Charlotte Gerson & Beata Bishop

“... a complete guide to the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy” and “... the most comprehensible book on Gerson Therapy to date.”

Includes modified treatment schedule tables (for nonmalignant vs. severely weakened/chemo patients), answers to frequently asked questions, case histories of many recovered patients, backup citations from the medical literature as well as extensive recipe section incl. dips, appetizers, soups, salads, dressings, grilled vegetables, sorbet and desserts.

“...the best ever written on the subject... instructs on exactly how to do it yourself.”

Beata Bishop received a terminal diagnosis of malignant melanoma in the early 1980s and recovered thanks to the Gerson treatment. She distilled her experience in a book of her own, see Inspirational cancer victors' first-person accounts in book format.

Laetrile Case Histories; The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience (2005)

by John A. Richardson MD and Patricia Griffin

More than sixty case histories of so-called incurable "terminal" cancer patients followed-up 30 years after their original death sentence. Fully medically documented proof for vitamin B17 against cancer. Read sample cancer survivor stories from the book.

Outsmart Your CancerOutsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work

by Tanya Harter Pierce

The author has interviewed many former cancer patients who "outsmarted" their cancer and fully recovered from diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung, colon, brain, bone and kidney cancer, pancreatic, lymphatic and more cancers. While telling these real-life healing stories in a conversational style, Ms. Pierce’s book also discusses the scientific reasons for the successes of non-toxic alternative cancer treatments.

Breast Cancer and Iodine Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer

by David M. Derry Ph.D., M.D.

This "book should be handed out freely during October Breast Cancer Awareness Month ... should be required reading for all medical students, breast surgeons, mammographers, breast cancer oncologists and any doctor who orders mammograms." (from a reader's review)

Light : Medicine of The FutureLight : Medicine of The Future

by Jacob Liberman, Ph.D.

An eye-opener as to the importance and curative/ health-maintaining value of natural full-spectrum light. Skin and other cancers may be due to other factors than those strongly promoted by the mainstream (or to a combination of factors) such as long-term exposure to neon and other artificial lighting, the use of chemical-laden sun lotions, various deficiencies incl. long-term underhydration, etc. This and much more (including the early detection and healing of cancer) is discussed in this truly ground-breaking work on light and health.

Review of Light: Medicine of The Future (incl. cancer treatment)
More on healing with light

Free Your Body of Tumors and CystsFree Your Body of Tumors and Cysts
by Rev. Hanna Kroeger

Well-known herbalist Hanna Kroeger combines and applies many natural healing approaches such as diet, herbs, vitamins and hands-on healing to parasites, cancer, and leukemia.

Rethinking CancerRethinking Cancer: Nontraditional Approaches to the Theories, Treatments, and Prevention of Cancer
by Ruth Sackman

Written by the co-founder and former president of FACT (Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy), a consumer advocacy organization promoting nontoxic cancer therapies.

Naturally There's HopeNaturally There's Hope: A Handbook of Naturopathic Care of Cancer Patients
by Neil McKinney

An encyclopaedic handbook combining scientific research, naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine and experience in the care of people with cancer.

Foods to Fight CancerFoods to Fight Cancer: Essential foods to help prevent cancer
by Richard Béliveau, PhD & Denis Gingras, PhD

Co-authored by an oncology researcher at the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau and a professor of biochemistry (as well as Chair in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer at the Montreal Université du Quebec), this book details the central foods medically shown to be of benefit in preventing and fighting cancer.

Nature's Cancer-Fighting FoodsNature's Cancer-Fighting Foods
by Verne Varona

In an entertaining style, instructor for The International College of Naturopathy Verne Varona discusses how to stop cancer and even reverse it through nutritional therapy. A complete, easy-to-follow program of nutritious and tasty recipes, helpful shopping and cooking tips and advice on eating out, backed by inspiring case histories. "His information about acid and alkaline is the best I've read anywhere ... a highly motivating book."

Beating Cancer with NutritionBeating Cancer with Nutrition
Book with CD by Patrick Quillin

Based on nutrition studies with hundreds of patients in formal clinical settings, this book discusses how to boost the body's "host defense mechanisms" with nutrition and supplements, classifying foods for health benefits etc.

Fit For Life 3Fit For Life 3
by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

Included: You CAN prevent breast cancer! Follow-up to Fit for Life I and II (see below under Recommended Books: General Health). Based on wide all-round research and Natural Hygiene thinking, they contain lots of scientific info on body cleansing and detoxification, food combining, elimination cycle, dairy etc. etc.

Learn about the lymph system, and why instead of removing a lymph node and having chemotherapy for breast cancer, it is smarter to change your eating and exercise habits. Learn what foods contribute to breast cancer. “...dispels the current terror and despair around breast cancer and provides a clear and compelling light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of SuppressionThe Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression
by Barry Lynes

Describes the successful vibrational medicine approach of Royal Rife and of other great pioneers, and how their work was suppressed by orthodox medical establishment. ...“essential reading for all alternative therapists and all people...willing to take responsibility for their own health...The Rife (Universal) Microscope, described in Science Magazine, is still years ahead of its time...” There are Rife Practitioners available for consultation today.
More on Rife

World Without Cancer by G. Edward GriffinsWorld Without Cancer
by G. Edward Griffins

“...provides an excellent exposé of an alternative natural way to prevent and cure cancer through nutrition [Vitamin B 17 (Laetrile/Amygdalin)], and the forces in government and in large pharmaceutical firms that are fighting to keep the secret from us. This book serves as an eye opener to anybody who has ever wondered why there has been so little progress in the fight against cancer, despite the vasts sums of money being invested.”

Compare the complete amygdalin/laetrile bibliography and the numerous articles on the subject under Supplements & Herbs: Vitamin B17 / Amygdalin / Laetrile.

ALIVE AND WELL: One Doctor's Experience with Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer Patients (1994)

by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.

Incl. The Total Nutritional Program, Boring Statistics and Exciting Cases, The Quality of Life, and Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom! See details under Dr Binzel: vitamin B 17 plus diet as a cancer treatment High survival rates with Laetrile compared to conventional treatment.

The Cancer IndustryThe Cancer Industry: The Classic Exposé on the Cancer Establishment
by Ralph W. Moss

“This book by an ex-cancer insider at the Sloan Kettering Institute details all of the alternative therapies which have been railroaded by the cancer establishment. An interesting read for anyone who has the nagging feeling that the cancer war is being lost because pharmaceutical companies are avoiding possible natural, non-patentable cures.”

Cancer, The Magnetic/Oxygen AnswerCancer, The Magnetic/Oxygen Answer (2000 Edition)
by William H. Philpott MD, “the world’s leading medical biomagnetic research authority”.

“Cancer can not exist in a continuously applied strong negative magnetic field.” For an introduction to the impressive work of Dr. Philpott, M.D., see the “Greatest Hits” page: The Magnetic Answer For Cancer.

CANCER PREVENTION AND REVERSALCancer Prevention and Reversal: William H. Philpott, M.D. Tells How He Would Treat Himself If He Had Cancer: The Magnetics of Healing (1990, 16pp.)
by William H. Philpott M.D.


The Mammogram Myth: The Independent Investigation Of Mammography The Medical Profession Doesn't Want You To Know About [Kindle Edition]

by Rolf Hefti

This book dismantles the official medical claims regarding the safety of mammograms and their purported value for reducing breast cancer mortality.

The Doctor Who Cures CancerThe Doctor Who Cures Cancer

by Kelley Eidem

"While writing this book, several sincere people warned me that my life would be at serious risk for telling the story of Dr. Revici to the public. These people believe that there is too much money involved to let some amateur writer ruin it all." (Kelley Eidem, author)

An important book on a researcher who has done groundbreaking work in the field of cancer healing which Healing Cancer Naturally recommends to be read far and wide.

Recommended Books: General Health

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?
by Clinton Ober and Stephen Sinatra

Regularly connecting with the healing electrons of the earth (a powerful source of free antioxidants) seems to be an absolutely foundational health and healing practice for anyone to adopt — the easiest, cheapest and probably healthiest and SAFEST via barefoot walking (compare Earthing and Vata — a little caveat from an Ayurvedic perspective).

For beginners, I highly recommend the below Fit for Life books (particularly vol. 2) by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond since they seem to give a synthetic while easily readable overview of some major information in the field of nutrition. Based on Natural Hygiene thinking and wide all-round research [containing hundreds of scientific references to corroborate their claims], these books provide a wealth of easily applicable basic health maintenance and restoration information, including body cleansing and detoxification protocols, data on food combining, dairy etc. etc.

Fit For Life IFit For Life I

by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

Fit For Life IIFit for Life II: Living Health

by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

Fit For Life IIIFit For Life III

by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

see above listing

The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless TherapyThe Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy

by Harold Reilly

In this book, a world-famous practitioner who successfully treated celebrities ranging from Nelson Rockefeller, Mickey Rooney, Gloria Swanson and Leslie Caron to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor condenses his 45 years of experience with the Cayce therapies: renowned psychic Edgar Cayce's natural, drug-free techniques for restoring a healthy body, mind, and spirit often anticipated the discoveries of modern medical research for decades.

Shows how you can: cope with the common cold, control arthritis and psoriasis, protect your heart, increase sexual fulfillment, fight fat and fatigue, improve your figure, banish constipation, and more.

For detailed coverage of Edgar Cayce’s view of health, cancer causation and healing, see

Fats That Heal, Fats That KillFats That Heal, Fats That Kill

by Udo Erasmus

Dr. Erasmus does an excellent job of laying out the facts concerning the important role fats play in our overall quality of life. Those of us in America have been supplied with much mis-information by those seeking monetary gain at the expense of the health of the people. We have become 'Fat' conscious and prey for the greedy 'food' manufactures who have capitalized on ignorance.

Dr. Erasmus does an excellent job in denouncing the myths about fats in the diet, pointing us to the well documented truth of the vital role 'good fats' plan in our body and the harmful effects of the highly processed fats. This book is an excellent resource manual... (from a reader’s comment)

10 Natural Remedies That Can Save Your Life10 Natural Remedies That Can Save Your Life

by James Balch, M.D.

Dr. Balch discusses natural treatments such as enzymes and others in detail.

The Metabolic Typing DietThe Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique Body Chemistry

by William Linz Wolcott, Trish Fahey

Introduction to Metabolic Typing

Free Online E-Books & Information on Health, Disease & Healing Cancer Naturally

Natural Treatment of Cancer
Background Information and Therapies
by George Bekker

One Answer To Cancer
by Dr. Kelley, “a Must-Read when suffering from cancer”.
More info on Dr. Kelley

The Cancer Solution
by Dr Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D. (1993)

Thousand Plants against Cancer without Chemotherapy
by Giuseppe Nacci, M.D.

by Greg Caton
The story of nature-inspired methods based on time-honoured knowledge that have cured thousands of cancer patients but have been suppressed by official medical authorities. Incl. patents, formulae and extensive case reports on effective cures not just for cancer, but also heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, with particular stress on herbal formulas such as the "black salve". Also discusses reasons why many herbal products on the market may not work. También disponible en español.

Psycho-Oncology: The 6 Phases of Cancer
An Evidence-Based Thesis Revealing the Causal Relationship between Stress and Cancer

Proposed Common Cause and Cure for All Forms of Cancer
by David W. Gregg, Ph.D.
On cellular function, diet and nutrition, oxygen transport, programmed cell death (apoptosis), cesium etc.
(formerly at

Effective Non-Toxic Treatments For Cancer ARE Available – If You Leave North America
by Barbara Clearbridge

Choices In Healing: Integrating The Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer
by Michael Lerner

Diagnosed With Cancer? Here Are 11 Effective, Natural Strategies To Kill Your Cancer
“This special report shows you how you can win the fight against cancer...”

by Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N.D.

by Jonathan Chamberlain
25 testimonials of people who healed from cancer either by a combination of conventional and alternative or by purely alternative treatment (now available via, scroll back to 2016

by Jonathan Chamberlain
Thinking about cancer differently from what you've heard all your life often is the first step to permanent healing.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Survival from cancer!
(Now: The Cancer Terminator. Live Stories of 100 Cancer Sufferers)
A free e-book on the (rather expensive) Chinese tian xian herbal cancer remedy. Interestingly, the soil of the Chian mountains in which the herbs used for the tian xian remedy are harvested is rich in selenium and germanium, both of which are known to play an important role in cancer healing and prevention.

by David W. Gregg, Ph.D.

CHOICES IN HEALING: Integrating The Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer
by Michael Lerner

This page features many free books related to cancer, some conventionally oriented, some alternative/naturopathic.

Four free ebooks

by Momna Hejmadi
(for students, sign-up required)

Another free e-book/PDF can be found at Mind Power Healing Books.

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

discover what this German expert thinks.

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