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Homeopathic remedies for symptomatic relief of side effects

of conventional cancer care treatments: chemotherapy

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It is always best to consult with an experienced homeopathic practitioner to obtain treatment suggestions — as is customary in classical homeopathy — which are specifically tailored to your individual needs.

If you are unable to see a specialist, here are various recommended homeopathic medications to alleviate the symptoms liable to occur during chemotherapy. These recommendations are largely based on those proffered by an academic association, the International Homeopathic Society of Supportive Care In Oncology ( and are not to be considered as medical advice (see Disclaimer).

To prevent the side effects of chemotherapy

You can take the chemotherapeutic agents that you are being administered in a 7C dilution: take 3 pellets in the morning at the beginning of treatment and continue for a week.

You can also take

• Arsenicum album 9C, 3 pellets in the morning

• Phosphorus 15C, 3 pellets in the evening.

Start 1 day before the first chemo session and keep taking the remedies until 3 days after the final session.

To treat the adverse effects of chemotherapy

Take 3 pellets three times a day of one or several of the following remedies. Start in the evening and take until symptoms have improved.

Nausea and vomiting

• Nux vomica 7C: in case of constant nausea with spasmodic stomach pain, laboured vomiting, frequently in conjunction with a coated tongue.

• Phosphorus 9C: nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach, with drinking closely followed by sweating and vomiting

• Ipeca 9 C: with permanent nausea where there is abundant salivary flow and the tongue is clean and pink

• Ignatia amara 9C: with anticipatory nausea and a feeling of having a lump in one's throat

• Colchicum 9C: with nausea triggered by food smells, notably of fish or soup, exacerbated when swallowing one's own saliva.


A 5-days course of Acidum phosphoricum in increasing potencies:

• Day 1 and 2: Acidum phosphoricum 6C, 10 pellets each

• Day 3 and 4: Acidum phosphoricum 12C, 10 pellets each

• Day 5: Acidum phosphoricum 30C, 10 pellets

If required, renew every 10 days (making a total of 3 courses per month).


• Arsenicum album 30C, at a dose of 3 pellets to be taken in the evening.

• Podophyllum 6C, take 3 pellets 3 times daily while diarrhea lasts.


• Opium 9C: when there is neither bowel movement nor urge, take 3 pellets 3 times daily.


• Apis mellifica 30C: start with 3 pellets per hour, reducing the frequency as condition improves.

Pain in muscles and skeleton

• Rhus toxicodendron 9C and

• Ruta graveolens 6C

Take 3 pellets of each simultaneously three times a day.

Mucositis (inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes of the mouth)

• Borax 5C: when there are white specks with red edges, burning pain and easy bleeding.

• Kalium bichromicum 9 C: when there are small ulcers, frequently on the palate, with prickly pain and viscous saliva.

• Mercurius corrosivus 9C: when the mucosa is dark red and causes a violent burning pain; swallowing, even one's own saliva, is very painful; saliva flows profusely.

Take 3 pellets of each 3 times a day.

With Kalium bichromicum and Mercurius corrosivus, also take diluted in water: after vigorously shaking the mixture, take a mouthful 3 to 5 times a day.

Fissures / cracks in the extremities incl. the nose

• Petroleum 5 C

• Sanguinaria canadensis 5C (also for erythema)

Take 3 pellets after rising and before bed until healed.

Please note

A great number of important pointers are already provided under Tips on how to deal with nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy and Managing side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment naturally as well as Combatting radiation poisoning tips.

While Healing Cancer Naturally does not endorse the use of chemotherapy or radiation as cancer treatments, these are additional suggestions for minimizing or erasing some of the multiple potential side effects of these toxic treatments based on success reports.

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