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While Healing Cancer Naturally does not endorse the use of chemotherapy or radiation as cancer treatments, here are additional suggestions for minimizing or erasing some of the multiple potential side effects of these toxic treatments based on several success reports.

Please note that a great number of important pointers are already provided under Tips on how to deal with nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy and Combatting radiation poisoning tips.

Apán medicinal mushroom

A powerful natural remedy which has facilitated a number of astonishing terminal cancer remissions, this natural medicine has also helped patients to better deal with chemotherapy and radiation therapy side effects.

Aloe vera, honey and rum formula for minimizing chemo side effects

See Stage 4 lung cancer healing thanks to aloe and honey — no nausea, no hair or weight loss and perfect blood counts.

Lemon water for kidney failure and edema from chemo and radiation

An anecdotal success report involves a person who developed kidney failure and edema under conventional cancer treatment. She was given the juice of one lemon in a pint of water every day and experienced her edema starting to resolve within two weeks and her condition fully normalizing within five weeks.

Probiotics against diarrhea caused by chemo and/or radiation therapy

Judging by an anecdotal report I've read, taking live probiotics can help with the constant daily diarrhea caused by radiotherapy (chronic radiation enteritis). This person used a combination preparation of Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus gasseri, but it seems likely other probiotics would also help.

Recent (2016) scientific research confirms that probiotics can indeed help, see The Potential Role of Probiotics in Cancer Prevention and Treatment which states that "chemotherapy or radiotherapy-related diarrhea was relieved in patients who were administered oral probiotics" and The efficacy and safety of probiotics for prevention of chemoradiotherapy-induced diarrhea in people with abdominal and pelvic cancer.[4]

Other sources of probiotics and lactic acid have additionally been found to help with other effects of radiation poisoning.[5]

Dry mouth (xerostomia) caused by chemo and/or radiation

Several helpful tips for dealing with dry mouth can be found under On causes, remedies & treatments of inadequate natural production of saliva.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

In very large doses, vitamin C apparently can alleviate most of the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. More

Budwig diet

While Dr. Johanna Budwig (in line with many other naturopaths) was strictly against using chemotherapy and radiotherapy, some anecdotal reports point to the Budwig diet assisting the body in better coping with the toxic effects of these treatments.


See Fasting makes chemotherapy more effective and reduces its side effects — studies show that short-term starvation can minimise toxic effects of chemotherapy used in cancer treatment.


Already referred to on related pages featuring help with the various damages sustained in cancer treatment, drinking kombucha has inter alia been a powerful help for healing intestinal trouble after radiotherapy, protecting the blood during chemotherapy and even healing cancer. See Cancer healed: treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations.

Oral mucositis

Honey treatment:
See Honey and a mixture of honey, beeswax, and olive oil-propolis extract in treatment of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis: a randomized controlled pilot study. (More under Honey treatment against radiation mucositis in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiation)

Plantain, chlorhexidine[3], sodium bicarbonate:
See Efficacy of Plantago major, chlorhexidine 0.12% and sodium bicarbonate 5% solution in the treatment of oral mucositis in cancer patients with solid tumour.

German chamomile, sage, marigold, thyme
Matricaria recutita, salvia officinalis, calendula officinalis and thymus spp. L. are all medicinal herbs shown in scientific studies to have good effects in treating of oral mucositis and gingivitis. See How to bridge the gap? European medical plants used for treating oral mucositis.

Chlorhexidine helps prevent stomatitis during intense chemotherapy

Stomatitis is a frequent side effect of cytotoxic treatments. The prospective randomized double-blind trial Chlorhexidine prophylaxis for chemotherapy- and radiotherapy-induced stomatitis found that rinsing with chlorhexidine reduced oral mucositis during chemotherapy.

Various herbs and plants

See Natural Product Interventions for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy-Induced Side Effects.

Using the "Emoto effect" to defuse chemo drugs?

Dr. Masaru Emoto has become well-known for his experiments with water crystals which tried to show that both sound and the written and spoken word have an effect on water molecules (see his illustrated works "Messages From Water", Vol. 1, et al.).[1]

Barbara Brennan (ex-NASA physicist turned healer and author of the classic books "Hands of Light" and “Light Emerging”) reports in one of her books the case of a woman who seems to have put the Emoto effect to work (unless it was pure mind power on her part).

After opting for chemotherapy treatment, this woman wrote upon the bottles containing the chemicals the words "PURE LOVE". The result: no side effects whatsoever from the chemotherapy![2]


1 Update regarding Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments: It appears that his experiments have not been carried out according to rigorous scientific standards. William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering and likely THE scientific figurehead for credible research into paranormal phenomena (he has authored books such as "Some Science Adventures with Real Magic") has criticised Emoto's experiments as failing to provide proof since they "do not control for one of the three key factors in the supercooling of water".

2 More on Barbara Brennan’s work

3 Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic mouthwash which while being manmade, i.e. not natural, still has a number of positive qualities, see background information.

4 Background information on probiotics.

5 See the powerful evidence reported under Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl (scroll to "Yoghurt and sauerkraut juice [lactic-acid-fermented foods]: observations indicating radioprotective effects and healing results in cases of radiation damage").

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