Can EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Help Prevent Cancer

by reestablishing healthy energy flow?

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I very much believe, together with eminent cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise and several spiritual authors, that disease and particularly cancer is or can be based or furthered by underlying energy blockages, which in turn are often/always originally caused by varying degrees of trauma with concomitant blocking of emotional expression.[1]

In other words, EFT which like acupressure and acupuncture is designed to help reestablish interrupted energy flow should indeed work as a cancer preventative.

Following is a highly interesting “breast lump” case study contributed by Rebecca Beckweth. To me it demonstrates the fact (or at the very least is highly suggestive of the fact) that emotionally caused blockages of normal healthy energetic flow, if left unaddressed, may be a major contributing factor in cancer genesis.

“I started using EFT three months ago. EFT consists of Meridian Acupressure tapping points located on the head, face, chest and hands while 'Tuning into the Problem'.

Two months ago while tapping on a deep-seated emotional issue (a core belief about failing at my 'assigned task' of fending for myself, dating back to the age of three), I felt pain and heat in one of my breasts. I looked in the mirror and saw the veins displayed prominently, and found a lump. The heat and pain lasted for two days.

I'm a believer in the healing properties of Castor Oil after eliminating my Uterine Fibroid Tumors with it in 1998. To assist in dissolving the lump I used Castor Oil on both breasts.

Over the next five days, the lump gradually dissappeared. I have since checked every day, the breast has remained lump and pain-free. I can only guess I've cleared an emotional issue that was affecting-manifesting in my breast. I assume the tapping precipitated a healing crisis.

Since then I started eating only farmers market local and organic vegetables and meat. Nothing from a can or a box, no regular bread, no white or other fake sugars. (Goodbye American diet). The lump led me to discover the Budwig Protocol.

I do not know if that lump was there beforehand, perhaps in a smaller, more imperceptible form, then was temporarily enlarged and finally eliminated in the course of the healing crisis brought about by the 'energy work' I did.

Nor do I know whether it may have been benign or malign in nature. What I do know however - and this is what particularly intrigues me about this - is the following:

For about a year preceding this incident, I had had the nagging thought off and on that I should write my will. There was nothing about my health or age that warranted such an insistent thought but it kept crossing my mind. Yet after the above healing episode, that thought never returned!

That particular EFT session brought up the (hitherto unknown to me) realization that deep down inside I believed I had to fend for myself - that it was my job. And that I failed to do my job at the age of three. (Very sad really, what child should have that belief).

When my 21 year old son moved across country the year before (June 2005), I was devastated for a while. I assumed I got past it. He is my only child and my only real family.

Looking at it now - in his moving away I believed subconsiously, I had failed as a parent. (I'm talking emotional, not logical). My biggest job in life was being his parent. So perhaps the job of fending for myself and my job of being a parent = my two important jobs in life. And, deep down I once again believed I had failed. Perhaps that is why the lump manifested in my breast = the part of the body to do with nurturing our children.

I've read a bit about Dr. Hamer, and believe he is on to something with his theory about unresolved trauma and resulting cancer affecting very specific parts of the body. (I believe he proved his theory with the evidence of brain scans (MRI?) from 30,000 patients).”

Complementing Rebecca’s story I can add a personal possibly related experience (let me start by clarifying that I am a healthy person):

I once had a very painful dream in which I reexperienced recurring childhood events where I wanted to cry but couldn't/wasn't allowed to... A terrific pressure from uncried tears built up in my chest while dreaming which woke me shortly after, with the intuitive feeling that this kind of suppressed energy flow or “energy block” could or would be a contributing cause in breast cancer formation (and there are of course a number of researchers saying this or similar mechanisms are indeed at work).

It's likely that once addressed by EFT, the underlying painful events would be neutralized in whatever effect they may continue to have on my energy flows and thus both remove the need to “cry them off” (or dream about them) and reestablish fullest energetic functioning as the basis of complete health.

Incidentally, a case history discussing the EFT treatment of issues involving “Depression and confusion about God” casually mentions as a “side effect” that the patient’s breast cancer “is healing ‘miraculously’ according to the MD.”


1 Compare Emotions & Cancer Healing and my article Budwig protocol & life energies blockages which revolves in some detail around the concepts of life energy influx and circulation impediments and how (according to TCM and a number of authors) these eventually lead to disease (including cancer) in organs affected by such energetic undersupply.

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