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Terminal radiation sickness healed through the "healing stream"[1]

Medically inexplicable miracle recovery from severe radiation poisoning

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On 26 April 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded.[2]

On May 2, 1986, among the 39 military staff sent in to clean up the plant (referred to as the "liquidators") was Pavel Schemet, then about 33 years old and a picture of health.

For three weeks, the men worked on cleaning the machines, scrubbing the pads and building new ones so the next crew could begin the repair work.

Upon contact with the radioactively contaminated material and despite the protective gloves he was wearing, Schemet developed many small blisters on his palms and the soles of his feet. His skin puffed up making the lesions appear like eczema.

Despite his physical reactions to the radiation everything else seemed to be normal and Pavel Schemet initially continued to feel fine.

The true extent of the damage he and his comrades had sustained was slower to become apparent. It was not externally visible and did not disappear within shortly, but rather kept worsening, day after day.

Formerly a professional driver, Pavel was no longer able to drive due to frequent fainting spells. Becoming increasingly sick, the patient from 1988 was confined to the hospital on a near-permanent basis, undergoing numerous medical procedures and treatments.

While his comrades died one after the other (most of the liquidators who worked at decontaminating the plant later died of the sequels of radiation exposure — cancer, immune deficiency and/or cardiovascular diseases, and even suicide due to severe depression), Pavel stayed alive.

In late 1993 however, he was finally discharged as incurable and sent home to die. Classified as severely disabled second degree and diagnosed with organic brain damage, he was given two to three months to live.

Most of the time the patient felt terrible, with severe pain throughout his body. He often lost consciousness, was unable to move (nor cared to, either), with all his strength sapped from his body.

According to a medical report from March 1992 the patient had sustained severe damage to his nervous and vascular systems, with the damage particularly apparent in the cerebral area. He had severe lapses — even loss — of memory, together with pronounced signs of gastrointestinal inflammation. As German physician Dr Vogelsberger comments: "From a medical point of view such radiation sickness is completely incurable."

When the patient's wife started looking for other ways to help her husband recover, she was introduced to the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends or "healing on the spiritual path through the teachings of Bruno Groening"[1]. At the center of Groening's teachings lies the reception of (tuning in to) the "healing stream", a natural force of healing that can be received by anyone.

Among other medically inexplicable healings (but documented and substantiated by medical records) attributed to this healing power are remissions of cancer, Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, angina pectoris, and osteoporosis, and even drug and alcohol addiction as well as depression.

The patient's wife started taking in the healing force every day and during reception of this power, also asked Bruno Groening in spirit for healing of her husband.

The couple experienced a most profound change in their life. Miraculously the husband started getting up from his sickbed. While he had swallowed copious amounts of drugs in the past, he now felt increasingly better without the aid of any medication. His memory returned, and in fact, in the space of several months all his prior severe health problems had vanished.

Being able to move, even run, to work and help around the house, he has felt completely well (and even is back in the driver's seat) since mid-1994.

And the transformation did not only affect the physical level. His wife reports to never have felt such happiness before.

German physician Dr Vogelsberger comments the case by saying that "this healing is completely out of the ordinary... the patient had been sent home to die by his doctors... With pain encompassing his entire body, with signs of inflammation, with a memory disorder, actually incapable of doing anything, he takes in this healing force that brings order and regulates and the symptoms disappear... Now free of all pain and signs of infection, we can say that he was given a new life. We cannot explain this from a medical point of view, clearly, a spiritual healing has taken place."

Pavel Schemet expressed his deepest gratitude "to all our friends in Berlin and all over Germany who brought us the Bruno Groening teaching, even free of charge". He has shared his story[3] to send a strong message to Japan:

"Don't despair, never give up hope, nothing is incurable, God is the greatest physician."


1 Bruno Groening (1906-1959) teaches that there is a Higher power which is the foundation of life and which can heal. He called it the “Healing Stream”.For background see Bruno Groening & the "Healing Stream".

2 Together with Fukushima, Chernobyl remains to this day the only " highest level" accident on the International nuclear event scale the world has seen.

3 See video testimonial on www.bruno-groening.org/en/healings/physical-healings or directly on www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYZZsm5gqo .

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