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As is apparent on many pages of this site, particularly the Welcome page (detailed introduction) and the Healing Cancer ... Naturally!!! page (concise synoptic guide), Healing Cancer Naturally advocates adopting a holistic or energetic approach to healing, meaning the inclusion of all (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) aspects of life (as seen from an Einsteinian perspective) in a cancer patient’s healing curve.

Newtonian vs Einsteinian medicine: energy as the basis of life

Put in simplified terms, conventional medicine is based on the principles of Newtonian physics. It sees the human body as an elaborate biological machine whose functioning can be explained in mechanical terms of various types of matter interacting.

It follows that if a part or system of the body “machinery” malfunctions, the recognized diagnostic and healing modalities are mainly of a "material", tangible and/or measurable nature such as blood counts quantifying measurable constituents of the blood, x-ray diagnostic pictures, chemicals (medicinal drugs, chemotherapy) or radiation targeting chemicals and/or cellular or other processes within the body, surgery (cutting matter out and/or adding matter to the body).

Starting with Einstein and his famous formula E=mc2, humanity has known that what we perceive as matter (incl. malignant tumors) is basically pure energy. The human body is a complex energy system (compare Thoughts on Healing) and can be “measured”, influenced and healed by purely energetic tools and factors, incl. our thoughts, feelings and beliefs (see for instance kinesiology, placebo effect or power of belief, Mind and the often powerful DIY energetic healing tool of EFT).

Using a cancer diagnosis as a growth experience and helpful tool to achieve superior health & prevent future serious health challenges

While many may be just glad to be rid of their tumors or declared cancer-free (and certainly very understandably so, particularly considering the doom-and-gloom “death sentence” attitude they may encounter in conventional oncologists), others have reported (perhaps often in retrospect) that the experience of a cancer diagnosis (originally felt like a catastrophe) and their subsequent healing path were ultimately greatly enriching their life, setting them on a new and more fulfilling as well as much healthier course, teaching them important lessons and/or helping them to amend or enhance their life in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ways (compare for instance On Healing Cancer: Inspirational Quotes for Cancer Patients).

This for me is part of holism - taking problems as opportunities and thus making them so. Or as one of my favourite spiritual teachers says, "Believe that something is for your highest good and you make it so".

Healing on all levels of the human being

I agree with Agnes Tiller of curezone.com who once wrote that "No healing method that focuses only on the ‘physical’ body will ever have a significant curing rate of any cancer. My definition of CURE is that you are cured when your cancer or some other serious disease or serious accident will NEVER happen again.

NO person, I REPEAT, NO person who only addresses the curing of the 'physical' body will EVER reach this level of cure... I've read over 1000 testimonials of people who at least once cured their cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, psoriasis, CFS, AIDS ... and all but a single one of those who addressed ONLY the health of the 'physical' body, later experienced other serious life problems, either the same type of disease or being a victim of an accident, or..."

In the spirit of using a cancer diagnosis as an opportunity for both human and spiritual growth and as an ultimately disease-preventative tool helping to achieve increasingly higher levels of physical health, this Holism section is devoted to advice and suggestions from physicians and other health care professionals who approach the healing of cancer from a holistic and energetic angle.

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