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Background information and explanations under Successful cancer treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

Remission of metastasized cancer of the uterus

On 18 August 1982, a 41 year old woman in critical condition consulted with Dr. Sklenar. She had undergone a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) in February 1981, followed by the surgical removal of bone sarcomas from her forearm some months later and eventually by radical surgery of her left axilla (armpit). She had been in clinics and a tumor center, was mostly bedbound, very depressed and in fact suicidal.

Dr Sklenar prescribed kombucha, Mutaflor as well as 15 drops kombucha D1 and 10 drops Gelum oral-rd (to increase tissue oxygenation). As early as one week into this treatment, her debility subsided and she had to spend less time in bed. A follow-up exam on November 22 of the same year showed a lightening of the pigments in her iris and her blood test results being normal. She felt in normal health and was full of hope and joy.

Compare the testimonial "Cancer of the uterus, stage 4" featured under Superior herbal formula — sensational cancer remission testimonials.

Eye melanoma cure

A 76 year old woman was clinically diagnosed with eye melanoma but refused to undergo the suggested surgery. After four months of kombucha and coli compound treatment, the cancer signs according to Dr. Sklenar (visible in the iris and in the blood) had disappeared. A later checkup however revealed renewed pigmentation of the iris and her blood test was strongly positive for cancer.

Upon questioning, the patient admitted that her tea mushroom had died quite a while ago and that she didn't take the "expensive red capsules" (Mutaflor) anymore. The previously applied therapy was vigorously reinstituted and six months later she had no evidence of disease. She continued the therapy and two years later was still normal. Two sisters of hers had miserably died of cancer.

Tumor of the thyroid gland regressed

A 47 year old man had been treated for a thyroid tumor for three years by a specialist giving him hormone preparations. Meanwhile the diagnosed tumor had grown to egg-size. When in June 1980 the patient came to see Dr. Sklenar, his iris and blood were found to be positive. In August, he was started on two large wine glasses of kombucha a day (he did not take Mutaflor). When rechecked by the specialist in March 1981, the tumor had reduced in size by two thirds. Dr. Sklenar found the patient's iris and blood nearly normal, and the patient with no complaints of any kind.

Brain tumor cure

A 50 year old man was clinically diagnosed with a brain tumor and upon learning of the risks of surgery, refused to submit to it. When the patient was examined by Dr. Sklenar shortly after (in April 1974), his iris' brain sector was found to have deep lines and microscopic pigmentation as well as one large macroscopic pigment stain.

The patient was given 18 Colibiogen injections and drank two wine glasses of kombucha a day. Several weeks later, his symptoms improved. The clinic found his tumor had shrunk and some time later that it had completely dissolved. The small pigment stains in the iris had disappeared and the large black one had lightened in colour. The patient continued to be screened and treated by the clinic as an outpatient, his iris and blood now normal and his health good.

Metastasised uterine cancer remission

A 51 year old woman submitted to a resection of her uterus in 1973. Six years later, new cancer was found in her vagina. She received 18 radiation treatments, two intravaginal radium treatments and a partial vaginal resection.

She came to consult with Dr. Sklenar in May 1981 in a disastrous state — rectal bleeding, wearing diapers and with strong iris signs and serious changes in her blood. Upon six months of Mutaflor and kombucha treatment, the patient had recovered to the point of being able to do her own housework and even go on short trips. Her iris showed lightening and a reduction in size of the pigment stains, her blood showed that her red corpuscles were regenerating. On 18 March 1982, she had no evidence of disease. The patient said she was feeling strong and going out dancing.

More testimonials

The following short patient vignettes are gleaned from the testimonials section of Rosa Fasching's book detailing Dr. Sklenar's approach.

A woman diagnosed with uterine cancer had surgery and received radium treatment which made her feel very poorly and brought on serious intestinal trouble. Since starting to drink kombucha she felt better every day and her eliminations returned to normal. At the time of reporting, she was well recovered and back in good health as confirmed by her most recent hospital checkup (her blood count had improved from week to week). She took no other medication.

A woman with an early-stage cancer found that drinking kombucha not only freed her of the cancer but also made her feel more productive and healthier than ten years earlier.

Another woman who had surgery for ovarian cancer in January 1992 had been drinking one liter (~ 1.057 US Quart) of kombucha a day since the summer of that year. She felt great throughout chemotherapy, with her bloodwork always good enough to be able to tolerate it. She was convinced that this success was owed to kombucha.

A man had had testicular cancer twelve years earlier for which he received radiation treatments. He also had been drinking kombucha for 12 years. He felt in great health and "couldn't live without kombucha".

Finally someone reported that s/he had been drinking kombucha every day since having surgery for intestinal cancer. This person believed it was of tremendous help, now feels good and has no health problems whatsoever.

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