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Abdominal metastases healed due to prayer, emotional and energy work

© by Sylvie, August 2006, published by Healing Cancer Naturally with permission of the author

Introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally

Sylvie’s fantastic story of healing herself (and becoming healed) of metastasized ovarian cancer[1] is another confirmation of the thesis expressed in my article Budwig protocol & life energies blockages (On the question why the cancer always/sometimes will come back when the Budwig diet is abandoned).

This article discusses the arguably vital importance of looking into one's emotional, energetic and spiritual “flow” and attunement if one wishes to achieve healing on the deepest causative levels of dis-ease and thus ensure true permanency of any positive results achieved via the Budwig protocol or other dietary (or other) approach to healing (though looking into the former diet is particularly recommended by Healing Cancer Naturally).

Here is Sylvie’s beautiful reply when I asked her for permission to share her wonderful success story with the visitors of Healing Cancer Naturally: “I would love my story to be published and confirm your thesis. One of my dreams is being of service and be there for the ones in need, in a respectful, non-invasive and loving way. Thank you for giving my story the opportunity to offer that.”

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, went through surgery (tumor only), chemotherapies and radiotherapy. In September 2003 the doctors found a new tumor on the left ovary, which was surgically removed. It was diagnosed as a more aggressive type of cancer responding (80%) to estrogen and which had already metastasized, with some additional spots of cancerous tissues dispersed in the abdominal and stomach areas.

My doctor wanted to operate right away on the metastases as well, as the cancer was said to be aggressive. I decided to wait until December because I was in the last year of a four-year energy healing training and December was the best time for me. I did not feel in a hurry like I had in 1997.

In December 2003 when the surgeons opened me during surgery they found no cancer cells. After performing a quick biopsy, the cells were shown to be healthy or in the last state of change before turning normal again, so a complete remission had occurred.

During the three months between September and December 2003, I completely cut out wheat and I prayed, continued working on myself and my emotions and experienced regular healing sessions.

Since then I have been healthy and stayed in complete remission.

PS. I have long had the intention to integrate flax oil (see Budwig diet & protocol) into my diet and I never did. I would like to include flax oil into my life and diet from now on.


1 a relapse following earlier breast cancer which had been conventionally treated

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