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Welcome to some of the most uplifting pages of Healing Cancer Naturally! Here are many impressive articles illustrating the tremendous power of thought and emotion to create our reality (incl. our health and healing).

Read among many fascinating real-life cancer healing stories the true story of a woman suffering from breast cancer with a bleak diagnosis who was healed after a single session of regression (past life) therapy!

Another amazing story relates a woman’s healing of terminal cancer through focus on her children’s needs, determination and love. And as if that weren’t enough — she also became a highly successful business woman in the process!

Note: Some amazing “spiritual healing” stories concerning “terminal” cases can be found under Spirituality, and some equally astounding cancer healing reports through chi (life force energy) under Energetics.

Cynthia Rose’s grandmother spontaneously healed of terminal cancer by being true to herself

by Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser, October 2002, edited & published by Healing Cancer Naturally with special permission of the author

"Many years ago my grandmother on my father's side was in a similar position. Her cancer had spread everywhere and she was given only a 3 to 6 months to live.

Knowing her end was near, she found the courage to stand up to my grandfather, who was a very controlling and stern man, and she refused to let him control her any longer. [My grandfather had prohibited music and dancing, and when she learned she was going to die, she defied him, saying that he couldn't tell a dying woman what to do.]

They wanted to take off her leg to extend her life. She told them that if she only had less than a year to live, that she wanted her leg during that time, and she walked out of the doctor's office, went to Rich's and bought a record player and lots of Elvis Presley records and went home and danced and danced — something he had strictly forbidden.

She went to the old folks home and played hymns for them on their old piano, another thing that had been forbidden. My grandmother loved Elvis so much.

Well, she just got better and better and better. She got well. Completely. It all went into remission. She outlived all my other grandparents. She lived for 20 more years, dying finally of a heart attack in the night. I remember once she took a Greyhound bus many miles to visit us to walk me to the record store, a long walk, and buy me an Elvis record. What a beautiful grandmother she was! She taught me about miracles by her own beautiful example.

There are studies showing that cancer is linked to a personality style that lives up to other people's standards instead of being true to oneself.

Compare Cancer Personality and Spontaneous remission of cancer & life mission thanks to patients working with emotions, rediscovering life purpose & quality of life. A similar insight has been expressed by Anita Moorjani who clinically died of terminal cancer but came back, healed.

The point is that no matter how advanced a cancer is, it can go into remission."

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