Near-Death Experience Followed by Terminal Cancer Healing

Anita Moorjani's NDE

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The following summarizes and comments on the most salient points in Anita Moorjani's NDE which rivals in importance that of Mellen-Thomas Benedict who experienced similarly profound and literally out-of-this-world encounters with Love/Light/God and who too miraculously came back to physical life healed of his "terminal" cancer.

What is particularly fascinating in Anita Moorjani's Near-Death Experience is the fact that not only was she healed of grade 4B lymphoma cancer in four days (while her medical tests had indicated organ failure and only hours to live), but that the insights she received while on the "other side" tally with cutting-edge research in quantum physics (multiple parallel worlds/dimensions), retrocausality, Schrödinger's cat experiment and generally "mind over matter" research.

Note: As have other NDE experiencers before her, Anita stresses that to some extent, words fail to truly convey the totality of what she saw and learned since her experience contained much more than human words can express — words can only reflect normal human experience and thought and are restricted by what we are able to conceive. Basically putting her experience into words inevitably (and injustly) dwarfs it but this is all we are capable of doing at this point in our development.

On February 2, 2006, Anita who suffered from end-stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma (with her organs having shut down and open skin lesions all over her body), fell into a coma. She started drifting between this world and another dimension, while holding awareness of multiple realities at the same time. She "heard" conversations held outside her hospital room and beyond her earshot, and “saw” everyone in the room in spite of her eyes being closed. She even perceived her brother on a plane coming to see her.

Simultaneously, she experienced another dimension, where she was surrounded by many beings, familiar - such as her father and her best friend who had passed on - and unfamiliar, who she all knew to love her very much, and — as she realized — had always been there, even without her being aware of them. In fact the love she felt coming from these beings was so tremendous, it surpassed anything she had ever experienced on earth, and was unconditional and freely given without having to deserve it in human terms. In one scene, she saw how her life had touched everyone else’s life around her.

Learning why she had cancer

While engulfed in the feeling of total love emanating from these ever-present spiritual beings around her, Anita also experienced extreme clarity and understanding of the reasons why she had developed cancer (in her case ultimately it was a lack of self-love), why others get what they get, the role of her family, why she had been born in the first place, and generally "how life works". She realized that life is a gift and that there is so tremendously much more than we are able to conceive in our limited three-dimensional world.

The overwhelming love she felt also made her realize her power — the amazing possibilities humans are able to achieve in a physical lifetime. She was shown that her future purpose would be to experience “heaven on earth” and to share the awareness she had gained with others.

She had however the option of not returning to physical life in which case she would not be experiencing many of the gifts the remainder of her life held in store for her. While at first hesistant to return - after all, her body was extremely ill - she was near-instantly reassured that if she chose life, her body would heal in a matter of days.

Everything and everyone is energy:
disease (and everything else) beginning at the energetic level

As affirmed in some spiritual traditions[1] as well as by modern-day energy healers[2], Anita was made to understand that diseases start on an energetic level before they become manifest in the physical.

Should she opt for physical life, the cancer would be gone from her energy field, allowing her physical body to quickly repair itself by catching up to the new healthy energetic conditions.[3]

It was impressed upon her that with medical treatments only targeting and affecting the physical illness and level, diseases might be gone for a while but would return as long as they continued to linger in the patient's energy field.

Anita became very clear that not only physical but also psychological and all other conditions depend on our energy field, where we are at energetically — which is determined by us.

She perceived all people as “energy”, and was shown that depending on our energetic state, we create "which" world we inhabit. We actually aren't “real” or physical in the first place, but energy, with our physical expression being a result of how we express our energy.

So by changing that energetic expression, we can change our physical reality. If cancer was absent from our “energy field”, it would not appear in our life in the first place, and if cancer was cleared from our energetic field, the physical body had no choice but to follow suit.

Anita was made to feel that to keep her energy or "vibration" level up, she simply had to live in and enjoy each moment, and use it to thus "elevate" the next moment (which in turn would elevate her future).[4] Quote: "It is in that moment of elevating your energy level that you can change your future" (like my test results)" — see next paragraph.

Time lines and multiple simultaneous realities to choose from

As she was drifting between two different worlds throughout the night, Anita also was made to understand that, as tests had been taken for her organ functions (but the results were not in yet), that if she opted for physical life, test results would show her organs functioning normally, while if she opted for physical death, test results would indicate organ failure from cancer as the cause of her demise. So by using her free will, she was actually able to determine the outcome of the organ tests.

We are entering a domain here which is difficult to grasp for many human minds although it is being researched and speculated upon at the cutting edge of science — quantum physics' multiple dimensions, probabilities, simultaneous time and retrocausality (the ability of future or present events to affect past events) — and has long since been thoroughly addressed by "nonphysical entities" such as Seth ("channelled" by Jane Roberts).

As Anita experienced it, time has a completely different meaning on the "other side", where all possibilities exist simultaneously and it is up to our free choice which one we experience. All future scenarios exist and can be chosen from, and depending on our choice of future, there also exists a past which is automatically linked to it (Quote: "I chose life, so it affected the past, choosing the appropriate test result [among many existing ones] for the organ function").

As she was asked to choose between life or death, she had a vision of her lab report. Under the heading "Diagnosis: Organ Failure" it read, "Death due to organ failure caused by Hodgkin’s lymphoma". Subsequent to coming back to life, she did see the report which looked almost identical except for under the heading "Diagnosis: Organ Failure" it said, " There is no evidence of organ failure".

To illustrate our human inability to consciously grasp or understand the true and so much larger realities of existence, Anita uses the allegory of living in a huge unlit warehouse, with our only means of finding our way around consisting in a flashlight.

All we know about this humungous warehouse derives from shining the light emitted by this one small flashlight (our limited consciousness) onto individual parts of the warehouse.

If we don't see or find any one thing or reality, it doesn't mean that that item or reality doesn't exist but rather that it might well be there but we haven't shone our light on it yet. We are limited to perceiving what little can be shown by our small light.

An NDE like Anita's would correspond to someone flicking on a lightswitch, so one can see and become aware of the existence of the entire humungous warehouse all of a sudden. An overwhelming experience where one is made aware of the fact that there are so many different things (realities) one never noticed or even imagined to exist, besides the few things one knew existed (which one's flashlight / consciousness had allowed one to find up to that point).

Needless to say, this kind of experience will change a person forever, even after returning to one's single flashlight (limited consciousness), one will never look at life the same way again.

Incidentally, the different concept of time Anita was shown also affected another aspect of her experience - she felt that she was in the other dimension much longer than she really was in physical time since the amount she learned would have taken a lot longer in our physical dimension.

More on choosing and creating your reality - "nothing here is real"

Two experiences made the greatest impression on Anita – one, her ability to determine the outcome of the lab tests, which made her realize that nothing is solid (or real) since everything is a matter of choice.

The second defining experience was seeing her body going from "almost dead from cancer" to full health in a matter of days, without so much as a trace of illness remaining (no trace of any disease could be discovered on subsequent scans, biopsies, etc., her wounds totally healed over the weeks and never required surgery).

Apart from making her feel very powerful, it confirmed her feeling that everything (including cancer) is not real since a shift in consciousness could make it disappear.

On the fundamental unreality of (our) reality: notes by Healing Cancer Naturally

There are a number of spiritual traditions, teachers, anecdotal reports and even scientists positing the illusionary nature of what we consider "real life" including

  • Advaita Vedanta philosophy (a sub-school of Hinduism) was the first to propose the concept of MAYA: physical reality is an illusion created by our everyday consciousness which veils the true, unitary Self and Cosmic Spirit. Numerous philosophies and religions have since sought to pierce the veil of this illusion and perceive the larger "true truth" lying behind it.
  • In the works of spiritual world teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, the illusionary nature of our existence is a recurrent, foundational theme. Two entire chapters titled "Understanding the unreality of matter" and "The dream nature of the world" are devoted to it e.g. in his book "Man's Eternal Quest".
  • Grazyna Fosar/Franz Bludorf, a brilliant German/Polish scientist husband/wife team (he a physicist/mathematician, she an astrophysicist) who for me are the top holistic scientists in the world, have maintained since their first (of many) books that our life is a dream and that true life happens on the "other side" (which we catch a glimpse of in our so-called dream life, for instance).
  • Michael Talbot's landmark book The Holographic Universe makes a strong case for the physical universe working like a giant hologram, which our equally holographic brain decodes into what it perceives as reality although there is nothing there but subtle energy fields, with reality being pliant to the subtle authority of consciousness.[6]
  • Similar to although somewhat less dramatic than Anita Moorjani, Dr. Martin Brofman healed himself of terminal cancer through a shift in consciousness.
  • This testimonial dramatically shows that problems experienced in three-dimensional reality may actually (in a deeper and true sense) be unreal.

Concluding thoughts and quotes

Generally, it is interesting to note that many cancer cures happening to adults seem to involve intention, i.e. the conscious choice to live and overcome the challenge (see the numerous examples featured in the Mind section).

Anita writes that today, she feels very “connected” and sort of “guided” and is no longer afraid of anything including death. "I know I won’t die until I complete everything I came here to do."

"I know that miracles are possible in your life every day. After what I have seen, I realize that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. Life is supposed to be great, and we are very, very loved, no matter what we do.

We don’t have to do anything to prove ourselves to God, and there is no 'heaven' or 'hell'... we create our own heaven or hell here on earth...".[5]

US oncologist Dr. Peter Ko who met Anita and studied all the relevant information in her medical records in great detail commented, "Any way I look at it, you should be dead!"

Readers interested in details of Anita Moorjani's medical / physical condition when she went into the coma and came out of it, her treatment records, tests/biopsies/scans performed etc. are referred to her website or youtube where you'll find a number of interviews.

Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally

Regarding the notion that disease starts on the energetic level which we can consciously change, personally I feel that this idea requires a possible qualification. I am thinking for instance of people developing cancer after having been subjected to nuclear / ionizing radiation such as after Hiroshima.

In cases such as these, I would suggest it necessary to enlarge the idea of "energetic causation" to concepts such as life-plan etc. involving experiencing certain events for learning purposes.

The fact that people (so far three to my knowledge) have returned from profound NDEs healed of terminal cancer might also have to do with the infusion of some kind of "higher" energy received while sejourning on the other side (which particularly seems to apply in Mellen-Thomas' case).

In this respect, it's interesting to note that a least one cancer patient with metastasized, inoperable tumors struck by lightning who survived the impact was also healed (see Physicist Dr. Robert C. Beck Reporting on Total Cancer Remissions). Here again we are in the presence of some kind of powerful energy infusion which healed cancer.

Anita Moorjani has written a book about her experience:

Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing


1 incl. Edgar Cayce

2 See for instance former atmospheric physicist Barbara Brennan's work.

3 Compare The world’s largest medicineless hospital’s successes include tumours dissolving in minutes via chi.

4 This is reminiscent of the teachings of Abraham, a popular group entity "channelled" by Esther Hicks.

5 Some NDE reports however do seem to imply a sort of hellish existence possible after death [not necessarily of an "eternal" nature] such as Howard Storm's My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance at Life.

6 Incidentally, even without going as far as the scientists featured in The Holographic Universe, mainstream science has confirmed that humans can only perceive a tiny fraction of reality (starting with our eyes which are restricted to perceiving a fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, all the way to the postulated existence of dark matter and dark energy making up the vast majority of the universe).

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