Physicist Dr. Robert C. Beck Reporting on Total Cancer Remissions

through Blood Electrification with Silver Colloid

found at www.robertbeck.org, copyright 1996 Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. Reissued January 15, 1998, with introductory notes, footnotes and annotations by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2009

This very interesting lecture/article by Dr. Beck on a DIYable “electrotechnical” method for successfully addressing and overcoming diseases also includes a critique of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s recommended method of zapping parasites and other pathogens.

For further information on Dr. Bob Beck’s approach to diseases, also see Physicist Dr. Robert C. Beck on Healing Cancer and Aids via Blood Electrification (which includes background on Dr. Robert Beck), Dr. Beck on the Exact Means and Methods For Eliminating Infectious Diseases and Cancer and other sources.

Opinions expressed in this article are based on the author's first-hand experience and do not necessarily reflect those of this publication.

My archives contain a tantalizing report from several decades ago describing an authenticated record of an older man who was struck by lightning, survived, and subsequently grew a third set of teeth and a bushy head of youthful new dark hair. His grossly metastasized, inoperable cancers vanished. He threw away his glasses and cane, and appeared much younger and was totally healthy for the first time ever.

This fascinated scientists and years later almost encouraged some highly illegal and bizarre human experiments in an abandoned aircraft hangar in Wendover, Utah, where Tesla coil research with ball lightning was underway. The incident generated wide speculation but few insights at the time.

This mystery remained sleeping until 1990 when an astounding discovery was reported at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC by Drs. Kaali and Wyman. Not surprisingly, the revolutionary data were apparently immediately suppressed.[1] Compare Science News, March 30, 1991, page 207; and Longevity, December 1992 page 14.)

As a totally unexpected and unpredictable outcome of the writer's self-funded research into "blood electrification" with microcurrents for AIDS (currently showing excellent results), a growing number of users previously unknown to me began independently reporting "spontaneous remissions" of numerous other diseases including cancer. Most involved no doctors, medication, or time off.

Recoveries occurred after subjects had self-administered an altered do-it-yourself blood treatment process first described in US Patent #5,188,738 issued to Dr. Steven Kaali in 1993.

We were puzzled to find explanations. This preliminary report offers a possible theory. Magnetic pulsing success with cancer were independently proven again in 1984 and described in US Patent #4,665,898 plus many other patents dating back to 1890!

The Einstein disclosure describes removing blood from one arm, electrifying it, and returning it to the other arm in a process similar to dialysis. It also describes surgically implanted active electrode chambers containing miniature batteries sewn inside blood vessels.

This author's preferred approach leaves all blood in the body, is totally non-invasive, costs practically nothing and is safely accomplished in about a month with ~two hours per day exposures as one goes about his normal activities.

It handles pathogens while blood flows normally through the ~60cc volume of the electrified forearm's ulnar branch artery from wrist to elbow. Without medications, invasive techniques or doctors, most pathogens, viruses, microbes, parasites and fungi just tend to disappear.

Progress can be readily observed in blood with dark-field and phase-contrast microscopy. The entire process and simple apparatus with parts list is fully described in my 1991 paper reprinted in recent issues of Explore! (Volume 7 #1) and in this paper. Also simple instructions for self-made silver colloids of far better quality than you can usually buy are given in Volume 7, #2 of Explore!, also Explore More Issue #15. Back issues: Box 1580, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273, phone (360)-424-6025.

You can turn any glass of tap or distilled water into a 3 ppm top quality ionic electrolytic colloid in about two minutes anywhere with a shirt pocket instrument by simply running 27 volts (three 9 volt transistor radio batteries) between two short lengths of pure silver (never "Sterling") wires submerged in water.

To date many "spontaneous remissions" of dozens of "incurable" illnesses including HIV have been reported by users and researchers of this "blood purification" when combined with ingestion of pennies-per-gallon instantly self-made ionic silver colloid plus magnetic pulsation and ozonized drinking water.

More details at Exact Means and Methods For Eliminating Infectious Diseases and Cancer.

Since none of dozens of friends using these apparent miracles has experienced infections, colds, flu, pneumonia, or lost a single day's productivity in over three years, evidence strongly suggests restored immune systems or dramatically improved blood functioning.

It is also fascinating to note that several pet owners report their cats now refuse to drink water if silver colloid is not added. Trips to veterinarians with previously recurring infections were cut dramatically.

It is as though the Creator had left a secret "back door" method for mankind to finally conquer the adversary — incurable diseases plaguing us since the beginning of time. To avoid legalities, these data are being offered under first amendment freedom of speech rights and should not be construed as medical advice.

It has long been known that dissections of cadavers dying of natural causes reveal many have had cancer several times during their lifetime resulting in "spontaneous remissions" generally without their knowledge and without ever visiting a doctor.

An optimally functioning immune system somehow automatically "handles" diseases of which the subject seldom becomes aware. Several promising broad-spectrum natural immunological agents like interferon and interleukin are produced by healthy immune systems but would cost thousands for patients with already overloaded or "shut down" defenses although many such neuropeptides could speed cures.

Other respected researchers describe "pleomorphic" forms of cancer pathogens which evolve through several stages — even mycotoxin[2] involvement — all of which surrender to blood electrification.

In spite of dozens of theories offered, most diseases disappear with these simple, rapid, inexpensive in-vivo do-it-yourself tools and without drugs, herbs, homeopathics, pharmaceuticals, diets, doctors, discomfort or any medical intervention.[3] Users have nothing to buy except replacement batteries. Complete recoveries cost under $1.32 per patient per disease.

For persons unable to self-assemble the simple electrifier (about two hours and ~$40), dozens of people are currently custom building them and several companies are providing excellent and reliable combination "plant growth stimulators" and colloid generators ready to use. Most retail ready-to-use from $135 to $200.

But this health breakthrough is politically incorrect and may never be FDA approved because of billions invested in treatment facilities, pharmaceuticals, and in clinical diagnostic equipment which must be amortized even if obsolete. This discovery gives power over diseases back to the individual — an economic disaster for the health cartels!3 Compare ...

The only dangers lie in too rapid detoxification, avoidable by increasing ozonized water intake for flushing and oxidizing wastes (Herxheimer's syndrome), plus avoiding ingestion of any herbs (particularly garlic[4]) during blood electrification because of vastly enhanced cell absorption due to electroporation. (See J.C. Weaver; Harvard-MIT in Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 51:426-435;1993.)

All drugs, herbs, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and some vitamins must therefore be discontinued for at least two days before starting and for the duration of blood electrification or magnetic pulsing. This minimizes substances in your blood plasma which may become toxic at ~20 times their normal levels.

Electrification is now being successfully used underground around the world. One Eastern MD claims numerous documented cancer cures by using only blood electrification and no surgery, radiation, drugs or chemotherapy. Many were considered terminal.

We're even seeing clean blood tests of now healthy patients with previously long-standing "incurable" diseases. We have in our possession many results showing total AIDS remissions, sera conversions, and negative PCR tests.

One example — cervical cancer alone kills ~1/3 of all victims in the third world, and has long been known to be caused by the papilloma virus. Electrification eliminates these toxic "fellow travelers" coexisting in our blood and automatically handles innumerable diseases previously considered "incurable".

Ebola or other possibly genetically engineered biological warfare "designer" plagues may be unleashed someday per some theories of Gulf War Syndrome diseases which are currently immune to all other known countermeasures except blood electrification, colloids and ozone...

The most reasonable theory of why electrification is so surprisingly effective for so many conditions lies in the now-proven fact that when correctly applied directly into blood (not into other body tissue like palms of hands, soles of feet, or organs) the process neutralizes all microbes, pathogens, fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins and coexisting foreign lifeforms and alien invaders and their byproducts.

In my opinion, this should never be confused with Royal Rife[5], Hulda Clark[6] or other modalities.

Effective results are found to require a minimum of 27 volts measurable under load with low impedance output which must deliver up to several milliamperes measurable current into skin to produce the required 50 to 100 microamperes internally through blood after the inevitable series resistance losses through vessel walls plus several layers of tissue.

Electrical currents in blood can be measured with an AC microvolt meter by IR drop using partially insulated hypodermic needles inserted ~6 inches apart into the same artery.

Clark's "syncro zap" running at her standard 30 kHz (considered many octaves too high to be effective) actually measures only ~2.6V peak to peak under load (~2000 ohms) at palms. This is an order of magnitude too low to have any effect beyond placebo. The syncro-zapper's current is unmeasurable directly in bloodstream and physically cannot produce the essential 50 to 100 microamperes required internally.

This may only mask readouts of parasite presence radionically. Unfortunately the live bugs remain undisturbed and are still there and will still be observed in stool and microscopic blood diagnosis.

To function at all, electrification requires cotton-covered salt water saturated stainless steel electrodes never over 3/32" wide and 1" long. Electrodes must be carefully positioned directly over and precisely in line with specific arterial pulse points. This maximizes current into blood by not diffusing it into surrounding tissue. Square or round TENS, EKG, EEG, EMG, etc. electrodes work only marginally and should never be substituted.

Preferred instrument pulse-repetition rate is ~3.9 Hz biphasic with steep rise time and 50% duty cycle. Rate is not critical although much higher frequencies and certainly higher harmonics of the essential square wave output are degraded by "skin effect" where currents travel around the outside of body instead of internally. This is demonstrated by lighting a bulb in one hand while touching a Tesla coil with the other and not getting shocked.

Careful electrification causes no known harmful side effects to healthy cells or tissue. A restored and unencumbered immune system may make one almost immortal! Post-electrified blood cells are observed to live for well over a month when sealed under cover slips on microscope slides while the average life of "normal" drawn blood is under 4 days.

This strongly suggests that even aging bodies may easily and rapidly be made impervious to many hostile, toxic, infectious, antibiotic-resistant and even yet undiscovered invaders.

The subject is barely scratched with miracles being reported regularly ranging from dramatic weight loss to restored hair, feature symmetry (Professor R. Thornhill, University of New Mexico), etc., many of which were unexpected but that I have personally experienced or observed.

Dramatic weight loss might be explained by elimination of parasites, some of which can force your appetite to use your body as a fat "feeding lot" for their own survival. When the parasites are eliminated, the fat disappears. I personally lost about 145 pounds after blood electrification. I had struggled to lose weight for 30 years and spent thousands for pills, shots, diets, and programs which had never worked.

Like all revolutionary ideas, this incredible breakthrough barely survived initial ridicule and rejection because it is too startling, effective, inexpensive, simple and foolproof to be generally believable. It has experienced violent opposition from entrepreneurs selling health products now made obsolete.

Next, massive resistance came from the population's ~85% harboring unconscious hidden agendas or "death wishes"[7] of "defeat the healer" and who must protect their crutches and secondary gains[8].

And almost universally, people simply refuse to take responsibility for their own health. They think the "Doctor-Priesthood" should know what's "best" for them. And predictably, some doctors realize this will decimate their incomes because it is cheap, universally effective, can be done "at home", and cures many things doctors can't. (A patient cured is a customer lost![9].

So acceptance of blood electrification is just now emerging to enthusiastic acceptance from those who have actually experienced the results.

Being profit-motivated, the establishment must resist anything like this. But we now have our "hundredth monkey"[10]. Skeptics have only to use this technology to directly enjoy immensely better health. Take back your power! This works!

The writer is a researcher, not a practitioner. I have nothing for sale. Please never try to contact me by phone or letter or through third parties since it is a felony for me to discuss well-intended medical questions.

I am a physicist, not a licensed medical practitioner and these devices may never be FDA-approved. But I am preparing a do-it-yourself photo-illustrated manual covering all details which should be available by the end of this year [written in 1996].

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways healingcancernaturally.com knows to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

Footnotes by Healing Cancer Naturally

1 For examples of this saddening practice, compare for instance History of Alternative Cancer Treatment.

2 For an explanation of mycotoxins and how they can affect a person’s health, compare e.g. The Fungal/Mycotoxin Causation of Human Illness (particularly CANCER).

3 While these amazing results due to a simple DIYable “electric healing modality” are doubtless wonderful, a holistic approach to healing might be more beneficial in the long run and is certainly recommended by Healing Cancer Naturally.

4 Compare Garlic - a Brain Poison?.

5 Compare History of Alternative Cancer Treatment (2).

6 Here you can read long excerpts from Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark's 'The Cure For All Cancers' (according to which parasites and/or pollutants cause cancer and other diseases) as well as extensive downloadable information on Dr. Clark's detoxification protocols.

7 Concerning "death wishes" in people afflicted with a cancer diagnosis compare Hans-Peter Zimmermann’s observation re cancer patients as well as the article "Why even very ill and suffering people — in spite of mainstream therapy failing to help them — may ridicule, reject, and attack medical and/or holistic alternatives in cancer treatment".

8 Re “secondary gains” from illness, compare On (subconscious) reasons (secondary gains) and (conscious) remedies for self-sabotage.

9 Compare On Cancer Business (eye-opening incisive quotes).

10 Dr. Beck is referring to the well-known “100th monkey effect”, an observed phenomenon where a learned behaviour spreads instantly from one group of monkeys to all surrounding monkeys as soon as a critical number is reached.

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