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Healing Vibrations CD [AUDIOBOOK]

by Martin Brofman Ph.D. (Martin Brofman, Ph.D., healed himself of “terminal” cancer through a consciousness shift.)

“Return to your natural state of wholeness by restoring harmony to the physical body and to the consciousness within with music.”

“...a deep, intimate, soothing, eloquent and holy experience”... “This CD by Martin Brofman (healer.ch) has to be experienced to be appreciated. I recommend listening to it in your headphones, so Martin's magnificently soothing, healing voice can be felt in the intimate way that it is intended. The sitar music that accompanies the two parts of the CD is exquisite as well. If you are searching for 'outside help' in your life, your search is ended.”

Heart of Healing CD

Inspirational and strength-giving for people on a healing quest, this is a compilation of Karen Drucker's most popular songs, chants and affirmations focused on health, healing, and love.

Healing Scriptures and Prayers CD

A compilation of powerful scriptures and prayers leading the listeners to find divine healing in the Word of God in every area of their life.

Spiritual Healing

A culmination of musician Georg Deuter's many years of recording inspired melodies, this CD transports the listener to angelic realms.

Gregorian Chant for Healing Meditation

Listening to Gregorian chants is both uplifting and deeply relaxing and supports meditation, healing treatments and restful sleep.

Healing Scriptures and Prayers Vol. 4: The Healing Ministry of Jesus

God wants you to heal. This CD is designed to help you receive divine healing.

Theta Healing Brainwaves: Theta Wave Ambience Theta Meditation For Stress Relief & Spiritual Healing

Meditation is conducive to inducing mental calm and better health. During meditation, an increase of the slower theta brainwaves has been observed.

This CD has theta frequencies imbedded within the calming tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls. It is designed to deepen the meditative experience both of beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Native Healing Flute

A comforting, soothing and healing experience for meditation and inner peace.

Soulful Healing

A compilation of nine beautiful songs from Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs, with its title inspired by listeners whose lives were touched by this music.

“Alchemical Healing”

Alchemical Healing (DVD)

“... For anyone who is searching for assistance in the realm of healing, this DVD is extremely beneficial. ... Hearing the personal story of her training in the healing arts and her encounter with and recovery from life-threatening illness gave me hope that total health is possible for so many of us who are caught in the pain, suffering and despair of sickness and dis-ease.

... The Parabola initiation/shamanic journey for working with cancer and all kinds of illness is profound and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a path that will lead them to a new understanding of how to cope with and transform their illness.” (from a buyer’s review)

Also see Why People Don’t Heal and The Energetics of Healing: DVDs by medical intuitive Carolyn Myss, Ph.D.

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Age of E — Healing Arts / Journey to Self Knowledge / The Spiritual Life ~ Lois Larimore (DVD)

Millions of people are embracing new, non-traditional methods of becoming happier and healthier in mind, body, and spirit. ... Age of E examines this global revolution, looking at the new and ancient alternative healing practices that people are exploring to live life to its fullest.

... this comprehensive "consumer guide" covers such diverse topics as feng shui, near-death experiences, reincarnation, meditation, hypnosis, ashtanga, yoga, art therapy, rebirthing, microdermabrasion, holistic health care, aromatherapy, reflexology, tai chi, and auras. Includes three programs: Healing Arts, Journey to Self Knowledge, The Spiritual Life.

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