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After having devoured “millions” of books and articles on healing the various aspects of life (but putting little of it into daily practice), I have recently come to greatly appreciate the value of hands-on tools such as CDs and DVDs.

Giving visual and/or audio demonstrations of underlying concepts or exercises, they provide a multisensory and “memorable” means of learning which can vividly inspire to immediately put into action what is being taught, much more so than for instance exercises one may have read in a book.

So here is a small selection of what seem to be excellent DVDs on the subject of energy medicine and energy healing. Further relevant information in DVD format can be found at Explanations and illustrations of healing through the human energy field (aura, energy bodies, chakras) on DVD.

For a detailed introductory article on energy healing, see Healing the Body Through Understanding and Healing the Human Energy Field.

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Introduction to Energy Medicine (DVD)

by Donna Eden

“Based on a live class, this 2 hour DVD shows one of the most dynamic teachers in the health field joyfully presenting the concept of energy medicine along with many of its basic principles and procedures.

... This program shows you how to move your energies to get them to do what you want them to do, from healing illness to increasing vitality to infusing energy into every cell of your body.

Energy medicine can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and can also promote high-level wellness and peak performance. By learning simple energy techniques, you can improve your health, sharpen your mind, and increase your joy and vitality. Energy medicine is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and a complete system for self-care and self-help.”

Donna Eden’s contribution will stand as one of the backbone studies ... for the field of holistic medicine. (Caroline Myss in the Foreword to Donna's highly recommended book, ENERGY MEDICINE.)

Energy Healing

6 videos by Donna Eden

Donna Eden’s body energy work is perhaps the most brilliant, comprehensive, effective system in the genre I have ever seen. (Jean Houston, Ph.D.)

“... clear instructions and vivid demonstrations.... of the basic energy medicine methods...: improve memory, learning skills, and overall vitality, strengthen the immune, circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems, work with [your] chakras, meridians, aura, strange flows, and the five elements, re-program physical and emotional habits. [Plus a] daily five-minute energy routine to keep [your] energies strong and balanced. ... designed to supplement the book Energy Medicine (by Donna Eden with husband David Feinstein), ... it also stands alone.”

The Energy Medicine Kit

by Donna Eden

Donna Eden invites you to learn the unspoken language of your body to boost your energy levels, address many specific health problems, and foster your overall health...

The Energy Medicine Kit comes complete with: A 28-page booklet that teaches you the fundamentals of energy medicine and points you to specific exercises on the DVD and CD. 43 photo-illustrated Energy Medicine Cards. A DVD that demonstrates the methods of energy medicine and teaches you 15 restorative exercises. An audio CD that guides you through 21 more techniques for specific conditions. A one-inch cut glass crystal.

Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, Donna Eden not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see subtle energies how to work with them— joyfully and effectively.

“... there is nothing quite like seeing the various energy techniques demonstrated... I know I would not be doing these exercises properly if I did not see it demonstrated on the DVD. The method used here is a combination of acupressure tapping, and kinesiology method of energy testing to spot energy weaknesses.”

“[Includes] an explanation with diagrams of the body's energy systems and a deck of easy to follow flashcards. ... The crystal can be used for chakra cleansing, and I could certainly feel a shift in energy in the chakras as they reattuned to the higher vibration of the crystal.”

“This Energy Medicine kit stands by itself, and the multi media format is more user-friendly than a book could be. ... I highly recommend the energy medicine kit.”

“ ... appealing to all types of learners.”
“A Must-Have! ... Anyone who is interested in energy and/or emotional healing should have this. I highly recommend it!”
... " this kit is a lifesaver. Thanks.”
“I recommend anyone interested in Energy to get this kit ...”
“Excellent” (from various users’ reviews)

The Energetics of Healing

Medical intuitive Caroline Myss Ph.D. on the human energy system

In this DVD set, there are two main sections to explore the external and internal realities. ... shows how losing energy leads to the breakdown of the body. ... discusses survival centers, shows why we thrive in stable communities and explores the idea of spiritual power. Through an analysis of our own energy, we can learn how to stop energy "leaks." This is the loss of energy that can cause us to age faster or can impede the healing of our body.

“If your body is slow to heal, you are in constant emotional conflict or you can't seem to make it through the day, you might be giving away your energy. Caroline even goes so far as to say that when we try to control other people, we lose energy through the second chakra. This is a place where we deal with our self-esteem and personal power. It is very interesting to see how people become more manipulative when they don't have their own lives under control.“

“The information about the Heart Chakra was my favorite section and we can all relate to how a broken heart drains away our life force. You will learn about willpower, emotional power, meaningful messages that come in the form of coincidences and why every relationship in your life has a purpose.”

“If you have always wondered about how the Chakras function or what they are, then Caroline Myss is the perfect teacher to show you the diagrams and walk you through the seven Chakras in detail. She gives pertinent examples from her own life to illustrate all the points and to bring a sense of enlightenment to the entire process of learning.” (from buyers’ reviews)

Why People Don't Heal and How They Can
Three Levels of Power and How to Use Them

"Your biography becomes your biology".

by Caroline Myss Ph.D.

“Excellent Teachings On How To Heal And Regain Energy:

In Why People Don't Heal And How They Can, Myss explains how our biography becomes our biology. Our bodies contain energy data banks, known as chakras, that manage the flow of our life force. Every thought, belief, memory, and inspiration is recorded in our bodies.

As a medical intuitive, Myss is able to ‘see’ inside an individual's body and discern illness and its cause. Over the years, she discovered that many illnesses are connected to thoughts, emotions, and memories that have ‘hooked’ our energy, keeping our precious life force in the past.

We get a certain amount of life force, or personal power, for every day that we live. If we spend 80% of our energy in our history--hooked by emotional wounds, bad relationships, negative attitudes, judgmentalism, and unforgiveness--then we go into energetic ‘debt’.

Not having enough energy for the present moment (because of being stuck in the past), our body has to take a ‘loan’ from someplace. Woundology, a term Myss has coined, is being stuck in the wounds of the past, defining yourself by your wounds, and using wounds as a form of ‘street currency’ to manipulate others. Woundology and energetic debt takes energy out of your cell tissues, and this can lead to illness.

In addition to explaining each of the seven energetic data banks of our bodies, Myss covers:

  • Consequences of negative energy
  • Finding the strength to heal
  • Getting your spirit back
  • The importance of forgiveness
  • Fear of change
  • 5 central myths that prevent healing
  • Steps to heal
  • Saving your spirit

In Three Levels Of Power And How To Use Them, Myss continues to lift the curtain on the human body's energy network, and the vast data banks which store our thoughts and feelings.

She explains that the power centers (chakras) can be divided into 3 levels: the tribal, the individual, and the symbolic. She also discusses the 8th chakra, a place of symbolic, or archetypal, sight. Myss says that power (our life force/prana/chi) is the common ingredient within the human experience. Moreso, it is the common ingredient in health, and certainly in the loss of health.

Myss elaborates on the power of the tribal mind, which is group thought. It's where we all start, and encompasses family, ethnicity, religion, political ideas, and trends. If your energy is plugged into group thought, you will function, create and heal at the speed of the group.

For example, let's say you were diagnosed with an illness that your family believes is incurable. You look into alternative health, and hear stories of people who were healed from this disease. You tell your family this, and they say ‘No one gets healed from this. Your grandfather, uncle, and cousin all died from this disease.’ If you're plugged into group thinking, you will align yourself to what they believe...and live accordingly.

Groups usually move very, very slowly...mostly because of being resistant to change. Have you ever heard ‘We've always done it this way’ or ‘We've never done it this way’? This is tribal language. It's giving your energy circuits over to the group for them to control you. Myss calls this level ‘eau de toilette’, because you need a lot to get anything done.

The next level of power is individual power. You have to have an incredible sense of internal power to overcome the structure of external power. This is the realm of power where you unhook from the tribal mind, and where you have to take responsibility for everything you believe--good, bad or indifferent. No ‘well, my family does it this way...’ in the realm of individual power! You can heal much faster than the tribe in this realm, because energy moves faster.

She explains that forgiveness is what helps us detach from the tribe, maneuvers us into individual power, and gets us into present time. Myss likens this level to cologne: it's stronger than eau de toilette, and will work for longer.

The third level of power is the symbolic realm. This is the higher altitude where we become the observer of our life without being threatened. It is the symbolic and archetypal realm where we see our life through the eyes of sacred contracts and archetypal ‘dancing’. This is a realm of power that can go the distance, which Myss likens to perfume.

Myss also discusses how we can manage our own power, especially through choice. We can choose not to put our energy into getting mad about losing a parking space, as well as not leaking energy into a past relationship that we should have let go of long ago. She explains how to build up our ‘grace account’, live in the present, and invest our energy in staying above situations that would drain our precious life force.

Truly, the power we have in our spirit is the power of creation itself--and we can also extend this power to others, as well as using it to heal ourselves.”

“Caroline Myss ... sheds an amazing light on why we can't heal, why we hide behind our wounds and why our wounds can actually give us social power. While the social power may feel comforting, this can prevent your healing.

She also explores pain as a guardian and a guiding force and explains why serious negative patterns can be (but are not always) a hindrance to healing. She tells some amazing stories about how people are connected on an energy level and ‘suddenly’ I realized why some people give me incredible creative energy to write and why some people zap my energy with one sentence.

Caroline has now taught me how to deal with painful emotional experiences, how to prevent the chaos of lost energy, how to protect my cells from energy loss and how to create a healing environment in which my cells can function at an optimal level.

She discusses how a loss of energy actually causes cell repair to be hampered. This will make you look at stressful situations in an entirely new light. ... She explores how thoughts affect our physical body and she delves into three levels of power:

... By managing your energy system, you can learn to live a richly guided life and move towards a level of genuine empowerment.

... Get ready to be healed and find out about your shadow self. She will also take you to places your mind has never traveled. When you start to look at the world through her eyes, it can be very enlightening.” (from buyers’ reviews)

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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