Advice by Terminal Colon Cancer Victor

On the Important Role of Determination, Visualization, Meditation etc.

by © Dennis Robinson Ph.D., 11 Apr 2008, edited, prefaced, postfaced and published with permission of the author copyright © 2008 Healing Cancer Naturally

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves.“
Thomas Edison, Inventor

The following is an answer to a letter Dennis, a terminal colon cancer victor, received from a man I will call Hugh (not his real name) who had read Dennis’ personal report on his DIY recovery from “terminal” metastasized colon cancer using a natural, holistic, nutritional approach. Hugh was very impressed, wanting to know more about the protocol Dennis had used and how he was today.

As Dennis wrote in his introductory email to me, “I have not found anyone yet that are doing my protocol but I understand it is not easily done. That is why I call it ‘the path of most resistance’. It takes someone that is not afraid of the natural chain of events in life. One that understands that the body is mortal and will one day stop breathing air. It is natural and not something to fear.

But also life is precious and should not be squandered with worrying about what tomorrow will bring. You are living life today and should just do what is neccesary today, and tomorrow if you have life then do what you have planned or what is necessary for that day when it comes.

It takes strength of character to live, it takes strength of character to change your life. Does everyone out there think there exists a magic bullet that will cure them of whatever ails them? Do they believe the hype of some of these quack cures?

I know my Quack cure is not easy and it takes someone willing to commit to their own life, to their own health. It takes someone that is willing to take responsibility for their own healing.

I am back from China now and will be returning to work soon. I did study Tai Chi and found something that fits me like a glove. It is the Yang form and I should have it mastered by the year 2052. Or at least this is my immediate goal.

The journey to that time should prove exciting and interesting. The changes within me and without me should prove to make it a Great Life and a Greater Adventure. ...

I am a philosopher, I earned a PhD some years ago in my pursuit to understand myself and the rest of mankind living life on this planet. Forever learning and forever pushing the limit of knowledge.“

Here is the Letter Dennis sent Hugh. It encapsulates my personal conviction that the human mind and spirit are at the basis of most or all challenges, defeats as well as glorious victories in life.

Hi Hugh, You ask how I am doing health-wise. I was just a young lad of 38 when I was learning about who I was and how much fight I had in me. Now I am 55. Yes it has been about 17 years and I am still on the good side of Terra.

It is a journey that you will find that is never-ending. The cancer was gone in a matter of a few months or less, but the life lessons and the journey I found are continuous.

Hugh, why do you think your body’s cells began to split into cancerous cells? I can only theorize, but given what I have learned over these past several years of continuous study of the human body and its relationship with cancer, I believe my theories are valid answers. Out of 8 siblings I have lost two to cancer since my own diagnosis, and a third that is walking his own journey towards his own healing now.

The first two went the standard medical protocol. My sister Betty said "I don't like that", and "do I have to quit smoking". But she had many psychological problems that prevented her from wanting to live.

My brother Daniel said "your cancer is not as bad as mine, you were lucky", also "they misdiagnosed your cancer". You see his oncologist told him that they misdiagnosed me because I could not survive doing what I did if the cancer was as bad as his.

But a week or so before he died he told my sister Roxanna that he wished he was like me and as strong as me. He thought he did not have it in him to do the protocol I had done.

Hugh, I am telling you this story so you will realize that nothing is a guarantee. It is up to you, it is not a game and life is not black and white. I did not know that my protocol would give me so many years of life.

I was only doing. I was at home waiting to die. The nurses and doctors were saying one night that I would not live through the night and they wanted to call my family up. I heard this and told them to wait until I was gone and then call them.

I lay in that bed in that cold lonely room and wanted only to die at home. I got up the next morning and began walking up and down the hallway. Yes they raised hell with me but I said I was walking out of this place.

I had an IV in the jugular in my neck with morphine, lipids and another bottle of something, three tubes into that neck IV, along with a piss bag, another bag with a tube coming out of my left front bowel for drainage and I would put them all on the metal tree that the IV drips were on and with my bare ass hanging out of the hospital gown I walked and walked to get my strength and more to get my mind into the role of healing myself.

You can believe when I made it home I sit and held my wife and cried. I was so happy to have made it home alive. To be able to die at home was so important to me. I was wanting to go from this world with a little dignity.

But as a few days passed and I continually thought about how my life just could not be over I was preparing my mind for the journey that would take me to that life I had built in my mind so many years before when I was an idealistic youth with so many things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go.

Hugh, is your mind prepared to do what it takes to survive? Hugh is your ass against the wall and you have it in you to come out fighting? Do you want to LIVE?

Hugh, only you can answer this last question. Dig deep and really ask yourself. Is your life worth working hard for? No, this is not a form letter. I am a philosopher, I have put much effort in this study and have put much thought and sweat into learning about cancer and the why.

For you to get your health and to get a great life is possible but it will take a mindset that will make you proud of yourself. It will cause you to dig deep into yourself and muster all the courage and faith you can muster. It is not for the faint of heart.

My little brother Paul was a biker and liked his booze and drugs and women and fighting. He used to say it doesn't matter how big you are but how much heart you had. Meaning you had to have the heart to want to win. Hugh I learned how much fight I had and I can tell you I am still proud of the way I took control of my life and did what was necessary to create the life I wanted for myself.

It is a never ending journey because you will begin with healing from the cancer and will soon discover that it is more than that. It is a journey to self-discovery and the opportunity to create a life within you that wants to live and give you so much to live for.

You need a carrot. Like the carrot tied to the mule that keeps going and hoping because that carrot is just out of reach but so close he can smell it and taste it. Sit back and meditate on this one Hugh. Do you want to test your mettle or are you too scared to die.

‘Don't fear the reaper’, he is guaranteed to win one day. But perhaps many many days from today, or many many years. We all will die one day but why fear this natural event. That is what I had going for me. I have always seen life and death as a natural event. (Compare PS below.)

OK think about what you like and don't like about your life. Yes you can say you are too fat or too skinny or too tall or too short but you are who you are and you need to see how perfect you are as you are. Begin by being thankful for your life. Thank God as you know God for your wonderful life.

See yourself as a winner, don't look at your life or death as negative. ‘What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve’. Whichever protocol you decide upon it is you that has to believe that it is effective. If you do not believe in it do not do it. The mind has more to do with healing than anything else. But you must believe and also take action.

I believe my protocol is the best and of course the information I will give to you FREE YES FREE! But what it costs you is up to you. It will cost you time and well you will find out what you have to pay as time goes by but you will say it was worth every drop of sweat and every second.

And above all FORGIVE YOURSELF and Forgive Others. But number one is FORGIVE YOURSELF for everything that you think you need forgiveness for. And forgive others for everything also. Take control of your mind and heal your mind and your body will follow.

I will not ask you to pay me for the information. But you are doing some of it already. You are asking why and how. You are seeking. You are listening to that Guide. I don't know what to call it, perhaps intuition or God or Guide. But I know that there seemed to be something inside me that was leading me by the hand each step of the way. Listen to that guide and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and just do it.

It is in the little things you do. In the walking each day and in the buying of your fruits and veggies and preparing them to eat and the meditation and being thankful for the day and for another opportunity to create the life you want to live.

Hugh, if you have read this far then I believe you have more fight in you than perhaps you realized before. I am happy for you and excited for you. Yes, you have a great opportunity to not only see who you are but see yourself in the life you always wanted.

It only takes brass balls the size of Texas to not take the poisons from the medicals and to say ‘Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead’. Just say ‘the hell with it’ and say you are going to take control of your life and you can do it. I said it takes faith in yourself and your God and courage. Just one day at a time and one step at a time.

Begin by the meditation and if you have the balls for it then begin by eating fresh fruits and vegetables without any salt or anything else on them. But not together. I began by cutting up some carrots and onions and cooking in a pan of water. I ate this for breakfast, lunch and dinner to start. But that was all I really knew at the time.

I began my walking after breakfast and then when I returned home I would do deep meditation and relaxation mixed with visualization. I would visualize my life in the future. I would visualize my body well and see myself exercising and in great physical condition. No matter what age you are this is possible. You just have to believe.

Hugh I will be happy to give you the complete protocol if you have the desire to take control of your life. It is for you to decide and you will learn it is your journey, your path, and your path will differ from mine. Perhaps only a little or perhaps a lot but you will learn to listen to your body and your body will teach you what it wants and needs.
If you want to learn more I will be happy to help you.

I ask to remain always your friend Dennis Robinson alias Robin (robin11dr AT hotmail.com).

PS by Healing Cancer Naturally re the "naturalness" or inevitability of death

Personally I prefer Edgar Cayce’s View of Health and Healing which actually includes the notion that as long as proper conditions (endocrine system, assimilation balanced with elimination etc.) are established, "there is no known reason why any individual entity should not live as long as it desires... Because all others have died, ye expect to, and you do!"

This optimistic view (some would disagree :-) is somewhat confirmed by Dr. Alexis Carrell's (of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research) famous chicken heart experiment (see introductory article in the Detoxification section).

But I can see how an "immortalist" attitude can work against a person if it leads them to disregard the preciousness of each moment and person, living in the future etc. instead. In such cases, I find it indeed preferable to consider every person in one's life (including oneself) a transient gift to be cherished while it lasts...

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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