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When embarking on a healthier diet and lifestyle, some (or likely numerous) people will see themselves (occasionally or repeatedly) plagued by tantalizing visions of their former favourite dishes, treats and/or addictive substances which their planned new regimen doesn’t allow them to indulge in. Such cravings and desires could even be the bane of any attempt at living a healthier life. To come to terms with any such cravings, there seem to be several options available:

  • Give in to the desire and bear the consequences such as guilt or actual harm to the body (although the power of the mind must never be underrated).
  • Where possible, find a healthier replacement. For instance, if you craved pasta, use organic wholemeal pasta instead. If you craved pastry, look for healthfood shop cakes or bake your own using only natural organic ingredients and healthy sugar-free sugars. If you craved beer, replace it with organic alcohol-free beer. If you craved sweets, go for organic all-natural sweets made with raw honey that provide plenty of nutrition instead of empty calories, damaging fats, etc.
  • Trust that the craving will gradually and eventually vanish. Many/most of our dietary and other habits are just that — acquired tastes which can gradually be replaced by adopting new habits which after a while should feel as natural as the previous less healthy ones felt (apparently it takes just a number of days to establish a new habit.)

    You may even find that when you ”treat” yourself one day to your former treat or addictive substance, that it simply doesn’t taste as before, or simply doesn’t taste good at all.
  • Get rid of cravings altogether using one or several of the following suggestions.
  • Note: Rightly or wrongly, the use of smoking cessation drugs has been connected to "psychiatric" symptoms (depression and suicide).

Emotional and/or physical deficiencies?

While it’s easily understandable that unfulfilled emotional needs or unresolved stress may lead to the (over)consumption of foods, drinks or ”recreational drugs” in an effort to reach some measure of comfort or numbing of pain, it also appears that cravings can be triggered and "fueled" by a lack of nutrients. Rats for instance can be made to crave alcohol when deprived of certain nutrients.

But compare Better Science: Limitations of Animal Tests, On Differences Between Species (Animal Experiment Results Often Not Transferable to Humans), The Harms to Humans from Animal Experimentation, and Better Science: Benefits of Using Non-Animal Tests.

Another dramatic and much more pertinent “test” and example for us humans can be found at which shows that cravings can indeed be rooted in the body’s crying out for nutrients. In this article, the author describes his overcoming of any and all indomitable cravings (for sugar, cookies, cigarettes, etc.) by the daily ingestion of ”energy soup”, a blended mix of sprouts, seaweeds and other ingredients.

Also compare The importance of minerals and trace elements and The importance of living raw foods.

EFT: When the craving or addiction is emotionally caused (or contributed to)

One of the best methods to tackle cravings and addictions with an emotional/energetic component seems to be EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which can be self-applied, see Introduction to EFT: Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow.

EFT has been very successfully used for addictions such as chocolate and ice cream cravings, sugar addiction, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, overeating etc.), OCD, coffee/caffeine/coke addiction, cigarette/smoking/nicotine addiction, chewing tobacco addiction, drug addictions such as meth addiction, cocaine & heroine addiction, as well as their underlying causative emotional drivers/issues such as panic/anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and others.

A somewhat similar technique (which, like EFT, is equally DIYable though more complicated to learn) is called The Emotion Code and also worthwhile checking out.


Very interestingly, the simple act of fasting has been found to be a powerful therapeutic tool in smoking cessation, alcoholism, caffeine addiction and other toxic habits (as well as numerous physical problems including in the dental realm and cancer!). Unless there are medical reasons for you to not embark on a short "fasting cure" (compare introduction to The Fasting Cure), this may well be worth a try.


The Master Cleanser or Lemonade Diet is described as bringing untold benefits to alcoholics, smokers, and other drug addicts thanks to its thorough cleansing effect removing cravings as well as deficiencies.

It also has a specific tip to apply when the urge to smoke hits (scroll to OIL OF CLOVE).

Gerson diet

Beata Bishop who healed herself of malignant melanoma (one of the fastest-spreading cancers) with the Gerson diet, lost all interest in cigarettes after having been on the Gerson protocol for just thirty-three hours. In fact she developed an aversion to smoking!

Sweet or carbohydrate cravings due to yeast overgrowth

This may be a common issue. If your craving is for carbohydrates and you tend to have a bloated stomach and gas, a yeast or candida issue may (literally) be at the bottom. You may wish to address this by using supplements that help reduce the candida population.

Two (related) methods of eliminating yeast involve the use of kerosene or turpentine respectively as a candida fighter to help remove addictions.

For more info on kerosene, refer to the note on this folk remedy in the 22 Greatest Hits report and read the important link provided.

The use of turpentine (100% pure gum spirits of turpentine only!) against candida has been researched in-depth by Dr Jennifer Daniels MD/MBA.

Starting with herself as a guinea pig, she subsequently found that taking turpentine was of great help to people with sugar, meat or fast food cravings or who generally had a hard time keeping to a wholesome diet. She determined (as have others before her) that the reason for those cravings were certain chemicals secreted by the parasites/candida that actually trigger cravings for the very foods (sugars and refined foods) the parasitic population needs to survive and thrive.

Ingesting turpentine over a certain amount of time kills those parasites. By gradually lowering their population numbers, one decreases the amount of chemical triggers released which translates into a lessened and eventually no desire for those foods.

Another protocol involving olive leaf extract, glutamine, caprylic acid and probiotics has helped (at least) one person with a lifelong sweets addition to completely lose interest in sweets. There are likely a number of protocols against yeast overgrowth available which achieve similar results.

Note re candida cleansing in general:

Be aware that there is an intricate and apparently far from fully understood relationship between candida and mercury. If you are heavily exposed to mércury such as from amalgam fillings in your teeth, the candida fungus among other things will actually help to bind some of the mercury. By killing it, a larger amount of mercury could be released. In any case, some practitioners believe that the body must be detoxified from mercury to permanently eliminate candida overgrowth.

Overeating and sugar cravings gone thanks to lactic-acid-fermented foods

Successful cancer treatment researcher Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl observed the following: "It amazes me time and again how after long-time ingestion of yoghurt and other lactic-acid-fermented foods patients lose their excessive appetite. Not only do they feel fitter but their desire for sweets, cakes and sugar keeps lessening, often turning into disinterest in or even aversion to sweets!"

It is well possible that one reason why lactic-acid-fermented foods have this positive effect is due to their suppressing yeast overgrowth.

Introduce more natural bitters to get rid of sugar cravings

According to wild herb specialist Dr. Markus Strauß (a German geographer, geologist and biologist), the fact that our food has been made sweeter and sweeter in recent decades (such as by selectively breeding the bitter components out of grapefruit) has strongly contributed to our addiction to the "sweet" sensation.

He reports that introducing naturally bitter plants such as dandelion into our diet helps the body to get rid of sweet cravings. In addition, dandelion together with stinging nettles of course count among our greatest natural healing herbs.[1]


High school students with addictions to alcohol, nicotine and/or drugs took up meditation and several months later spontaneously gave up their drug habits (reported in the book "Die Apotheke in uns" by Swiss physician Ulrich Erwin Hasler MD).

Chewing well / "Fletcherizing"

A major requisite for health and healing in general, proper mastication has also helped many individuals to free themselves of their alcohol addiction and (at least) one person to lose all desire for cigarettes, as reported in Erika Herbst's book "Die Heilkunst von Morgen" [The Healing Arts of Tomorrow]:

After 33 years of addiction to cigarettes, a man stopped smoking from one day to the next when he took up thorough chewing while continuing to eat what and as much as he liked. Additionally his stomach issues cleared and he quickly lost weight into the bargain.

Horace Fletcher, the father of "Fletcherizing" (thorough mastication and taste enjoyment), devotes an entire chapter ("Fletcherizing As a Temperance Expedient") in his book "Fletcherism, What It Is; Or, How I Became Young at Sixty" to the astounding results achieved in former alcohol addicts who were taught his method of thorough mastication and taste enjoyment. Such individuals simply lost interest in alcohol, without any effort of will.

More on the therapeutic value of thorough mastication under Dr. F.X. Mayr’s research into the link between dietary habits, thorough chewing, intestinal/digestive function and health & beauty (teaching his patients to properly chew was a major part of Dr. Mayr's approach).

If your cravings concern sugary and fast food items, you may similarly find that chewing these items really well makes them less and less palatable, while thoroughly chewing "whole foods" does not diminish their tastiness.

Water drinking

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", dehydratioin can be at the bottom of indomitable cravings. He cites the case of a man who at a low point in his life both physically and mentally, found himself obsessed with thoughts of caffeine, smoking and alcohol.

He first sought conventional help but the prescribed medications made him fall into a semi-coma. After starting to add two to three quarts of water to his daily diet, he dramatically improved: pain from a nerve injury ceased, he had much less indigestion and gas, his unhealthy urges lessened or vanished so he no longer had to fight the urge to smoke, drink, overeat or use excessive caffeine, and his energy levels and thinking were better.

Kombucha for sugar and alcohol addicts

In addition to reportedly providing many other health benefits (including curing cancer!), the drinking of kombucha, a fermented sweetened tea drink which can be brewed at home, has also anecdotally been credited with eliminating cravings for sweets like ice cream and cookies and replacing them with a craving for salads. This would point to a strong anti-parasitic/anti-candida effect of kombucha.

Even Günther W. Frank's book Kombucha: Healthy Beverage and Natural Remedy contains two short testimonials, one reporting that after one week of kombucha the desire for eating sweets in-between had left, and another that the craving for sweets was gone.

The same book by Günther W. Frank also reports on the findings of Russian researchers regarding kombucha's "sobering" effect on alcoholics who apparently as long as they also consumed kombucha did not get into fights or had trouble reporting for work.

In spite of kombucha itself containing some (although very little) alcohol, simply adding kombucha to their drinking habits allowed them to avoid two of the major "side effects" of immoderate alcohol consumption.

Mercury detoxification

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, smoking and other drug addictions can yield to detoxification of the brain of mercury. Addicts are not necessarily of weak character but certain parts of their brain which are required for self-control and discipline malfunction due to mercury poisoning.[5]

Raw food diet

The above-mentioned book by Erika Herbst also reports the case of a man who changed his diet to raw foods and who found that cigarettes simply didn't taste good anymore.[4]

Melatonin soothes smoking cessation symptoms

Melatonin, a natural hormone synthesized by the human body as well as available as a supplement has been shown to possess multiple functions and health benefits.[3]

The study Melatonin treatment attenuates symptoms of acute nicotine withdrawal in humans published in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior in 2000 was able to show that melatonin also significantly reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as anxiousness, restlessness, tension, irritability, depression, anger, impatience and craving for cigarettes in regular smokers.

Xylitol, an appetite suppressant curbing craving for sweets?

Xylitol, a tooth-friendly and apparently safe sugar substitute, has helped some people to lose interest in sweets. See Xylitol as appetite suppressant.

Rudolf Breuss advice re alcohol and smoking cessation

Eminent naturopath Rudolf Breuss writes that alcoholics who in spite of their best intentions seem to always lack the willpower to permanently quit the booze (and experience all their attempts failing), will invariably live in a home filled with moth repellents or similar common household toxins. So the first action step would be to remove any and all such items.

To quit smoking, Breuss advises the following. Smoke a cigarette with pleasure and the intention to never smoke again while thinking of all the disadvantages and mentally calculating the expenses this habit will cost you in a year, and in ten, 20 or 30 years.

He adds that if one had to buy one's entire year's supply of cigarettes on the first of January, that there wouldn't be too many smokers left. "That's the only way to stop smoking."

More about Breuss' work and therapeutic approaches at Testimonials: two cases of stomach cancer healed with the Breuss Cancer Cure plus other cancers and diseases healed.

Urine therapy (urotherapy) for treating addictive disorders

The book "Miracles of Urine Therapy" by Beatrice Bartnett and Margie Adelman (see Urine therapy books) among many other cure testimonials contains the letter of a woman who managed to gradually quit smoking after taking up urine therapy.

Martha Christy reports in her book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" (see Urine therapy books) on Dr William Hitt who runs clinics in Mexico and uses urine therapy injections inter alia on patients with cancer, asthma as well as severe alcoholism, drug and smoking addictions.

He told Christy about startling successes with these addicts without side effects, even when used in combination with prescription drugs (apparently, just infinitesimal amounts of these drugs are passed into the urine where they seem to act as vaccine-type agents which can help improve or cure addictive disorders).

The instant cessation of all desire to smoke thanks to uropathy is also anecdotally reported in Erika Herbst's book Die Heilkunst von Morgen: one woman had tried to quit for quite a while but still "needed" one or two cigarettes a day. When finally undertaking urine therapy, her desire for cigarettes "went up in smoke" from one moment to the next.

In uropathy, typically what works via injection also works in simpler ways. Compare Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment.

Interestingly, according to German physician Dr. Abele, urine therapy is the most effective treatment for candidiasis (compare above under "Sweet or carbohydrate cravings due to yeast overgrowth").

Kudzu (Pueraria montana)

Several studies have indicated a positive effect of the Kudzu plant on the desire to drink alcohol. See e. g. A standardized kudzu extract (NPI-031) reduces alcohol consumption in nontreatment-seeking male heavy drinkers and "Kudzu Extract Treatment Does Not Increase the Intoxicating Effects of Acute Alcohol in Human Volunteers" (, the latter showing that kudzu does not simply increase the felt effect of alcohol consumption, i.e. simply delay the desire for renewed drinking.

While there seem to be no scientific studies (yet), there are anecdotal reports that taking kudzu has helped smokers to quit as well (no more need for nicotine).

Relieving eyestrain to cure alcohol addiction?

Chalmer Prentice M.D. proposes a highly interesting theory (corroborated by some evidence) in his 1895 book "The Eye in its Relation to Health".

According to Dr. Prentice, alcoholism is another illness due to "abnormal innervation" (itself due to irregularity in the length and strength of the various eye muscles, leading to continuous eyestrain). In the habitual drinker, the resultant irritability in the nerve centers gives rise to a constant craving for alcoholic stimulus. Conversely, alcoholism could be cured by permanently relieving eyestrain using a system devised by Dr. Prentice.

Mental approaches

Spiritual teacher Paramahansa Yogananda writes in his book "Man's Eternal Quest" under the heading "Habits are mental phonograph records": " concentration and will power you can erase even...long-standing habits. If you are addicted to smoking, for example, say to yourself:

'The habit of smoking has long been lodged in my brain. Now I put all my attention and concentration on my brain and I will that habit to be dislodged.' Command your mind thus, again and again. The best time of the day to do this is in the morning, when the will and attention are fresh. Repeatedly affirm your freedom, using all the strength of your will power. One day you will suddenly feel that you no longer are ensnared by that habit."

Even guided imagery can be used against addictions. The book "Using the Mind to Beat Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Guided Imagery" has been written by Gerald White who overcame his own "terminal" kidney cancer thanks to a combination of prayer, meditation and guided imagery”.

Spiritual healing

Some very powerful and easy releases from sometimes decade-old addiction to alcohol, smoking, medical and other drugs have been attributed to the "Healing Stream" (Bruno Groening, see background information).

For video and written testimonials, see e.g.

A supplements approach to the healing of addictions

Kelley Eidem, author of "The Doctor Who Cured Cancer" (a book about the work of Dr. Revici), shares the following:

Dr. Revici had his own 3-day drug cure using a fractionated part of sesame oil with selenium (the selenomethionine form). An addict might try taking a tablespoon of sesame oil and 400 mcg of selenium together (remembering that used improperly selenium can be toxic).

Increasing glutathione levels is another way to relieve addictions. To get off alcohol or even drugs, one may wish to combine taking vitamin C (several times daily), sesame oil and selenium and a product to increase glutathione levels.

Releasing addictions with the help of your "guardian angel"

For any and all issues you would like help with, I also recommend the technique of requesting most benevolent outcomes. See Requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes — the most powerful spiritual tool? and the book "The Gentle Way" listed under Spiritual Healing Books.

Testimonial: "I was able to quit smoking because I got a miracle from the Lord."

Note: Healing Cancer Naturally does not promote any one religion over another but shares this testimonial since it illustrates one way in which a heavily addicted smoker was able to nearly "painlessly" quit.

"[T]here might be things in [my story] which may help you. Remember, I am not any more special than anyone else and anyone can have this miracle, too. I, too, had been wrestling with smoking for years. I had people pray with me. I prayed for myself for the desire to smoke to be gone. Nothing happened. I knew if I could just wrap my mind around the idea of quitting, I would be able to go through any withdrawal I might suffer but I was never able to wrap my mind around quitting. Pathetic, I know.

Another thing that was a problem was that I loved smoking. It was like it possessed me or something. It seemed like that from the first day I took a cigarette when I was 12. I smoked heavily whenever I got the chance with the real heavy smoking starting when I was about 17.

Then, many years later and about 10 years ago, my life took a very bad turn, and after I lost my home, I moved into a bachelor suite. I was distressed about the much smoking because not only was I smoking 2–3 packs a day, I was also getting a lot of my own second-hand smoke, at least more than usual because my living area was so much smaller than I was used to.

I finally just prayed and told the Lord that if He did not help me with this I did not know what to do. "I guess I will just have to die with a cigarette in my mouth because I don't know how to quit." I finally had let go of trying to quit.

It's funny how the Lord Jesus steps in when we finally give up. Let go and let God, they say. It's true. As long as I was trying to do it myself, He didn't do anything. Some people think the Bible says that God helps them who help themselves. The Bible does not say that at all. It actually says to cast our cares upon Him.

Shortly, after that prayer, I got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for 12 days. They don't let you smoke anywhere in the building and if you wanted to smoke you had to go outside. It was winter, cold and wet and my lungs were very tender so I did not go outside. Also I did not have money to buy cigarettes. The Lord thought of everything :))

Finally when I got home, I thought to myself, "I've been without a cigarette for 12 days. Maybe I should try this for a bit longer." The fact that I had no money to buy them really helped me, too. Notice, however, I still had not really made up my mind to quit.

I bought a bunch of hard candies. I seemed to need something to keep my mouth busy. If I needed to do something with my hands, I'd sit on them. The amazing thing is that I really did not miss having a cigarette. Yes, sometimes, I thought it would be nice to have a cigarette especially when I was standing waiting for the bus or something but I cannot say I craved a cigarette the whole time.

I just want everyone to know that I would never have ended up in the hospital if I had had the money to buy supplements and decent food.

Another concern was having a cigarette when I went out for a coffee which I liked to do every day. I remember the first time I went for coffee without cigarettes. I ordered a coffee. Fortunately, they served it in mugs. I wrapped my hands around the coffee mug and said to myself, "THIS will be my cigarette."

Whenever I did think about having a cigarette, I did not lie to myself and say that I did not want a cigarette. It came to me, from the Lord, that I had two choices. I could feed the thought of having a cigarette or I could simply say, "This thought will pass in a minute." I chose the latter.

Do you know what happened? The thought did pass and I would often forget about smoking for an hour and a half at a time! To me, that was amazing. I was used to smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes per hour most of the time and I loved smoking. It helped me that after being without cigarettes for several weeks, I just did not want to go back to them. My desire for cigarettes just went. I can't get over how easy it was.

Even though in my case God orchestrated everything to where I quit, He did not take away completely the desire to quit smoking but I believe He took away about 90% of it. I would wish for a cigarette once in a while but I was able to quickly reject such a thought.

I was eating too many candies. I knew this was not good so after about 3 weeks of candies, I just didn't buy them anymore." [End of testimonial]

Releasing addictions with angelic help

In “Angel Therapy Newsletter for September”, best-selling author Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., describes the following method under the heading "Lightworkers and Physical Fitness". Short and sweet to do, it may well be worthwhile trying ...

“If you crave sugary, high-fat, or processed foods, or if you're dependent upon alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or other drugs, the angels can help you in a hurry. It's easy to give up these substances if you don't crave them.

The Archangel Raphael (the angel of physical healing) showed me a new method to release addictions and conquer cravings. He asked me to share the method with you in this newsletter. Please pass it along to others:

In a seated position, think about any addictive behaviors or situations that you'd like to release. Be sure that you really want to release them, because this method is very powerful. After you do the method, you'll either quit cold-turkey, or you'll have one last binge that will result in your quitting.

Next, imagine that the addictive items or situations are sitting on your lap. Then, see or feel them floating about one foot in front of your belly. Notice the web of cords extending from your belly to the addictive items. The cords look like roots of a tree. Mentally ask Archangel Raphael to cut those cords completely. As the cords are cut, notice the items fall away easily from you. Afterward, Raphael will surround your belly with emerald green light to heal any old wounds completely.

Please let me know about your experiences with this method, and any other physical healing that involves the angels or archangels. Please send your stories of any length to: (Please put the story in the body of the email; no attachments please. Also please note that this is an email address that only receives stories, and isn't for correspondence.).

If you'd like to have your story considered for publication, please send a sentence giving me permission to publish it, and let me know how you want your name to appear in the book. Your story will be acknowledged if it's selected for publication.”[2]

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 Compare Healing Cancer Naturally's extensive information on nettles and other medicinal herbs.

2 For suggested angelic help techniques I and a friend experienced as unsuccessful (with our respective challenges unrelated to food or life-threatening disease) although some others seem to benefit from their use, see Suggestions on How to Receive Help from Angels.

3 including the ability to protect DNA against chronic, low-level ionizing radiation, see Combatting radiation poisoning tips.

4 Compare The importance of living raw foods for health.

5 Compare Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D., On Effective Holistic Heavy Metal Detoxification.

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