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More reports of health improvement and healing attributed to herbs

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While HCN's first page on Maria Treben's remarkable cancer successes introduces the reader to the subject and features a number of testimonials from her book "Maria Treben's Cures" where the cancer patients in question gave details of their medical history and were followed up by doctors, this page features more testimonials from "Maria Treben's Cures" which either do not provide many details or are inconclusive, but if true (as can be assumed) are impressive and inspiring as well.

For some reason or other, these cases were not fleshed out so we only have a general outline. This makes the below cases somewhat "weaker" than those listed on Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures & treatment [I] (if you haven't read that page yet, it is advisable to read it first).

As before, for reasons of copyright the exact details of the herbal treatments followed (where actually indicated by the volunteers whose contributions and healing reports are featured in "Maria Treben's Cures") are not given here.

Prostate growth of 15 years standing disappears

A priest with a prostate growth the size of a fist had been under yearly medical examination for 15 years. He finally was relieved of his tumor after drinking a daily cup of Epilobium parviflorum (Smallflower Willowherb) tea in the morning for four weeks.

Pancreas cancer

This patient had had stomach surgery eight years earlier (presumably in 1971). In March 1979 he was found to have pancreas cancer. After removing the malignant cyst on his pancreas his doctor announced that the surgery had come too late since there was liver involvement. Debilitated, he suffered with daily stomach cramps and congested feet.

After starting on Maria Treben's suggested herbal treatments, weekly checkups showed his blood count and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) to be steadily improving and then stabilising at normal or near-normal levels. Three months later, his doctors also gave his liver a clean bill of health.

Note: Another sensational pancreas cancer healing achieved with herbal help can be read under Superior herbal formula — sensational cancer remission testimonials.

Cancer of the larynx

Case 1: A 79 year old woman with laryngeal cancer had received radiotherapy. She started using malva tea and as early as the third day, noticed an improvement. Some time later she wrote that all was well.

Case 2 concerned a man with laryngeal cancer whom a friend reported to have regained his health following Treben's advice.


Case 1: A nineteen year old girl with lymphoma who had been given two years at the most healed herself using Maria Treben's herbal treatment. Now feels healthy, goes skiing and plays handball.

Case 2: A 24 year old man with lymphoma that had metastasised to his lung. Five weeks after starting on the herbal treatment suggested by Treben his disease is no longer progressing. He continues the herbal treatment in hopes to be totally cured.

Case 3: A woman with third-stage lymphoma is doing much better thanks to the herbal treatment outlined by Treben in the chapter covering diseases of the lymphatic glands. By the time of reporting, she has nearly reached her normal weight, feels a whole lot better and has even undertaken two mountain tours.

Lung cancer

Case 1: At the time of reporting, a man had next to completely eliminated his lung tumor by frequently drinking calendula (marigold) tea (reported on 4 October 1983).

Case 2: An elderly gentleman with lung cancer in very poor condition who also suffered from a range of other conditions and even had had a heart attack. After following Treben's herbal advice, his last X-ray astonished his doctor since it showed the lung cancer patient to be on the road to recovery. His doctor told him to "continue doing what you're doing".

Tongue cancer

Case 1: A man with tongue cancer started gargling with Cleavers (Galium aparine) tea as well as drinking it according to Treben's specifications. His complaints quickly subsided and three weeks after beginning the herbal treatment, he feels well.

Case 2: A woman with tongue cancer as well as heart trouble whose foot was about to be amputated was a nervous wreck and had made numerous suicide attempts. She reported that all these things were being healed and that she had turned from a sad and desperate person into a new and happy woman.

Breast tumor / knot

Case 1: A woman was diagnosed with a breast tumor in December 1980. Desperate, she forwent all conventional treatment and started on horsetail steam poultices and a raw diet, detoxing her body and losing 13 pounds in this manner. Her tumor dissolved but for a tiny remnant (reported 18 February 1981).

Case 2: In mid-August (presumably of 1979), Maria Treben was asked for advice regarding a knot above a woman's breast. By implementing the herbal treatment suggested for malignant breast diseases and applying horsetail steam poultices overnight, the knot was gone in six weeks (reported 21 December 1979).

Metastasized breast cancer with liver damage and (presumably) lymphedema

A woman had surgery of the right breast in 1976. She developed metastases and massive liver damage. She followed Dr. Kuhl's diet for two years after which "her liver couldn't handle it any longer". She began drinking several types of herbal tea every day as well as applying herbal poultices which allowed her to get rid of all complaints. Her thickly swollen right arm nearly returned to normal thanks to Plantago lanceolata poultices.

Intestinal cancer

Case 1: A lady with intestinal cancer for which she had surgery years ago ascribes her return to health to Swedish Bitters and the herbal teas recommended by Maria Treben for malignant intestinal diseases, which she drank regularly.

Case 2: A man with a malignant polyp in his colon (8 cm from his anus) took the herbal advice for malignant disease of the intestines (including six sips of calamus root tea, as well as 1 1/2 litres a day of calendula, nettle and yarrow tea and Swedish Bitters taken in tea). At the time of reporting, he felt a lot better.

Stomach cancer (I)

In 1979, Maria Treben received a letter from a World War II veteran who in 1947, after returning from internment as a prisoner of war, had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Three physicians had declared him incurable.

"Of necessity", he wrote, "I turned to our magnificent creator's great Nature and searched for the indicated herbs: nettles, yarrow, dandelion and plantain[1]." Taking a sip of their juices every hour, he felt his symptoms ease within several hours. Particularly his stomach which had been unable to keep down all of the little he was still able to eat now restarted to tolerate some food. The herbal treatment turned out to be his salvation.

In the following, he started to seriously study herbology and had witnessed wonderful healing results in others.

Stomach cancer (II)

A husband who recovered his health after stomach cancer keeps repeating that "if it hadn't been for Frau Treben, you could visit me at the cemetery today."

Stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, duodenum and esophagus cancer

Around Christmas 1981, a man was diagnosed with cancer that affected his stomach, pancreas, liver, spleen, duodenum and esophagus. Fourteen days following surgery, he was released from hospital with a feeding tube. Given two weeks to two months to live (at most a year), he felt very weak and slept a lot. He had little food but was eventually started on herbal treatment.

When his feeding tube accidentally was sucked into his intestines, he had to return to hospital for another operation. Doctors and nurses couldn't believe how much better he looked and that he hadn't lost any weight. They commented that they thought him in the cemetery by then. They even checked their files whether it was indeed the same patient. (reported 31 March 1982)

Bladder cancer

Case 1: A woman with a malignant growth in her bladder which bled profusely. She started herbal treatment including horsetail steam poultices and various teas as suggested in Treben's books. The tumor shrank dramatically and her urologist now found it to be of small size. Incredible but true, the bleeding from her bladder stopped after her first cup of Shepherd's Purse tea.

Case 2: A man who three years earlier had bladder and prostate cancer drank Epilobium parviflorum (Smallflower Willowherb) tea and is now healed (reported on 16 March 1983).

Case 3: A man with bladder cancer started drinking Epilobium parviflorum. He felt a clear impovement after the first cups and now has recovered his health (reported about a year later). Meanwhile he has saved another man that he met in hospital by recommending the same tea.

Esophageal cancer

A nun who had esophageal cancer was totally healed by prayer and herbs (Swedish Bitters).


Case 1: A woman given half a year to live used the herbal tea mix recommended by Maria Treben for this condition and got well again.

Case 2: A physician fell ill with leukemia to the point of having to abandon his practice from one day to the next. He put all his trust in God and the herbs recommended by Maria Treben for leukemia.

The strong pain in his spleen (which he felt at each breath) disappeared after several days. He now can sleep on both sides again which previously was impossible due to pain. The pain in his left shoulder also went away (reported on June 7, 1983, day 17 of his herbal treatment). Update 10 July 1983: meanwhile he is doing better and better every day and has started to take small walks.

Case 3: A 50 year old farmer with leukemia drank the herbal teas and followed the diet recommended by Maria Treben and is doing well again.

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1 Famous American psychic Edgar Cayce also recommended plantain against cancer to be used as juice or as tea.

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