Explanations and illustrations of the human energy field on DVD

Incl. healing through the aura, energy bodies & chakras

Reading books and articles can be enormously informative and helpful, but sometimes (or actually frequently), a more hands-on directly “graspable” and human-contact approach may be needed to allow a fuller understanding of complex subjects.

The DVDs on the subject of aura and chakras as well as energy/auric healing featured in the following small selection provide live visual demonstrations and illustrations of the complex (and as yet relatively little understood) emerging science of the human energy field and its wide uses and applications in healing all manner of disease and dis-ease.

I would recommend learning about this subject, for instance via books or DVDs, to anyone interested in healing themselves or others at a deeper, causative level.
For background on our “energetic basis”, see Cancer Healing & Energetics

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Aura & Chakras: Explanatory DVDs

The Illuminated Chakras: A Visionary Voyage into Your Inner World

“ ... a stunning visual and audio journey through the 'wheels of life' ... a fantastic 30-minute DVD that makes it possible to see and experience the subtle energy of the chakra system. ... a must-have for anyone interested in the inter-relationship of mind, body and spirit. ... To describe the 7 Chakras visually is a challenge and I cannot give high enough praise for the absolutely professional and wonderful graphics and work that went into this DVD. ...

I've worked with chakras for about 5 years now (in fact, I've written an eBook and several articles on them), and yet, I found new ways of looking at these amazing energy centers from watching The Illuminated Chakras DVD. ... I would especially suggest that those who know nothing of Chakras but want to learn without having to read or take classes use this. It will teach you a lot very quickly and pleasantly.” (from readers’ reviews)

Aura & Energy Healing DVDs

Healing the Luminous Body - The Way of the Shaman with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

"...mindbending portrayals of the human energy matrix… Explains how ‘Luminous Energy Field’ dictates what we attract into our lives." (Four Corners Magazine)

“An Extremely Beneficial DVD: ... one of the most fascinating DVDs I have ever seen about healing. ... for the first time I understand the nature and function of the luminous energy field in a way that totally makes sense. ... My eyes have been opened to a new realm of knowledge and awareness of the nature of illness, and the path to optimal health and healing.” (from a buyer’s review)

Alchemical Healing

“... For anyone who is searching for assistance in the realm of healing, this DVD is extremely beneficial.

... Hearing the personal story of her training in the healing arts and her encounter with and recovery from life threatening illness gave me hope that total health is possible for so many of us who are caught in the pain, suffering and despair of sickness and dis-ease.

... The Parabola initiation/shamanic journey for working with cancer and all kinds of illness is profound and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a path that will lead them to a new understanding of how to cope with and transform their illness.” (from a buyer’s review)

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