Stage 4 breast cancer remission testimonial

Healed via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), healthy diet and supplementation

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Folllowing is another very impressive EFT cancer cure testimonial involving a woman with “terminal” breast cancer and severe depression. Interestingly, when she was put on a strict diet plus a number of supplements and herbs, she did not get better but the combination of the two (and/or her belief in it) did help to keep her stable.

It was only when a core emotional impediment to healing was discovered, addressed and energetically dissolved via EFT, that her subconscious seems to have given her body permission to heal.

This case furnishes more powerful proof for my personal conviction that emotions or rather "life energies" (as particularly expressed in our feelings) are often crucial factors in disease genesis, health recovery and maintenance. And EFT (which can be self-applied) looks indeed like a most promising, speedy, thorough and accessible DIY emotional and energetic healing tool (see Introduction to EFT: Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow).

Stage 4 Cancer disappears

by Dr. El March PhD, formerly published at emofree.com

Hi Everyone,
We can't guarantee that using EFT for cancer will always result in someone turning the corner toward remission. However, we certainly have our reports in this regard and this case by Dr. El March is no exception. Please note the creativity involved and her ability to listen and shift gears with her client.
Hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

Reni - a fifty-nine year old lady - came to consult me about a year ago with stage 4 cancer and a severe case of depression. She was sure that she was spending her last days but she was calling on me because the friends and relatives said that she had nothing to lose.

She had a case of breast cancer that had spread to her lungs and lymphatic system. I honestly was not sure if anything could be done at that point but as I always operate on the fact that the patient’s will to live determines if she/he will live or die and not the disease [compare Attitude and Cancer], I went on by putting her on quite a severe diet and variety of supplements and herbs. Four months went by, she was not getting better but she was not getting worse either. This is when we decided to do an EFT session together.

El: I want you to close your eyes and relax and take few deep breaths. Now tell me what state you see your physical body at.

Reni: I see insect-like beings eating my body and I see that the vitamins that I have started taking are like little weapons that are shooting at them and killing them.

El: If you had a name for this scenario what would it be?

Reni: Clash of the Titans.

El: If you were to measure the degree of anger you have towards this enemy you are fighting and were to rate it from 0 to 10, 10 being the height of anger, what would you measure it as?

Reni: 10

At this point we tapped for the “clash of the titans”: “Even though there is a clash of titans going on inside my body that is causing me to have this cancer, where everyone has turned me away and said that I will die, I completely and lovingly accept myself and I am ready to allow and receive healing from the forces of the Universe.”

By tapping on this her anger towards the scavengers went from 10 to 5. We did one more round of remaining and she was not feeling anger towards them anymore.

El: Do you think we can turn this table around and make friends with the enemy at this point?

Instead of getting a response to this question I got a bucket of tears. Reni cried very loud for about ten minutes. When she gathered herself she said: “Yes, but.”

El: But what?

Reni: Last month, my family knowing that I will not make it, threw a party for me and they had invited everyone. They told me it was to lift my spirit but I very well knew that it was a good-bye party. Everybody took turns to talk to me and they told me how much they loved me and how sad they would feel should I not be with them.

There was a lot of money spent and a lot of work done. I sort of viewed it as my funeral before I die. I have often had thoughts of what would happen should I not die. Would that be a disappointment?

At this point the light bulb went on and I understood why she was not getting better. So we started by tapping few rounds of: “Even though I will be letting everyone down if I don’t die, I completely and lovingly accept myself and I am ready to allow and receive healing energies from the forces of the Universe.”

We would not know if this had worked or not for more than a week. When she had her checkup done, she was told that not only was she not worse but she actually started improving. More than a year later, she is now cancer-free and doing very well.

Every time I have a success like this I thank the Universe for the fact that I have been blessed to be able to learn and apply these techniques. It is such a gratifying feeling.


Dr. El March Ph.D.

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