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Solar Energy Against Cancer

An excerpt from the book "Flax Oil as a True Aid" by Dr. Johanna Budwig

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These related aspects, standing as they do, at the very start of life, are affected by the cardinal question of the interplay between fat and protein. Here is one example of how important this inter-reaction is, this central function of the association of fat-biological unsaturated fat-and protein, in connection with the division of the cell and every other vital function:

The male spermatozoa contain over a thousand times more sulphurated protein than any other cell. The female ova are, due to their lecithin content level, rich in highly unsaturated fats and therefore determine the female sex. Warburg has described how, at the instant of fertilization, respiration increases a thousandfold and how the synthesis within the ovum, like all structure formations of its kind, is in this sense, as we see now, dependent on the interplay between fat and protein.

As a result of my work's incorporating modern quantum physics, which I have done during the last few years, evolutionary, and enormously important and beautiful perspectives have been revealed. ... The more developed plants or animals are-up to and including human beings-the richer the substance is in its level of electrons. No animal is so badly harmed as is man, when electrons are withheld.

... The more highly evolved a creature is, the more sensitive the animal, the organism, the living body and thus the human is, to the withholding of electrons or to the harmful effects of chemicals which disturb the exchange of electrons. The system of unsaturated fats in association with protein is in fact a dipolar system in its nature, where a continual exchange or movement of electrons is able to take place.

And now for something really beautiful! In this bipolar system between highly unsaturated electron-rich fats and protein, the presence of sunlight activates a depositing and storage of solar electrons.

[The physicist] Dessauer writes: If it were possible to increase the concentration of solar electrons tenfold in this biological electron-rich molecule, then man would be able to live 10,000 years.

It is, in any case, true that all so-called mutations which damage the genetic factor, which have a negative effect on man and which cause disease, indicate a withholding of electron energy, while the concentration of solar electrons-stored in the bipolar molecule between unsaturated electron--rich fats and protein can greatly increase the depository effect of strength and power as well as the subjective health condition. A wealth of electrons means an increase in happy well-being. This result of a positive sum of strength and power was also recognized by Aristotle.

I keep observing that the subjective condition of those patients I have treated with massive doses of flaxseed oil-sometimes I give an enema of 500 ccs of an oil mixture right at the start of therapy---that their subjective awareness of well-being, increases immediately. The concentration of electrons means an increase in man's feeling of happiness. Everything is relative, this statement also, but it is still correct. We can include Einstein's theory of relativity here. These interconnections, these facts, can be readily proved.

Why is that? The living mass of mankind derives its being-as does all life in nature-from the sun! This has been forgotten until now in biology and medical science. The living body can only take in and store solar electrons through resonance absorption. To absorb the electrons into the living body, we must already have in the body's electron system either the same wavelength or a multiplicity of wavelengths.

Thus, the human who eats refined foodstuffs or food which lacks electron not only cuts off his oxygen enough to suffocate himself, he also cuts himself off from the effects of the sun.

When such people cover their skin with a layer of paraffin as sun protection oil, and then lie in the sun, the burn damage is very great, because the electrons, which cannot be stored, and the electron-rich biological molecule, are missing.

It has been proved that all the poisons which affect the action of enzymes, including paraffin and the benzopyrin in cigarettes, have an irritative effect on the entire system of electron absorption, storage and further conduction.

This storage depot of solar electrons, of energy ... is brought about by the action of sunbeams in the biological living body-and can be drawn upon and passed on according to the situation and demand.

In clarification of these inter-relationships, modern quantum theory in physics is of particular interest and highly illuminating. ... Through the establishing of quantum theory by Max Planck and further development and work done by Einstein, and last but not least, through the work of the Frenchman, Louis de Broglie, the following is incontestably recognized in physical science today:

Solar energy electrons are both wave and matter! De Broglie writes that light is the fastest, purest, lightest and most beautiful form of matter we know, as well as the fastest and purest form of energy we are aware of.

As the fastest emissary from star to star, sunlight electrons are always, whatever their condition, both wave and matter. The electron is a form of matter always surrounded by magnetism: according to the measurement methods used, it can be measured as either matter or wave.

This borderline situation between energy and matter overturns all classical physics, and is extraordinarily interesting as well as of vital importance in respect of physiological, medical and biological problems---and will, I am very confident, give our biological goals and our biological thinking great support and a strong impetus.

We can store the sun's energy and the living body is then in a position to summon, depending on the situation, energy from this storage depot of electrons. When these depots are empty, the person then feels irritable, tired, and his limbs become heavy. But we are able to replenish these storage depots by taking in electron-rich seed oils. These are set to receive solar energy.

You cannot, by selective seed cultivation, force the level of unsaturated fats in oil seed to rise, without also raising its level of protein. The harmony between fat and protein, between beneficial fats and beneficial protein is of immense significance for all the vital functions and life processes in this dipolar, biologically important system which controls everything in the life processes themselves.

There, in the harmony between beneficial fat and beneficial protein, there is a continual easily influenced and directable biological molecule prepared to store the sun's radiant energy, to absorb and radiate it, according to the individual's need for energy, strength or power.

Without any doubt, every function of the brain-and this has been scientifically proved-needs the very easy activation effect of threefold unsaturated fats. A Swede has proved that no brain function can take place at all without threefold unsaturated fats.

The same applies to nerve functions, and for regeneration within the muscle after strenuous muscle activity, in the so-called oxidative recovery phase during sleep. This process requires the highly unsaturated; particularly electron-rich fatty acids in flaxseed oil. So, when I wish to help a very sick patient, I must first give the most optimal oil I have. Given the climate in which we live, my opinion is-flaxseed Oil. All other oils can be given later. In every case they should be natural, untreated oils.

Why is the other kind of radiation which is given to cancer patients today, wrong? This, in the light of physics research, is of great interest.

At an International Radiation Therapists' Congress-very up-to-date-which took place in Switzerland in 1956 and brought together scientists from all over the world, it was reported that the effects of electrons had been tested in a solution which contained dead, inert matter dissolved in water.

The physicist Dessauer, Dr. med. h.c. and Dr. theol. h.c., has written that the absorption of all radiation, sunbeams and the other cosmic rays which can be measured in the living body as well as in inert areas, differ in a fundamental way.

Cosmic rays which contain protons, heavy matter or neutralized electrons are neither absorbed nor conducted by the living organism. The organism has a kind of filtering procedure for separating suitable and unsuitable radiation. When the body is exposed to too much unsuitable radiation, burn damage results. These un-biological, unsuitable kinds of ray, whether from synthetically manufactured radioactive substances such as radium or cobalt, or in the form of unfavourable cosmic rays, only serve to destroy the living body.

All attempts, undertaken by doctors, to localize the currently employed form of radiation treatment to the tumour are bound to fail due to the basic nature of the physical occurrence taking place, which is that the wavelengths of these rays find no answering resonance in the wavelengths of our body's own biological electrons, which we are able to store in quantity from the sun.

These ‘black rays', according to Max Planck and the 'incompatible rays' according to Dessauer, are in no way to be used as therapy on any living organism. At the Cancer Research Congress in Moscow in 1962, this was also publicly emphasized by the President of the Scientific Committee. There were 150 German scientists present. We had a long discussion on this over Crimean champagne in the German embassy ....

The defenders of the old, obsolete methods which use the wrong, injurious kind of rays are in fact aware of these new scientific findings and related comments made by the Head of the Scientific Committee at the major congress in Moscow:

We have to see that radiation treatment and operations are regarded as obsolete in our era. We do not find these methods convincing and there is not one scientific argument which justifies the use of this kind of unbiological radiation. We have to turn to immuno-biological methods.. It has been scientifically proven (by Professor H. V. Euler of Stockholm), that every operative measure undertaken in cancer cases only make the end more unbearable, causes faster formation of metastasis and can no longer be at all advocated. [Spontaneous applause followed.] ...

Here we have a treatment; recognized as wrong, but which is still given dogged and obstinate credence. I can say this because numerous representatives of this school of thought have been to me seeking help with members of their families. They found that help but still continued to support such obsolete methods in the medical journals." [Great applause.]

I, too, have often been taken to court. The cases were decided in my favour. All these cases were brought by various General Medical Councils. ... When juristic methods had no success, attacks were made through the newspapers.

I had my chance to answer them. Through these public attacks, more patients than ever before came to me for consultation and treatment. I am now in the fortunate position of being able to say to you that among general practitioners, most of them, the sensible ones----so many are so wide-awake these days--firmly declare for what I do. Only the institutions and their managers still defend the obsolete methods.

And what do I actually do? I give cancer patients simple, natural foods. That is all. I take sick people out of the hospital, when it is said there that they do not have more than an hour or two left to live, that the scientifically attested diagnosis is at hand and that the patient is completely moribund. In most cases I can help even these patients quickly and conclusively.

What can we learn from this? Firstly, when the simple restoration of our fundamental nutrition--oil, protein, fruit and vegetables-is so very important, it is up to us to see that they are on offer in unadulterated form. Secondly, when maltreatment by chemical means, preservation methods, antibiotics or refining processes make certain foods such a source of danger, we should take great care to avoid them.

A point of cardinal importance in the maintenance of healthy vital functions has been found in research into the metabolism of fats and its connection with the taking in of oxygen and the absorption, storing and activating of the sun's radiant energy.

From the cardinal viewpoint of the body's vital functions, one suddenly becomes aware of just how dangerous is so much of our interference in the biological-dynamic balance of Nature. It doesn't matter whether it has to do with methods of insecticide usage, or with the antibiotics given in the fattening of stock, or with methods of preservation which utilize respiratory poisons or with the destruction of our wealth of electrons.

These methods all turn fats into [cellular] breathing inhibitors, when they should be breathing activators. The fats then become storage depots for these poisons, becoming in that action of storing, a disturbance factor which acts in opposition to the storage process of lifegiving solar electrons. This means man is brought low, degraded and hindered in his positive evolution.

If we want to survive, as a species of man and as an Occidental race, and to live in contented happiness, it is then time for us to reconsider the biological fundamentals of our being. A Chinese principle in research and philosophy is: "The secret of all wisdom is science in harmony with the ways of nature." ... It is high time for us to finally start thinking, and acting, like responsible beings.”

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