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Let me preface these personal thoughts on the phenomenon of spiritual and energetic healing and the reasons why these healing modalities will sometimes effect dramatic improvements while seemingly remaining ineffective at other times by stating the basic assumptions upon which I am basing my thoughts:

Generally speaking, I believe that there is a “reason” or purpose to everything, including suffering. One of the main reasons seems to be the learning of certain qualities such as compassion — and particularly Love (of which compassion can be considered a “sub-quality”).

Tied in with this belief is the basic assumption that humans have been given a “creative hand” in their individual life experiences, which allows them to help shape and form what happens to them with their thoughts, feelings and beliefs (compare On Mind Power [Quotes] and Healing Cancer & Your Mind).

I generally agree with what the maker of thoughtscreatereality.com sums up into: “I believe in karma. It's a hypothesis as to why bad things happen to good people. To me it works. Karma implies that the universe is basically good, basically loving and basically just. It is one of those stories that always come out right in the end.

We are here to learn, to learn to be more loving, and more responsible for what we create. We are immersed in a reality that responds to our thinking and actions. Over time (perhaps eons, perhaps multiple lifetimes) we reap what we sow. We reap in order to experience what we have created; to create, to destroy, to create again. To me this is very freeing. It gives me an idea of where to look when I want to blame someone for what is happening.”

As I have written elsewhere, I feel that this concept of ultimate (karmic) responsibility and ”learning (love and compassion) through suffering” is actually the most compassionate view of worldly affairs.

How else could one otherwise possibly ”live” with the fact that there are people starving to death, losing their eyesight due to malnutrition, being tortured and otherwise abused right at this moment (in spite perhaps of one’s best efforts through personal activism) without ”going insane” (and this is not even mentioning the billion-fold suffering inflicted upon animals by man, both in conventional ”meat” and dairy production and vivisection)?

(For details on “karma” & life purpose and their relationship to disease and healing, see for instance Cancer Healing & Spirituality II which focuses on these concepts).

After stating these basic personal assumptions let me address the question I would like to comment upon:

Why is spiritual/energetic/radionic and similar healing treatment and prayer — both by others or oneself — not invariably followed by the desired result?

While spiritual/energetic/radionic/prayer healing is real[1] and one of the most fascinating subject matters in my eyes, it is well known that it isn't always followed by what is wished for. While some do experience dramatic improvements or complete restoration of health, not everyone who is being prayed for, sent Reiki, healing energy or Chi or who is asking for angelic or divine intervention will indeed get decisively better or even better at all...

What could be the reason(s) for the puzzling phenomenon of people apparently afflicted with the same disease or symptoms reacting so very differently to the “same” influence or treatment?

It is possible that in some or in many cases, a person isn't "supposed" to be healed by being sent Reiki, prayers, asking for helpful angelic intervention etc., the reason being that at a deeper (soul or karmic) level, the person's "purpose" in undergoing the disease might be to incite them to start taking full responsibility for creating and maintaining their body and health.

This may mean that a person’s deeper self wishes the embodied soul to learn how to considerately and properly treat their physical body by giving it the right nutrition and natural care it requires to remain healthy or to regain its health...

It may mean that a person’s deeper self desires the embodied soul to learn about the connection of stress and relaxation to wellbeing and health... or about the effect of thoughts and feelings and/or the effect of man-made drugs on health...

So guided by the directions of a deeper (or higher) level of the self, the person will not allow herself or himself to be healed by an outer intervention such as the sending of reiki, Chi, healing energy or prayer (but may still use the energy sent in different ways — likely also beneficial ways but not immediately health-inducing ones).

In other words, if the person "allowed" the “foreign” healing energy to actually heal herself or himself, the purpose of self-empowerment and learning at the root of the disease “creation” would be thwarted, so the person’s subconcious will see to it that the healing or prayer energy is deflected or used in different ways.

Apart from self-empowerment, there may be a number of other "soul purposes" at the root of “disease creation” which will prevent the success of the above-mentioned "outside interventions". This might even include (subconsciously) "wishing" to experience pain and suffering for soul growth (learning compassion etc.) or, unlikely as it may sound, "wanting" to experience the pain “sensation” by itself (compare this ”terminal” cancer healing effected by a cancer patient after becoming aware of and changing his subconscious “welcoming” attitude towards pain).

There is also the possibility of “lower personality mechanisms” such as (subconsciously) wishing to punish oneself (out of a feeling of guilt) or others being at work (compare Resistance: Why cancer patients may ignore, ridicule, reject, & attack alternative cancer treatments (in spite of mainstream therapy failing to help them) and On (subconscious) reasons and (conscious) remedies for self-sabotage: 'Secondary gains' — possible (subconscious) reasons why even those applying affirmations, visualization and other positive thinking techniques may not manifest (allow) the hoped-for success and intended 'manifestation' to materialize).

Faith healing

The above ponderings do not include/refer to the fact that the dramatic healings reported by followers of various religions (for instance within the setting of religious ceremonies, laying on of hands etc.) sometimes/frequently don’t seem to be permanent. (This subject would make another article.)

In conclusion

Let me conclude these speculative thoughts by quoting Thomas Jefferson’s advice, “Never trouble another for what you can do for yourself.” Naturally, wisdom would mean to accurately discern what one can do for oneself and where one is better advised to resort to others’ assistance. As maybe often in life, the middle course might be the “golden” one, where one both relies on oneself and resorts to others’ help to accomplish the optimum result.

With respect to healing and preventing cancer as well as maintaining optimum health, I generally feel that most of us have great personal power and responsibility to create and maintain the desired state of health and wellbeing — largely on our own steam.[2]

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 See for instance Real-Life Healing Stories, Energetics, Spirituality.

2 See “Greatest Hits”, Healing Cancer, Johanna Budwig Diet & Protocol, Nutrition, Nature Heals, Causes of Cancer, Detox, Emotions, Energetics, Geopathic Stress, Light, “German New Medicine”, Cancer Prevention, Spirituality and Supplements & Herbs.

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