Prostate cancer cured after removal of EMF and (pseudo)geopathic stress

One major reason why even "health nuts" and vegetarians can get cancer

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The following is a highly educational and revelatory cancer cure originally reported in the German book "Die Heilkunst von Morgen" [The Healing Arts of Tomorrow] by Erika Herbst.

A 54-year-old math and sports teacher had been diagnosed with prostate cancer four years earlier — to everyone's consternation since he had been following an exemplary lifestyle.

A vegetarian for three decades who had never smoked or drunk, he had been exercising regularly and following an excellent diet. Even his house had been built by an expert in building biology (see http://hbelc.org) i.e. to the safest and healthiest environmental/toxicological standards available.

His urologist himself had been shaking his head in puzzlement how someone who took such good care of himself could develop prostate cancer.

When this cancer patient had his house checked for possible geopathic stress by a "modern" dowser (who used sophisticated electronic equipment), his bed location was found to be sound — a rare finding for a person with cancer.

Upon closer examination, it was discovered however that he spent four to five hours a day in his home office drawing up and correcting math tests. Detailed measurements revealed the true cause of his geopathic stress exposure — his office chair.

While it was made of leather, it also had magnetic components and acted as an amplifier for electrosmog (metal parts in the chair receive and partially amplify low-frequency fields), i.e. created pseudogeopathic stress. These factors combined resulted in

1) fluid transport in his abdomen being impeded
which led to

2) cellular communication blockages and

3) tissue acidification in spite of his healthy lifestyle (even his urologist had noted that his abdominal tissues were acidic).

After he bought and started using a healthy chair, it took him only five months to return to full health. His urologist (who had not been told about the chair since he would not have believed there was a connection) was at a loss to explain his remission.

Other major reasons why vegetarians can get cancer

See under Vegetarians Live Longer the important "Addendum: several reasons why even health-conscious vegetarians can contract cancer".

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