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Welcome to this twelth page devoted to the discoveries of Dr. Johanna Budwig on the subject of healing cancer naturally! This page features prostate cancer and other healing testimonials based upon the central constituent of the Budwig diet & protocol complemented by some prostate cancer notes and advice for prostate cancer patients considering ionizing radiation treatment as well as (under "Related content") additional testimonies of prostate cancer healings which were achieved using different approaches.

Before starting to read the following healing testimonials, the reader’s attention is drawn to these very important observations re prostate and other cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Quote: “A 1992 study ... concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure...”

Prostate cancer: healing testimonials involving the Budwig diet

(mostly) collected by Cliff Beckwith, a 15 year prostate cancer survivor “thanks to taking flaxseed oil and cottage cheese”, and compiled by Healing Cancer Naturally

Prostate cancer testimonial (25 June 2008) sent by site visitor Robert

I am now 82 since March 10. ... [A] hard nodule was found on my prostate in 1992 at age 66. All the doctors have recognized it as a typical cancer, including a urologist at John Hopkins Hospital who performed a DRE.

I have not had a biopsy because I think that an invasive procedure may do more harm than good. (I think sticking needles into the prostate is like kicking a sleeping dog.) [Compare Biopsy & surgery can spread cancer.] So there has been no biopsy and no treatment, and I am still in excellent health.

Even so, I cannot be sure that the cancer has disappeared. I think it is more likely to be slowed down by good living. Slowing down the cancer is probably the best path to follow for those who do not have an aggressive cancer, and who don't want a quiet cancer to turn aggressive following surgery or treatments that compromise the immune system.

I think my story should be told. I began the Budwig diet about a year ago when learned about it on your web site, healingcancernaturally. I believe the diet has helped to hold my cancer at bay and maintain good health. I feel very fortunate in having discovered the Dr. Johanna Budwig diet on your web site. I believe the diet is not only beneficial in slowing the cancer, but it is delicious as well. (My version consists of fresh pineapple and sliced bananas with the cottage cheese and flax oil.)

Note: Robert used to publish a blog where he described his experience which meanwhile has gone offline.

Intro to the following prostate cancer testimonials by Cliff Beckwith

It is my intention to give a very short summary of the situations involving prostate cancer and the use of flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese/quark that I remember, other than my own situation. I do not know many details in many of these situations; only the results. Nevertheless, one thing that is evident is that the use of the flaxseed oil did not cause the prostate cancer to grow faster than normal.

In the summer of 1992 I began to write a long letter to a friend and decided to talk it into a tape as I hate writing long letters. It wasn't easier but it was accomplished. I made a copy in case anyone else wanted to listen to it.

Things grew from there through seven revisions and widespread tape distribution at our expense. We have not advised anyone; just told things that have happened. There has been some feedback over the years. The things that I am describing, not necessarily in chronological order, are a result of the tapes being spread.

I will add further that at that time I thought that Flaxseed oil was the magic bullet, by now I realize that it appears to be only a powerful weapon that is being ignored.

Had I known at the time that it was believed in some medical circles to be dangerous* I would not have felt as I did. Thank God I did not know. I would have not used it and been long dead and there would be no lists. We have not seen any of the results against which we have been warned. Quite the contrary.

[It is worthwhile to note that] Prostate Cancer, as with most cancers, is a very complicated situation. There are at least 30 different strains and any one of us can have any combination. Most are slow growing; some are not. At least one is very aggressive. Many men could be in a room and no one would have the same problems as any other in the room.

* Compare Budwig FAQ Question 11: Does flaxseed oil promote prostate cancer?.

Prostate Cancer Cure 1

One man in our town had been diagnosed with prostate cancer about the same time that I was in early 1991 and the prognosis was not good. He began using flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese and is using it today, Oct. 26, 1999 and is apparently cancer-free, and has been since late 1991.

Prostate Cancer Cure 2

The husband of a teacher friend of mine had a PSA of 37 in early 1991.
He began using flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese and the PSA dropped to 13 something and then to 1.2 or so. He asked me if I thought he would need to worry about that anymore. The last I knew he was still doing well.

Prostate Cancer Healing 3

A few years ago a lady near Columbus, Ohio wanted a tape. Her husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor recommended an RP [radical prostatectomy or complete removal of the prostate]. He began the use of the flax oil plus cottage cheese in October but was not at ease and in December went for five second opinions. All recommended an RP. In February it was done.

The doctor said it was the hardest operation he had ever done. It took eight pints of blood. As is normal, the removed tissue was taken to the lab for analysis. A week went by with no word of the result so the folks called the doctor and asked him if the prostate had been malignant. He replied that he couldn't say that it was, but it had potential. In other words, it was over.

Prostate Cancer Cure 4

A number of years ago a young lady in our Lions Club told me her father had prostate cancer and wanted a tape. I gave it to her and forgot about it. About a year later I remembered and asked her how her father was getting along. "Oh, he's had a complete recovery and they are as happy as they can be."

Prostate Cancer Cure 5

Before we made any tapes I was talking with a man who told me that his father had prostate cancer and was unable to work any longer. We talked about the flaxseed oil and he told his father and his father began to use it. It was not long before he was doing the things he had always done. The last I heard he had made a strong recovery.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 6

About six years ago a good friend of mine was found to have prostate cancer with a PSA of 10. He was scared to death and had an RP [radical prostatectomy]. The count was 0.0 and he was happy. A few months later it began to rise and again reached 10.

He began to use flaxseed oil and cottage cheese at one tablespoon per day. The count went to 13. We talked about it together and he went to three tablespoons per day and the PSA began to drop. The last time I saw him a few months back he told me he had just had a PSA and the count was 0.0. He weighs about 220. In April 2000 he will be eighty.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 7

About six years ago a man I knew slightly, then 75 years old, was found to have a PSA of 73. He had learned of the use of flaxseed oil and for three months ate nothing but uncooked fruits and vegetables and flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. In those three months his PSA dropped to 13; a 60 point drop in 90 days. It would seem that it may be the combined effect of the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and the enzymes in the fresh fruits and vegetables.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 8

One of my friends has a PSA of 0.1. He has been using the flaxseed oil for some time as a deterrent to further rise in the PSA. So far there had been no rise.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 9

About five years ago a former missionary in our area developed a very advanced case of prostate cancer. It had spread and he was given a short time to live. His sister told him of the flaxseed oil and he began to use it correctly.

About six months later his sister told me that he was making remarkable progress and the doctors were amazed. It was some time before I heard anything again and then I heard he was going downhill again. I never knew any PSA scores. It turned out he had switched from flaxseed oil to flax flakes and was not using the protein with them.

I am not certain whether he ever did go back to doing it according to Dr. Budwig's protocol, but he passed away a few months later. It seems it is important to use the concentrated stuff with the proper sulfurated proteins.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 10

In the very early days of our usage of this material I learned of a man in our area who had a very advanced case of prostate cancer. I know of no details except that he could do very little except lie on the couch and hurt. I know of no treatment that he was taking at that time, nor do I know what had been the situation earlier.

His daughter with whom he lived learned of the flaxseed oil and he began taking it at around two tablespoons a day. There were no guidelines then. We were all guessing. Within a few weeks he was out driving his truck and feeling much better. He was calling his friends and telling them about flaxseed oil and how it had helped. Sometime later I heard he was doing real well.

A year or so later I heard that he had passed away. His daughter told me that he had switched to flaxoil capsules. They are useless as far as I am concerned in the face of anything serious.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 11

After we had been making tapes for a couple of years I received a call one day from a pastor of a church in Alabama. He told me that one of his parishioners had prostate cancer so advanced he couldn't walk. The family had been called in as he was not expected to live.

However, a friend of his had sent him a tape and they got flaxseed oil and he began to use it. It was not long before he was out riding around and on the road to recovery. I haven't heard anything else.

Prostate Cancer Healing 12

A while ago my sister in law gave a tape to a Nazarene Missionary who was afflicted with prostate cancer and had had to come home. He began to use the flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese and I understand from my sister in law that he is doing very well and is back on the field continuing his ministry.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 13

Recently a man came to get some flax oil for his brother. I am not in business. I just share it at cost for anyone who wishes to stop rather than order their own and I get it wholesale. His brother had been diagnosed with cancer with a PSA of 32. He had gotten flaxoil at that time as well and his brother began using it. It was some time before the doctor decided what treatment to recommend. By that time the PSA had been reduced to 0.2.

Nothing had been done but the flax oil. The doctor said that he had no explanation but "just to be sure" the brother should have a series of radiation treatments. The only result was damage to the colon and bleeding that he is having a hard time overcoming.

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 14

Recently a lady I know in California learned the husband of one of her friends had just found he had prostate cancer. The PSA was not real high but he was scared, as those of us who have it can understand. My friend told them about the flax oil. He felt that was silly, but went along with it.

In a fairly short time the PSA had been cut in half. The doctor said that nothing could happen that fast and the effect of the flax oil was merely masking the symptoms and nothing had changed. The man with the prostate cancer quit the flax oil and embarked on a regimen of radiation being assured by the doctor that there would be no side effects.

Compare Potential Serious Side Effects of Conventional (Mainstream) Cancer Treatment By Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy/X-Rays).

Prostate Cancer Testimonial 15

Over four years ago I visited a doctor [...] a GP specializing in nutritional therapies. He was much interested in my situation and wanted a tape. Two days later he called and wanted a tape sent to a patient of his who had ovarian cancer.

The next time I heard from him was a few weeks ago. He had heard that my PSA had risen somewhat and asked how I was. It seems that he had had a PSA that was 0.2. The next time it was checked it was 380, the prostate was greatly enlarged and there was extensive bone involvement.

He is in his early seventies. He had gone on hormone blockade and flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. Now the PSA is 5, the prostate gland is normal and the bone involvement is still there but greatly improved. Subsequently he left the flax oil and stayed with standard treatment. He died Dec. 4, 2000.

Prostate Cancer Cure 16

Five years ago a friend asked us to send a tape to Chester Sexton, a barber in Onieda, TN. He had advanced prostate cancer. He was around 70. He wanted to keep barbering as long as possible. I do not know what treatment he had had up to that time. I asked the friend about six months later and asked them how Chester was getting along and she said that he was doing very well.

Two years ago last Christmas Chester called and said that he had gotten the tape and felt he had to get some of that. He started using six tablespoons per day. He said that he got over his cancer.

His best friend likewise got over prostate cancer and his girl friend got over diabetes. Then some of his customers wanted tapes so he made them. Some wanted tapes for friends. He said that some listened and used the oil plus cottage cheese. He said that some didn't use it. He said "they died".

Very recently a lady from Onieda got in touch with us. Her husband had just found out he had prostate cancer. Chester is selling oil from a freezer in his barber shop at cost as a service.

This lady had worked for Chester and his wife in a store as a teenager. She is getting oil from Chester and filled me in on his present condition.
Chester is now 75 and has a PSA of 1.5. He is still enjoying his barbering.

Prostate Cancer Testimony 17

My brother had not had a physical in years and finally did. He had a PSA of 785. Cancer had spread through the spinal column into his skull. It was in the bladder and one kidney.

He was a member of an HMO and they put him on Stilbesterol. He had been unable to eat for six weeks and lost 50 pounds and suddenly was able to eat again. He also began taking flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. In a few weeks he had gained 40 pounds, was working again and had a PSA of 8. The prostate had gone from the size of a baseball to normal size. The bone involvement was improving.

About that time an herbalist "friend" told my brother to get flaxseeds and boil them to get the oil as it would be much cheaper. What he did not know was that the heat destroys omega-3. He had quit the Stilbesterol as he did not like the side effects. In essence he was now doing nothing. In time the PSA began to rise. He began to eat apricot seeds like they were going out of style. He had heard about Laetrile.

Compare the articles listed under About Vitamin B17 / Amygdalin / Laetrile Against Cancer and the book World Without Cancer.
Note: freshly ground flaxseeds, an essential part of the Budwig diet, are good sources of natural Vitamin B 17.

He did not realize that apricot seeds also have cyanide and he did not quit until he developed symptoms of cyanide poisoning. He did not return to the right use of Flaxseed Oil and died a few months later.

Prostate Cancer Healing 18

...a letter I received today (11 Dec 2004). It is a little long but worth reading. This man has kept a diary of what has happened. Below is a summary.

"I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful information that you were able to give. When I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I was devastated.

I was having my annual physical, and my PSA was found to be 7.5. My doctor set up a biopsy by a Urologist. Three out of 6 samples were cancers. The Dr. advised that he operate immediately. I asked him a lot of questions and he told me that I could think about what wanted to do.

I did some research, read some books, leaflets and different articles. I found out that many of these operations left the patient sexually inactive.

I received much advice from my family, friends and was very unwilling to have the operation. I decided that if I had an operation I still might not survive so I did nothing at all!

A few weeks had gone by when I received a package in the mail. A friend of mine had known of Cliff and his condition and he sent me a copy of his tape. He told me to listen to it and then to call him. I listened and I called him. We talked for a time and he suggested we call Cliff and talk 3 way.

Cliff told me his experience, and after many questions this certainly sounded like the way I would go. My family and I decided that we would try this remedy to see what if anything would happen.

Well, I was diagnosed with cancer Jan 12, 2002 and by Feb 1st 2002 had begun my cure. I took 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese every day for 3 months and then had a PSA done. I learned where to get the oil and how it had to be pressed and how it needed to be kept.

I made an appoint for a PSA and on 3/29/02 I got the result. It was 5.8. While I was buying my flaxseed oil the sales lady told me that I should buy this new capsule, Prostate 5 LX, 3 months worth for $55.00.

After taking it for about 2 weeks I started feeling bad so I stopped taking it. I took the rest of the bottle back and found out that it was to kill the cancer cells.

The next PSA went back up to 7.5. When I bought the capsules I thought they were to cure me, but this wasn't what happened. I knew that flax oil healed the cancer cells so the oil is all that I needed. I know the saying, if it’s working why add anything.

On 10/26/02 Another test showed the PSA had dropped from 7.5 to 5.2. It has continued to go down 4.1 then 3.5 etc. Through this whole time I could describe my body feelings as good and bad. I would feel good for awhile and then but now I feel Great!

On 11/10/04 I changed to a new doctor, one that I had used before but because of insurance had to leave her and accept another that really only knew me because he had my personal physical folder. Most doctors only know you by what’s in your folder.
One time my nurse asked me if I had ever been operated on. I told her no. She told me that she didn't know of anyone that hadn't been operated on that had had their PSA go down!

This doctor was concerned about me having cancer and had a PSA that was 5.4 so she sent me to the hospital to have pictures made of my whole body, upper, stomach and pelvis and the results came back all negative; no detectable cancer.

Here is the answer, Flaxseed Oil, 3 tablespoons in 1/2 cup of cottage cheese every day without fail. I missed it a couple of times but always took it by the next day. When I am away from home I always carry my Flax Oil with me in a cooler so I would always have it.

My phone number is 706 625 2082. Anyone that needs more info can call me.
Jim Matsko"

Prostate Cancer Cure 19

Jun 28, 2004

In 2001 my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had metastasis to his back bone also. I was lucky enough to find Cliff [Beckwith], when I came on the net giving his statistics and went to see him. My husband had been sent home to put his affairs in order as the dr. said.

His stats were very close to what Cliff’s had been at his worst. Plus the metastasis or however you spell it, hehe. I put my husband on the flax oil/cottage cheese right away and he still takes it to this day.

6 months after the diagnosis we went back to the doctor, he was surprised to see my husband at all, and then when he examined him he said he could not find anything wrong, they then put him through all the tests and they all came back negative.

That is three years ago and we are still cancer-free. Thank God for Cliff and flax oil, taken exactly as we were told to do it.

No, we do not like cottage cheese, but have come to tolerate it well. But the flax oil and cottage cheese saved my husband’s life along with the other dietary changes Dr. Budwig recommends. I marvel at the people that come wanting help, then pick the procedure apart and want to change it. You don’t change what ain’t broke. Do it exactly and get well. Now that makes sense to me.

Prostate Cancer Cure 20

Sent to a Budwig support group on 21 May 2006:

[My husband']s PSA was 27.6 when he was diagnosed with cancer in October 2005. He went on a strict veggie diet and the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. He was tested again and the PSA is down to 0.5. This is truly a miracle.

The urologist wants him to take another Eligard shot which he did take 6 months ago so the catheter could be removed. He does not want to do another chemo/Eligard shot but is continuing on the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese along with a careful eating plan.

He has not had any pain or side effects. God has led him to do the flax oil/cottage cheese. Of course, the doctor is concerned. The cancer was a stage 4 aggressive type. We'll keep praying and believing that the cancer will not win.

Prostate Cancer Cure 21

Sent to a Budwig support group on 23 October 2006:

I would like to report a success milestone. My test results are back and they are both NORMAL. I am/was dealing with prostate cancer. My psa is now 3.6 with 17% free, and the AMAS test stands at 33 (normal is anything below 99).

A brief history of how I got to this point:

  • This spring I experienced a sudden increase in urinary problems and went for a checkup. In February of this year my PSA was 7.4. My urologist made some basic mistakes, but I will shorten a long story. I started doing some of the things recommended by Larry Clapp, and went to a different doctor. In April I was retested, my PSA was 6.0 with 17% free, which indicates a 28% risk of cancer.
  • I decided to have a biopsy. End of April this showed some cancer in one of 12 probes, with a Gleason score of 6.0. My urologist recommended radioactive seeds, but also said that I had plenty of time to decide or experiment, since this was a slow growing cancer.
  • I spent about a month researching various alternatives, and settled on the Budwig protocol about end of May.
  • End of June (one month into Budwig) I took a set of base tests to monitor my future progress. My PSA was already down to 4.9, with the percent free PSA at 17%, which indicates a lower cancer risk (only 20%). At this time I also took the AMAS test, which came in at 141, meaning elevated cancer risk — no surprise there.
  • End of September (four months into Budwig) I took these tests again, but it took until now to get the AMAS results, since it was done incorrectly first time. My PSA is down to 3.6 (normal) with the % free still at 17%. My AMAS result has dropped to 33, which is well into the NORMAL zone. I would have liked the % free PSA to be higher, but the 17% means 20% chance of cancer and 80% chance of no cancer. With the AMAS being so low, I will assume that I am in the 80% category.

Thank you Dr. Budwig...

Notes on prostate cancer by Healing Cancer Naturally

1) According to eminent alternative & conventional cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise and other researchers, prostate cancer is, generally speaking, one of the most innocuous cancers one can have. In fact, many men who died of other causes are found at autopsy to have had prostate cancer, safely encapsulated for decades by the wisdom of their body...

This tallies well with the above-quoted 1992 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which concluded that no treatment at all for prostate cancer actually was better than any standard chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedure.

2) Importance of iodine: high systemic iodine levels reduce the risk of prostate cancer by approximately 30%. More about the role of iodine in the healing and prevention of cancer under Seaweed.

3) Selenium & risk of prostate cancer: The December issue of The Journal of Urology {2001;166:2034-8} carried a study which found that high blood levels of selenium are associated with a four- to fivefold decrease in the risk of prostate cancer. Stanford University scientists compared 52 men with prostate cancer to 96 men without PC. They also found that blood levels of selenium generally decreased with age.

To increase selenium intake, personally I would not go for supplements (or use them only for jump-starting purposes), both for reasons of bioavailability and since minerals act synergistically and need to be ingested in a balanced ratio to avoid them "cancelling" each other or "overdosing" on any one of them.

Food sources rich in minerals and trace elements are for instance seaweed (watch out for heavy metals pollution) as well as organically grown food. Additionally, seaweed is rich in iodine which reportedly helps eliminate heavy metals such as mercury and lead, protects the thyroid against ionizing radiation, induces apoptosis, increases immune system function etc. More on selenium and cancer

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

Are you being advised to get radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

by Healing Cancer Naturally

Here is a quote I hand-copied from Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and The World is Flat by Lothar Hirneise, alternative as well as conventional cancer treatments researcher. He writes on the subject of radiotherapy for prostate cancer:

"Although to this date there are no hard facts that irradiation contributes to men living significantly longer, this therapy is still considered part of the standard program. It is usually recommended that up to 70 Gy be administered in rotation technique or multi-field technique, usually over a 6–8 week period.

Doctors frequently forget that due to the breadth and duration of the treatment, almost total irradation of the hemogram [= complete blood count (CBC)] occurs, since the rays penetrate the body, as is known. Even healthy people would have an increased risk of getting cancer many times over after such a torture."

See On Health Effects (Cancer Risk) of Small Doses of Ionizing Radiation, Ionizing Radiation (Fluoroscopy/Mammography/Medical X-Rays) Proven Causes of Breast Cancer; Combatting radiation poisoning tips and Radiation burns treatment.

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Private initiative reports remissions of cancer, Aids and other ailments thanks to Budwig diet & protocol

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In May 2005 we will hit the two year mark as far as helping people with the Budwig protocol is concerned. Some of the people in our group, starting with my own sister in June, and then my own father in July will be in remission for two years by following the Budwig protocol.

We now have more than 60 people in our group (including AIDS patients with fabulous responses to the protocol). Since starting we have lost 7 people and all 7 of them either didn't follow the protocol as prescribed by Dr Budwig or they were on standard medications (chemo, radiotherapy and other chemicals). Interesting, isn't it?

17 cancer people so far, are in remission [...]. In total I can safely say that 32 people have now benefited and have recovered from their diseases by following the Budwig protocol. Apart from the cancer patients, we have aids, arthritis, endometriosis, fibrocystic breast diseases, connective tissue disease, severe acne, diabetes and menstrual problems cases, to name but a few.

See also On Conventional Cancer Treatment, On Chemotherapy and Serious Possible Side Effects of Conventional Cancer Treatment. Compare Healing Aids & Cancer with Ozone.

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