Terminal Brain Cancer Survivorship

Grade 4 Anaplastic Astrocytoma and Cantron

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Cantron is a supplement that has been marketed under a variety of names (including Protocel, Cancell, and Entelev) and which, according to the National Cancer Institute, has no proven effect on cancer.

In spite of this, I was able to salvage a number of brain cancer survivor testimonials which attribute their survivorship to the very use of Cantron (Cancell), incl. in conjunction with other supplements and conventional radiation treatment and surgery.

The website that used to carry these reports has meanwhile changed its name and become a pure sales platform for various supplements.

I have anonymised the following account (all names and loctions changed) for protecting the privacy of the person reporting and her family.

If nothing else, this terminal brain cancer survivorship testimonial is evidence to the power of the mind, belief, and determination.[1] It is rounded off by excellent advice given to all affected by this illness, either directly or as a family member or friend.

(Jan 22, 1999) Hello, my name is Jane and I am a 35 year old Registered Nurse and mother of three. In November of 1994, I delivered a beautiful baby girl after a very traumatic birth that almost took both of our lives. The lord was watching over us and gave me another chance at life and gave my daughter a new start.

Within two weeks of delivery, we were Christmas shopping and I started to feel off balance and thinking it was my imagination. I mentioned to my husband in a rather joking manner, that if he needed to take me to the emergency room for any reason, tell them I recently delivered a child in a very traumatic fashion. I was referring to the possibility that maybe I had a blood clot or aneurysm that had developed secondary to the birth.

I had just taken a new job in January working midnights at New York University.... I was working nights and found out quickly that it was a bad shift for me, I couldn't sleep during the day. I was so tired I didn't know which end was up and when I started having jerking of my left hand, it was so brief I had to decide if it was my imagination due to no sleep.

It escalated to a degree in September that brought me out of denial and into the Dr.'s office. I was sent into this medical whirlwind and knocked on my rear end when they told me I had a grade 4 Anaplastic Astrocytoma. I would not live very long.

I went through surgery and 8 weeks of radiation therapy. I was added into a study with 25 patients with the same diagnosis. Our treatment was 2 weeks longer than the usual dose of radiation. I would put that mask on and lay there hearing what I imagined to be shooting of the cancer cells. I imagined that they were being destroyed from the radiation, one at a time.

A nurse and coworker recommended Cantron for me during the radiation. I read all the material and decided against it due to the large doses of vitamin C I had chosen to take after reading about its great effects on the "C" word.

When I returned home after radiation my family doctor was asking me what they said, and I said they said I have 2 years to live. He said "Did you tell them to go to hell?" I said "pretty much". (Another story in itself. I will tell you about it if you want to know, I believe it's part of the reason I am here.)

He too told me about Cantron and all the success stories he had seen. This was not "just" my family Dr., I had worked at the hospital he practices at, so I knew him on a business level as well. He got me numbers to call and that all got me into Cantron, Pancreatic Enzymes and Bromelain after talking to Tom, Ann and several of the survivors. That was in January of 1996.

I have been on it every day since then and I, praise the Lord, have never had any reoccurrence. Of the 25 in the study, last I heard, there are 2 alive, THANK YOU AGAIN LORD, I AM ONE OF THEM.

I hope this story will encourage you all that need encouragement.

My tips to the patient:

    If your answer is a definite YES, fight it.
  • PRAY and develop a close relationship with the Lord.
  • READ and know what they are talking about.
  • READ Dr. Bernie Siegel's book called, Love, Medicine and Miracles (Amazon affiliate link, commission earned). This is a MUST, as soon as possible.
  • READ the Cancell Controversy (Amazon affiliate link, commission earned).
  • DO NOT think Doctors are GOD. They are "practicing medicine", do your OWN research and YOU take control of what they are proposing for your treatment.  Do NOT be afraid to challenge them, this is YOUR life at stake, not theirs.  Ask them to think about it for a few minutes, to step into your shoes and decide what they would do, not what is the general practice.  Ask what they would recommend for their mother.
  • RESEARCH  your drugs — Beware of medications that suppress your immune system.  This is your white count — this is your body's only line of defense against disease.
  • MOSTLY, go with your gut, if you are uncomfortable with it, Don't do it!
  • LAUGH — Avoid negative people, surround yourself with laughter.
  • EXERCISE and eat live fruits and veggies (my weakest point).
  • WHATEVER treatment YOU choose — view it as a positive.

Tips to the family members:

The patient has to be the one with the will to live, not the family members. This has to be the hardest thing for a family, I can sympathize, but I believe you are wasting your time and exhausting yourself, if the patient doesn't choose to fight it. Most everyone will tell you they want to live, but in searching deep inside and listening to their gut, they will know if they WANT to live.

This is the reason I believe the patient is the one that must do the research, must be the one talking to other survivors. (If they are physically able.) Support your family member with positive things. Laughter. Listen. Hugs. Encourage them to talk about it. Let them stay in control.

Be honest about their illness...Jane   

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1 Although we do have sensational brain tumor healing testimonials (one in an infant!) attributed to Cantron's sister product, Protocel, see Related content below, as well as cancer remission reports in pets.

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