"Hopeless" terminal stomach & colon cancer miracle recovery

A priest's relic and thousands of prayers save a physician's life

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The following case of an inexplicable near-spontaneous terminal cancer remission attributed to prayers and a relic of father Rupert Mayer (1876–1945) was fully documented by editor Andreas Schaller and published in the Münchner Kirchenzeitung [Munich Church Newspaper] of May 4, 1997. In fact this case, being a confirmed miracle, led to the beatification of Father Rupert Mayer on 3 May 1987.

Since this terminal cancer cure report actually involves a relapse, this case has two parts, with each healing attributed to a different cause. The "full story" of this double healing has been assembled by Healing Cancer Naturally from the following four sources:

Part 1: the miracle recovery

On March 18, 1978, a radiologist at the Chirurgische Klinik (surgical hospital) of Ulm, Germany, took an x-ray of Siegfried Ernst MD (1915–2001). Dr. Ernst was diagnosed with stomach cancer and scheduled for surgery three days later (a diagnosis which should turn out to be in error since the radiologist had only examined the patient's stomach).

Opening Dr. Ernst's stomach on the day of the surgery, the professor surgeon in charge was shocked to discover the true extent of the cancerous growth — the tumor had already grown into the colon (with a diameter size of 2.9cm or 1.1"), and there were metastases found behind the spleen.

Since the situation seemed utterly hopeless, the surgeon wanted to sew the patient's stomach up again. In fact, had the patient originally been correctly diagnosed based upon a detailed x-ray of the colon, he wouldn't even have made it to the operation table since he wouldn't have been scheduled for surgery.

At this moment, a hospital employee, Arthur Böhm, who headed the surgical unit's nursing team, stepped in and advised in favour of the dangerous surgery. He told the professor that this was Dr. Ernst's last chance and that indeed there was nothing to lose.

The operation took six and a half hours, leaving Dr. Ernst with his stomach removed.

Nurse Arthur Böhm had great veneration for father Rupert Mayer to whom he had addressed an intercessory prayer on Dr. Ernst's behalf. In addition and unbeknownst to all including the patient himself, Böhm laid a relic of Rupert Mayer onto the operation table during the surgery.

Eight days later, due to an abscess developing beneath the diaphragm, with accompanying sepsis (blood poisoning) and high fever, a second surgery needed to be performed. The colon hadn't been prepared with antibiotics for the first surgery due to the surgeon being unaware of the colon's involvement in the cancerous growth.

All this notwithstanding, the patient's state was basically considered hopeless, with the second surgery performed "at the limits of the possible", and the patient's life expectancy estimated to be no more than three months.

Two days after the second intervention, Dr. Ernst developed serious pulmonary edema, his lungs filling with water. For three days, he lay in a coma, suffocating, while his attending physicians deployed all their skills to remove the water from his lungs.

Eight weeks later, his health began to improve.

Apart from Arthur Böhm's intercessory prayer to father Rupert Mayer and the relic placed on the operating table, many other people had prayed for Siegfried Ernst. At that time in his life, Ernst had been a member of the Evangelische Landessynode (regional synod) of the state of Baden-Württemberg (Germany).

By word of mouth, news of his critical state had reached and were shared with other members of the synod. Eventually, Dr. Ernst reports, at least 2000 people were praying for his recovery including entire monasteries and convents and people in countries as remote as Japan and the US.

Interestingly, in his interview with editor Andreas Schaller Dr. Ernst commented that "he never felt that he had to get well again" since his life had never belonged to him before the incident nor at that critical moment, and that God would do as he pleased.

It was only seven years later, in 1985, when he had fully recovered his health (see Part 2, the Budwig protocol healing), that he learned about the relic and Arthur Böhm's intercessory prayer to father Rupert Mayer on his behalf.

Nurse Böhm came to visit Dr. Ernst to ask him for his medical records. The nurse then showed the medical documents to the surgeon who had done the "hopeless" operation and asked him whether he could confirm that there was no medical explanation for this healing. He did receive this confirmation, and in writing at that.

In fact, when Dr. Ernst went to see the professor surgeon after his recovery to thank him, the latter replied that it was a miracle that Ernst was still amongst the living and that his skills as a surgeon had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Böhm proceeded to take Ernst's medical records to Rome where he presented them to the congregation in charge of beatification and canonization. The case was then thoroughly examined and re-examined, and included Dr. Ernst and his wife being questioned separately, with Italian surgeons sitting in on the meeting.

When asked how he felt about his own case as a medical doctor himself, Dr. Ernst replied that he had never come across a similar recovery in spite of the fact that he used to have a surgery specialised in cancer treatment.

As mentioned in the above introduction, Father Rupert Mayer was beatified on 3 May 1987 and Dr. Ernst took part in the ceremony which was held in the Munich olympic stadium.

When asked which prayers and intercession he himself attributed his healing to, Dr. Ernst replied that he didn't know whose prayer it was in the final analysis that was answered by God.

Following his recovery, Dr. Ernst developed a closer relationship with Rupert Mayer and asked him for help occasionally. He said that he found it hard to ask for his own sake but that he did do so for others.

As an example, in 1989 he urgently needed 40,000 deutschmarks for a congress of an international federation of doctors held in Dresden. He happened to visit Munich at the time and took the opportunity to visit Rupert Mayer's grave. He told him that he needed money.

The next morning, a farmer from the Ulm area came to his practice and gave him 2,500 deutschmarks. At 9.30 a.m., a friend called him on the phone and told him that he had 70,000 deutschmarks for him. And thus it continued... in fact, "after the congress", Dr. Ernst said, "we had more money than before".

(Dr. Siegfried Ernst later converted to catholicism. This was not prompted by the healing miracle that he experienced but by certain developments he criticised in the Protestant church.)

Continue to Part 2, the Budwig protocol healing describing Dr. Ernst's permanent recovery following the relapse he had two years after his surgeries.

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