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Urine therapy as a cure for Aids?

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This site covers the science and benefits of urine therapy in great detail.

Since auto-urine treatment appears to be one of the true near-panaceas available to mankind, it is little surprising that there are also reports of Aids healings achieved via urine therapy, no doubt partly owing to the fact that urine therapy enhances a person's immune system.

The most effective treatment is often considered to be urine fasting. It is also the easiest since urine becomes water-like.[1]

One of many examples of an apparent Aids cure has been furnished by Swiss physician Dr. Ulrich Hasler[2] who reported the case of one of his patients (Mr. S.) afflicted with Aids. Among his symptoms were oral and anal candida, fatigue, reddened and burning eyes, listlessness and lack of drive.

After several months of oral urine treatment the man not only felt healthy and full of energy and vitality, effortlessly handling a heavy workload, but the virus was no longer detectable in his blood.

The largest number of AIDS success cases thanks to auto-urine treatment I am aware of are listed in Coen van der Croon's book "The Golden Fountain".[3]

One of the cases concerned a woman who was given three to six months to live. Her T cell count was 80 and she reacted very badly to ZDV (AZT) and other medications.

After starting on urine therapy, her skin spots and candida infection (her throat had a white covering) disappeared within two to four months.

Two years later she was able to take care of her household and child in spite of her doctors refusing to cooperate and predicting her demise within half a year if she didn't take ZDV.

Croon also reports on a self-help group based in New York founded by Quique Palladino with hundreds of HIV-positive members using urine treatment. The founder experienced remarkable improvements (including self-reported healing from Kaposi's sarcoma) but reverted to taking medications (and abandoning urine) and died.

Generally, users report increase in T cell counts, disappearance of candida, parasite/lymph node infections, acne, night sweats, headaches, flu, frontal sinusitis, deswelling of lymph nodes, needing less sleep, skin becoming moisturized and fresh looking, and greatly increased energy.

There are numerous other anecdotal HIV case histories available showing the healing potential of this ancient practice. Among many others, see for instance "Cure for HIV/AIDS with urine therapy" at .

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1 Compare the valuable tips under Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment.

2 Dr. Hasler wrote the book "Die Apotheke in uns. Behandlung mit Eigenharn - eine bewährte Naturheilmethode" [The pharmacy within us — auto-urine treatment — a time-tested method of natural healing"].

3 See Urine and autotherapy books.

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