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Urine and autotherapy books

A listing of literature on uropathy (urine [shivambu / amaroli] therapy)

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The following books although to a large extent addressing the same subject are complementary, not repetitive. In fact occasionally the advice on one or the other of the finer points of the therapy is somewhat contradictory — presumably due to the respective author's specific experiences regarding which approach worked best with the specific people they observed or treated. This makes good sense since truly no two bodies are perfectly alike.

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Books in print

Your Own Perfect Medicine Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Cure That Medical Science Has Never Revealed
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by Martha M. Christy

Perhaps the most complete book on uropathy (certainly the most scholarly it seems to me) revealing that the medical community has been aware of the astounding efficacy of treatment with urine or urine derivatives for many decades and researching it intensely behind closed doors. Contains instructions, dietary advice, testimonials (including cancer) and more.

As perhaps most authors of books on urine therapy, thanks to this hushed-up treatment Marthy Christy was healed within weeks of 30 plus years of intense physical suffering with multiple operations and many thousands of dollars spent on treatments — both conventional/allopathic and naturopathic — that ultimately didn't help or actually made her worse.

The so-called alternative naturopathic approaches she used did help somewhat but were unable to bring permanent relief. When Christy had basically given up on her life, in desperation she tried uropathy — and the unexpected miracle happened.

Wonders of UropathyWonders of Uropathy

by Dr. G.K. Thakkar

A small and condensed book on the amazing benefits of urine self-treatment with instructions.

Water of LifeWater of Life

by J.W. Armstrong

The first modern book on uropathy written by a Western naturopath who reaped great successes with cancer and other "incurable" diseases. A very inspiring must-read from the "father" of modern uropathy with numerous case histories.

Golden FountainGolden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy
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by Coen van der Croon

A good guide and introduction to the principles of urine therapy, its history, medical uses, recent research and literature, with numerous first-hand testimonials to the powerful curative effects of urine therapy.

Urine-Therapy: It May Save Your LifeUrine-Therapy: It May Save Your Life

by Beatrice Bartnett

Miracles of Urine Therapy

by Beatrice Bartnett and Margie Adelman

Healing Yourself With HomeopathyHealing Yourself With Homeopathy

by Martha Christy

An important companion volume to Christy's landmark book on uropathy, As Martha Christy explains, "In the course of using urine therapy, I found that combining the therapy with homeopathic medicines in particular can produce incredible results, even for the toughest, most stubborn chronic conditions.

Severely weakened, debilitated, chronically ill individuals often develop extreme sensitivities to ordinarily helpful herbal, vitamin, mineral and other medicinal preparations but are able to tolerate homeopathic medicines very well."

Uropathy: The Most Powerful Holistic TherapyUropathy: The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy

by Martin J. Lara

This book is written by another author with deep insight into the basic necessities of health and shows how to use urine therapy in the most effective and powerful way. Among other things, Martin Lara points to two very important backbones of health — proper hydration and supply with all required minerals and trace elements — without which even urine therapy (the nontoxic "biofeedback stimulator" that activates the lymphatic system) occasionally could fail to help.

Martin Lara also teaches how to prepare other body fluids as natural vaccines as well as his "Universal Sublingual Remedy". These simple suggestions have been extremely effective to fight diseases and all manner of viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, even those due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


by Charles H Duncan (reprint of original from 1918)

Autotherapy is treating illnesses by using the patient's own bodily substances. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to any physician interested in true nature cure as well as any layperson wishing to see proof of just how awesomely the human body is made.

Written by a physician and pioneer of autotherapy who used various bodily excreta and fluids such as blood, pus, breast milk, urine etc. to heal people of the most desperate conditions (including diabetes mellitus — which was still fatal at that time — and a case of mental illness) by administering their very own self-made medicine, the in-depth information provided here is truly jaw-dropping.

While there is only one chapter devoted to urine therapy per se, Duncan's work deserves more than a revival, it deserves center stage in the natural healing arts. Injustly relegated to the dusty shelves of history (although Duncan found many doctors including a number in high academic positions to support and implement his approach at his time), the republication of Dr. Duncan's book will hopefully kindle the widespread interest in autotherapy this most amazing healing art deserves.

Harder to find books on uropathy

Manav Mootra (Auto-Urine Therapy)
by Dr. Ravjibhai Manibhai Patel

Urine Therapy: Self-Healing Through Intrinsic Medicine and Miracles of Urine Therapy
by C. P. Mithal

by Arthur Lincoln Pauls

Auto-Urine Therapy
by Dr. S. R. Gala (ophthalmologist)

Auto-urine cure (or care)
by Ramakrishna Vasudeo Karlekar

by S. S. Saraswati

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