Budwig Diet

Tips how to feed the flaxoil/cottage cheese to your pets

while avoiding giving them “the runs” (diarrhea)

by Marilyn Hampstead, author of "The Basil Book", copyright © 2006, 2007 & 2008 Healing Cancer Naturally

I have used this for both dog and cat.

Make the following. Give the pet one to two teaspoons. Eat the rest yourself. As your pet begins to look forward to this treat, give more. Do this three times a day.

If there is resistance, thin with water and put it into a syringe or turkey baster and put that in the side of the mouth and squeeze gently. You do not want to drown your pet while trying to help it. [Be sure to give your dog a treat immediately after so s/he will be rewarded & may look forward to flax oil/cottage cheese.]

For cats, to encourage self-eating, add a drop or two of cod liver oil. I have yet to see a cat that will refuse cod liver or fish oil. [It should be similarly disguisable in a dog’s food.]

My cats enjoy their flaxseed oil mixed into homemade yoghurt[1] with ground flaxseed garnished with either tuna[2] fish or a few drops of fish oil. They lick their bowls clean.

Because self-made yoghurt is fermented and not pasteurized, it includes live bacteria[3] that benefit the intestinal tract similar to sauerkraut, and all the milk sugars are converted. Hence, no loose stools. [“Nancy's” organic cottage cheese and perhaps other brands contain live cultures.]

More tips

Dogs: add sardines

Apparently dogs love fish smell, so one could add (unsalted) sardines to the flaxoil/cottage cheese mix. Similarly, to camouflage the mix, one could add fish juice or purified fish oil (see however the Budwig FAQ comments re flaxseed oil vs. fish oil). You might also be able to roll the mixture inside ground beef like a meatball. Adding some raw liver may also help.

Dogs: add honey

“Put some honey on it. She will beg for it too much later but it will get her to chew down.”

Cats: add salmon

“For me, I was just glad to find a way to get the cat to eat flax oil/cottage cheese. She had no interest once she smelled the flax oil. Adding the juice from canned salmon along with a little of the meat did the trick. The cat loves the smell and eats the entire mixture. She is now doing really well.”

Also see

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Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally

1) A reader with a dog kept on a conventional diet recently asked me: “Do you think the cottage cheese and flax oil is beneficial to dogs as well as humans and is there anything I should add or change to help [my dog] be as healthy as she can be?”

As you can see from the above and other sources, we only have anecdotal data re pets (which is in fact similar to the situation we have with humans). The evidence we do have however does point to there being a good chance that feeding flax oil cum quark/cottage cheese may/will yield health benefits for sick as well as healthy pets.

Interestingly, animal experiments[4] have shown similar beneficial results when feeding flaxseed to animals with artificially induced cancer. In Das Fettsyndrom and other books she wrote, Dr. Budwig quotes a farmer who told her:

”We give flaxseed to all our livestock. Why? Well, cattle that gets flaxseed simply never gets ill. Our cattle is never sick, even when there is tooth and claw disease in the village.” Note however that both of the above-reported instances of animal health benefits derived from flax involved feeding flaxseed, and not flax oil with quark or cottage cheese.

Otherwise, to help dogs (and cats) be as healthy as they can be, the obvious choice to me would be getting the pet off all mainstream/conventional factory-produced food and feed it organic natural food instead as well as give them the cleanest and healthiest water possible. Here is a good listing of companies that make top-quality food for dogs and cats with the added bonus of not harming animals in laboratories in its production.

Additionally, here is what looks like some kind of a miracle supplement for both dogs and humans with cancer, Dogs' cancer cure testimonials involving finely ground zeolites (natural clinoptilolite powder).

2) I am occasionally asked what to do when a pet steadfastly refuses to eat the Budwig flax oil/cottage cheese mix. While some pets are reported to absolutely love the Budwig mix, others seem to dislike it. Personally if my sick pet adamantly refused to take what I offer it and after trying all of the above “tips and wrinkles” to no avail, I would trust that it knows best. Animals to my awareness do tend to have clear instincts which guide them in their choices as to what is in their best interest.

You may also find some "working" alternatives to the Budwig flax oil/cottage cheese mix under Dog cancer cure tips: beyond chemo - more holistic and/or non-invasive approaches that have helped heal a dog's cancer.

3) As a vegetarian myself, I was delighted to learn that while the consensus is that dogs and cats "must" have animal flesh to live and be healthy, there are also some alternative viewpoints, as seen from sites such as

  • www.vegetariandogs.com
  • www.peta.org/about-peta/faq/is-it-safe-to-feed-my-dog-or-cat-a-vegetarian-diet/
  • www.vegancats.com
  • www.all-creatures.org/hr/hralion.htm
    The true story of a vegetarian lioness (yes, from birth, and the mascot of www.paradisenow.net!)

Early in 2009, I discovered www.vegepets.info and www.vegepet.com, other valuable web resources on the subject of vegetarian/vegan diets for pets where veterinarian Andrew Knight BSc. (Vet. Biol.), BVMS, CertAW, MRCVS, discusses and reports on the positive health results of long-term vegetarian and even vegan diets for both dogs and cats.

Personally I would urge pet owners and lovers to at least consider feeding their animal only organic meat and bones (unless they want to go one step further as suggested in the above links, which personally I would much prefer).

I simply can’t imagine that animals fed upon the remains of the millions of unfortunate creatures who have suffered unto their torturous death in conventional husbandry can truly thrive and be & stay healthy on this kind of fare full of toxic residues incl. antibiotics, stress hormones, pesticides, herbicides etc. etc.

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

discover what this German expert thinks.


1 It is better to use quark which you can easily make from yoghurt by draining it.

2 Care is advised with tuna: tuna is known to have dangerously high mercury levels that are toxic to anyone, and likely more so to anyone with cancer.

3 Please note that some of the most recommended yoghurt starter cultures are live Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and L. casei bacteria (so-called probiotics, of which there are a number). Beneficial gut bacteria constitute the healthy intestinal flora necessary for good digestion and immune function.

They are compromised in many persons due to the ingestion of antibiotics (and possibly pesticide and other toxin exposure and even exposure to antibacterial cleaners). Among many positive contributions they make to our health, probiotics also help to keep any candida albicans (yeast) colonies in check. Re probiotics, compare On supplements, intestinal flora, cancer and immune system: It’s not what you ingest, but what your cells actually absorb. For more information on probiotics, see for instance Probiotics benefits.

4 Healing Cancer Naturally does not endorse animal experimentation on both ethical and scientific grounds. In fact, the subject of cancer research and toxicity testing based upon animal models of human disease is of such major importance that Healing Cancer Naturally now devotes many pages to it. Learn about the detailed scientific arguments and the fundamental implications of the issue of animal experimentation for everyone’s health, recovery and safety, making it a possible matter of life or death for many, here.

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