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Dr. Budwig’s Treatment Advice for Very Ill Cancer Patients

Simple measures to assist the very weak and/or unable to eat

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At a very late stage of their disease, cancer patients frequently are unable to eat a lot.

For this type of person, Dr Johanna Budwig told (her only pupil) Lothar Hirneise to focus on three approaches:

  • give total body massages with Eldi oils and if possible Eldi oil enemas;
  • give freshly pressed juices only and if at all possible feed the breakfast muesli in various variations spread over the course of the day;
  • have the patient stay outside in the open as much as possible (in fact, the sicker the person, the more time should be spent outdoors)[1]. Also see below Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally.

Thanks to these three simple measures, Lothar Hirneise has seen even extremely weakened patients get better. One case (reported in Hirneise's newest book "Das große Koch- und Lehrbuch der Öl-Eiweiß-Kost" published in May 2013) concerns a woman of 80+ years who suffered from breast cancer with metastases to her liver and who had little vital energy left. When at one of his lectures she was presented to Hirneise, she was sitting in a wheelchair, barely able to speak. As her daughter explained, her mother wasn't hungry any longer and hardly took any food.

Lothar Hirneise suggested to apply the three above measures for a week without fail and to report back. After not hearing from them for two months, he was finally called by the daughter who reported that her mother was busy in the garden cutting roses. Within two weeks, she had been able to eat again, and after four weeks she had started taking some steps on her own. Every day one could see how she was getting better and better.

Enquiring with Hirneise about an update to this case I learned that while he didn't have one he did know that several years later she was still alive.

Additional help: champagne - an elixir for the very ill

While Dr Johanna Budwig didn't prescribe alcohol for every patient, she did for those whose energy level was very low (a maximum of 2-3 glasses a day)[2]. In his above-mentioned book, Lothar Hirneise writes about his experience administering champagne in combination with Eldi oils and sufficient daylight to very weak persons which repeatedly effected true miracles.

Hirneise states that both champagne and wine exert a positive influence on the intestines. Their ethanol content is a great supplier of energy rapidly absorbed by the body but which unlike glucose can't be utilized by cancer cells. Ethanol thus is an optimal energy source (which doesn't feed the tumor) for debilitated cancer patients. Ethanol additionally stimulates the appetite which typically will be near-absent in patients at this stage.

Addenda by Healing Cancer Naturally

You are likely to "supercharge" the health benefits derived from the above advice to stay outside in the open as much as possible by combining it with barefoot (or any bare skin) contact with the earth or grass. As described in the book "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever" by Clinton Ober, the earth is a rich source of free electrons which among many other benefits work as natural antioxidants in the body.[3]

Another source of healing taking possibly even greater advantage of the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors is forest bathing.

In order to simultaneously benefit from the healing effects of full-spectrum light which can be very powerful, see Healing Cancer With Light (2) and Healing Cancer With Light (7) (make sure to not wear eyeglasses of any kind).

Finally, be aware that wheatgrass enemas have also shown very powerful healing benefits including in the extremely ill, see e.g. Healing testimony: terminal breast cancer and generally, Wheatgrass as a cancer cure.

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1 Regarding the crucial importance of light exposure, compare Lothar Hirneise's lecture Who survives cancer? The injunction to get out into the light every day is strongly reminiscent of the various healing successes and cancer-preventative effects observed from exposure to full-spectrum sunlight hitting the eyes rather than cutting out the ultraviolet light fraction by the wearing of sunglasses, see Full-Spectrum Sunlight and Inner Health.

2 Compare the Budwig FAQ: "Why is some alcohol & champagne allowed on the protocol?".

3 Also see Earthing and Vata - a little caveat from an Ayurvedic perspective.

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