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On the "empirical[1] naturopath" Josef Diener and his Dienaplex® homeopathic remedies based on medicinal herbs and minerals

Josef Diener (1902–1999) was an eminent German naturopathic practitioner who developed his own (frequently very effective) approach to cancer and other diseases based upon the administration of homeopathically prepared mixtures of herbs (as well as herbal teas and the adoption of a natural diet and lifestyle).

At age 17, Josef Diener had contracted an infectious disease which led to the stiffening (ankylosis) of every joint in his body (an illness his mother had already succumbed to). He had been given up on by his doctors and been confined to a nursing home, with no prospect of a cure at the horizon.

Succeeding in overcoming the understandable despair which threatened to engulf him, he started to study old herbals in search of healing for his disease. Soon he began composing his own herbal mixtures using plants reputedly helpful in detoxification and elimination — and indeed succeeded in gradually restoring his health.

Enthusiastic, he began devoting himself full-time to the study of naturopathic traditions including those of Hippocrates and Paracelsus and in 1928, opened his own practice in the spa center of the historic thermal spring town of Wiesbaden, Germany.

Somewhat disappointed with the therapeutic effectiveness of the available homeopathic remedies he used to prescribe at the outset, Diener began an in-depth study of the properties and efficacy of numerous healing plants and minerals to find out their specific ingredients and influence upon organs and tissues.

He went on to develop 45 homeopathic complex remedies of his own containing a total of 205 different active ingredients of plant or mineral origin which were first made available via German pharmacies in 1951.

He kept testing and further refining these complexes (which he had dubbed Dienaplexes and assigned simple alphabetical names to such as "A1", "D2", "C", "M", "L" etc.) in his daily practice, basing himself upon keen observation of their effects upon his patients who came to see him from far and wide (thus developing a completely empirical[1] therapeutic approach).

Reaping overwhelming successes with patients for whom he frequently presented the last hope, he even succeeded in nursing his own son back to health who after innocently becoming involved in a serious car accident, lay in a coma for four weeks after which his brain was not expected to recover.

To this day (his practice is being continued by his son and daughter-in-law, see their German site www.dienaplex.de), the Dienaplexes have shown themselves very efficient remedies when correctly applied: the first step is finding the cause of the disease and correspondingly combining the matching remedies, the second step is administering them in doses corresponding to the stage of the disease, and the third one is having the patient embrace a natural health-promoting diet and lifestyle.

The following concise stomach cancer cure reports involving Dienaplex remedies are excerpted and translated from Josef Diener's book Heilen mit der Weisheit der Natur [Healing With the Wisdom of Nature].

Two inoperable, "terminal" stomach cancer patients cured with the help of homeopathic Dienaplex (herbal/mineral) remedies

Case no. 1

Patient P. R. from L., 54 years old (born in 1903). Had been complaining of upper abdominal pressure and pain, a lack of appetite and considerable weight loss for years. No decisive improvement was obtained from treatment provided by the family doctor and even by hospital stays.

Discharged after his most recent hospital stay, his relatives were informed by the head physician that the patient's stomach, from cardia to pylorus, was filled with cancerous tissue, and additionally presented a large ulcer in its middle. His general condition being very poor, the patient was inoperable and there was no hope.

His daughter, aghast at her father being left to his fate in this manner, asked Josef Diener to help make his suffering tolerable and instil a measure of hope in the abandoned patient.

Diener treated him with a bottle each of the Dienaplex remedies "M1" and "N1", alternating them hourly with the remedies "M" and "C", at a rate of fifteen drops each. These remedies addressed the patient's predominant state of cachexia and ulceration.

When the bottles were used up, the treatment was continued by administering 15 drops each of "A" and "M1", in two-hourly alternation with "M" and "C".

To strengthen the patient's heart, he also received, on an as-needed basis, one to three times a day 15 drops of "H1" and "N1" on the area that hurt.

After four weeks, the patient was able to see Josef Diener in his practice on his own. While still very frail, he felt much better, his pain had diminished and he was glad to be able to eat again. Diener kept adjusting his treatment according to circumstances, in turn prescribing "M1", "A", "M", "C", "D2", "N1", "H1", "L6", "L2" and "D".

Within ten weeks, the "terminal" patient was free of all complaints. His weight that had dropped to 63 kg had gone back up to 73, and eleven months later had reached his former 81 kg. He was carefully looking after his immune system and strengthening his stomach. A medical checkup nearly 30 years later still found him to be in good health.

Case no. 2

The patient (W. H. from W.) with inoperable stomach cancer had been sent home by the clinic to be looked after privately. Emaciated (cachexic), no appetite, and with unrelenting abdominal pain, anything spent on further "alternative" treatment would be throwing money out the window according to the very angry family doctor after learning that the patient's wife had consulted with Josef Diener. To ease his pain, a nurse came every night to administer analgesic suppositories and sedative injections.

Josef Diener treated the man naturopathically including administration of 15 drops each of "M1" and "N1", which were alternated with "M" and "C" on an hourly basis.

When the bottles were used up, the treatment was continued by administering 15 drops each of "A" and "M1", in two-hourly alternation with "M" and "C". The patient also received, two to three times daily, 8-10 drops of "N1" on the abdominal wall.

After eight days, he needed no more painkillers.

After four months, the patient had fully recovered and was back at work.

Note: Seeing the man had been out of work for years, Diener had provided his entire treatment for free and paid all naturopathic remedies he deemed necessary out of his own pocket.

The former terminally ill patient adopted a healthy lifestyle and lived another twenty years, at which time he died of the sequels of pneumoconiosis, an occupational disease due to dust inhalation (such as from working in a mine) as well as cardiovascular failure.

Other cancers and diseases cured with Dienaplex remedies

Diener's book describes in some detail numerous anecdotal cases of cancer and tumors healed with his method, frequently followed up for many years after the event. These include

  • colon/intestinal cancer
  • many breast cancer cases
  • lung cancer
  • uterine cancer
  • tongue cancer
  • esophageal cancer
  • brain cancer
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • facial cancer
  • pituitary gland and other brain tumor
  • spleen tumor
  • uterine tumor
  • spinal tumor

Diener's book also features dramatic case histories describing the cure of non-cancerous / non-tumor illnesses such as

  • diabetes
  • stomach ulcers, gastric hemorrhaging, gastritis
  • appendicitis
  • pneumonia
  • tonsillitis
  • pleuritis
  • cardiac arrest, heart failure
  • influenza
  • vertigo
  • gangrene
  • intractable headaches
  • and more.

Dienaplex training courses in Germany

The Naturheilpraxis Diener in Wiesbaden, Germany, run by Josef Diener's son and daughter-in-law, offers training courses and other seminars for therapists in German (see www.dienaplex.de).

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Books (German-language) by Josef Diener on his healing approach using diet, herbs and the homeopathic Dienaplex remedies

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Heilen mit der Weisheit der Natur
[Healing With the Wisdom of Nature]

by Josef Diener

In addition to numerous case histories of people who recovered using his approach, the book also includes the story of Diener's own development into a naturopath, advice for a healthy lifestyle and diet and thoughts on conventional medicine and iris diagnostics..

A translated excerpt from the back cover reads:" ...last but not least, this book is meant to illustrate how easy it can be to stay healthy or recover one's health. Everyone should realize that for the largest part the fight for life and health is won or lost outside of medicine."

232 p.

Werden Sie gesund. Vorsorgen als Lebenshilfe
[Get Healthy: Better Living Through Prevention]

by Josef Diener

128 pages

Der Andere Weg: Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse eines medizinischen Außenseiters
[The Other Way: Insights and Experiences of a Medical Maverick]

by Josef Diener

230 p.

Körper und Seele: Wieviel verrät uns das Auge
[Body and Soul: What the Eye Can Tell]

by Josef Diener and Dieter Diener

Co-authored by Diener's son, this book goes into detail regarding the use of iris diagnostics as a therapeutic tool.

120 p.

Warum zu spät? Vorsorge für den Gesunden. Nachsorge für den Genesenden
[Why Too Late? Preventative Action For the Healthy, Aftercare For the Convalescent]

by Josef Diener

This book details numerous case histories of people who recovered using his approach.


1 empirical: based on experience

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