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On the link between toxic dentistry

(root canals, mercury amalgam, nickel etc.) and cancer

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It wasn't just the famous and much persecuted German alternative oncologist Dr. Josef M. Issels, M.D.[1], who considered that chronic tooth problems relating to dentist-treated teeth (root canals and fillings/bridges with amalgam or nickel, beryllium, aluminium etc.) could constitute a possibly major root cause of disease, as well as an avenue towards healing.

For instance, the microbes found within root-canal-treated teeth are considered a source of virulent toxins spreading to all cells and organs. Of these toxic substances secreted from root-canalled teeth, the thioethers (apparently closely related to mustard gas and other poisonous gases), are described as the most dangerous.[2]

Detox specialist Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark devotes extensive space in her work to the necessity of doing dental cleanups as well.[5]

The following anecdotal examples showing a relationship between dental treatment and some types of cancer are likely far from exhaustive. They are meant as simple pointers stimulating the reader to further research this possibly (but not necessarily![3]) vital subject for health and healing.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and oral detoxificaion

For a dramatic healing report showing a potentially vital missing link in the cancer healing equation, see "Terminal" non-Hodgkin lymphoma healed "in extremis" after dental cleanup — stage 4 patient tumor-free within weeks of thorough detoxification of his teeth (root canals and amalgam fillings).

Leukemia and dental amalgam fillings


Dr. Pinto explained that his parents had both been dentists. His father had attended a conference in the 1920s at which a speaker had condemned mercury. The elder Pinto remembered this a while later when he was asked to treat a child dying of leukemia. Her biggest complaint was that her gums hurt. He removed her amalgams quietly, and the terminally ill child responded within a few days.

"Spontaneous remission!" announced the medical profession. Pinto responded by telling the physician he had removed the amalgams. There was a pecking order at that time, just as there is today, in the health professions. He was academically whiplashed and made to feel inferior and foolish. This was standard procedure.

So Pinto quietly replaced an amalgam in the little girl, then told the doctor to watch for a recurrence of the leukemia the next day. There was a recurrence. He removed it, of course, and the child recovered again.[4]

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Hodgkin's disease and dental amalgam fillings


(Dr. Pinto:) "This type of lymphoma was not noted until 1832, a short time after amalgam was introduced in the area where the disease was discovered. The first amalgam to be placed in an African-American was in 1904. Sickle-cell anemia was noted to move out of the rare in 1906."

"But pathologists weren't very smart then," I challenged. Later I found that some of the most brilliant pathologists the world has ever known were alive then. I also learned that sickle cells are not difficult to identify.

I argued that these could be spontaneous coincidences, that there were no double-blind studies, that.. .. I spluttered while he continued to deluge me with anecdotes. Then he began quoting scientific literature.

"Where did you come up with that information?" I finally asked.

"I was taking a master's degree at Georgetown University. Mercury toxicity was my topic. I compiled the largest bibliography on mercury toxicity that probably existed on the planet at that time," he answered.

"When was your thesis published?" I asked.

"It never was. The National Institute of Dental Research — part of the National Institutes of Health — found out about my project and forced the university to have me stopped. I had a choice of returning to Brazil or changing my topic. I had no choice, but I still have the materials."[4]

Breast cancer, dental problems/root canals and meridians

See Energetics: Breast cancer, root canals and meridians.

More on dental toxicity and detoxification


1 Dr. Issels "developed a Comprehensive Immunotherapy for cancer and achieved complete remission of 'incurable cancers' without further recurrence for up to four decades."

2 In an article penned by Ilse Marie Issels and formerly published at

3 A good example is Dr. Nancy Offenhauser who following her intuition and spiritual guidance healed her own cancer without having all of her amalgam fillings removed. She wrote a book about her experience called Healing Cancer Peacefullly. And an "inverted" example has been furnished by Dr. Dennis Robinson who never had a cavity or dental treatment in his life but who developed “terminal” metastasized colon cancer from which he recovered in his own natural and holistic way, see A rebel's testimonial.

4 On the subject of leukemia and lymphoma causes, also see On the link between lead and lymphoma & leukaemia and heavy metals chelation & the return to health and Leukemia from Lindane and PCP exposure: toxic gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane and pentachlorophenol have caused many diseases including cancer.

5 For a summary, see Dr. Hulda Clark on dental detox — guidelines for a healthy, toxin-free mouth.

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