Terminal non-Hodgkin lymphoma healed "in extremis" after dental cleanup

Tumor-free after detoxification of root canals and amalgam fillings

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For background to the subject of the potential connection between toxin-filled teeth and jaws and malignant disease, see On the link between toxic dentistry (root canals, amalgam, nickel etc.) and cancer which gives additional examples re leukemia, Hodgkin's disease and other cancers.

The following impressive testimonial of a stage 4 cancer cure effected in record time after the patient's teeth were properly taken care of, is interesting on several accounts.

1 It shows that at least for some patients, the state of their teeth, the presence of toxic materials and (typically hidden) oral infections in their mouth can make or break their healing journey, i. e. literally mean the difference between living and dying. In other words, the potential role of whatever is happening in your mouth should never be underestimated.

2 It furnishes an excellent example of what Healing Cancer Naturally has been "preaching" since its inception: when all is said and done (and all true bases are covered such as diet and lifestyle), listening to your intuition before embarking on any one path which seems to promise improvement or healing is of primary importance.

3 It highlights the importance of trying to pinpoint and tackle the root cause(s) of your disease rather than contenting yourself with treating the symptoms

4 It shows that the solution may come even if you think you have tried "everything" to no avail, i. e. the importance of never giving up.

5 Finally while some think we just get what we consciously or subconsciously expect, the story shows this need not always be the case.

The (former) non-Hodgkin lymphoma patient whose healing story is summarized below is Dr. Robert Kleinwaks who had worked as a chiropractor for twenty years until carpal tunnel syndrome forced him to retire. Having always been health-conscious, he had been a (mainly raw-food) vegetarian, positive thinker and motivational speaker who regularly exercises including going to the gym and playing tennis tournaments.

When he developed a swelling in one of his legs coupled with pain in the groin and back area which refused to go away even six weeks later, he intuitively realized that something was very wrong.

While the first doctor he consulted tried to send him away with a diagnosis of "viral infection", the patient knew he needed to look deeper. After a number of different tests, an MRI of his abdomen finally revealed the cause of his leg and pain problems — a mass the size of a football (stage 4 large-cell follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma) which had been cutting off the circulation to his leg.

Aware of chemotherapy's basically destructive nature[1], the newly diagnosed (and very shocked) patient started researching alternatives. He went on a partial fast where he only consumed fruits and vegetables as well as their juices, and strengthened his immune system in every nutritional way possible.

His intuitive hunch was that his cancer must be connected to his teeth — he carried root-canal-treated teeth as well as amalgam fillings in his mouth. But when consulting with his regular dentist, he was actually ridiculed — as the dentist argued if there were indeed a connection, then every person with root canals and amalgams would have cancer (see below: "Does everyone with root-canalled teeth and mercury amalgam fillings get cancer?").

An alternative dentist friend of his however did confirm that there could be a connection between root-canalled teeth and/or metal fillings and cancer.

So the patient went to see a holistic dentist. To his surprise, this dentist insisted that he first take numerous supplements (which she "happened" to sell) for three months in order to detoxify since only then would she be able to start working on his mouth (as he later realized, this dentist applied a one-size-fits-all approach to her patients rather than tailoring her treatment to each individual).

As a stage 4 cancer patient who already did everything he could to detoxify via diet and fasting etc., he did not believe he had the time to wait that long — the dentist's suggestion simply didn't feel right.

In desperation, he spent the following months seeking out a great variety of renowned alternative practitioners and even spiritual healers — to little avail since his tumor kept growing. It finally reached a size where his only option left seemed to be chemotherapy — or death.

He submitted to three rounds of chemo, but as has been commented by others before him, the side effects[2] made him rather want to die than continue with the treatment. Aware of his responsibilities, he "put his affairs in order".

At this point, his alternative dentist friend urged him to see another holistic dentist he recommended. His friend explained that root-canaled teeth were dead, and as with all other dead matter in the body, the immune system works 24/7 trying to remove it. Amalgam fillings leak mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man. The two toxic onslaughts combined can weaken a person's immune system to the point it has no reserves left to kill cancer cells.

Although a part of him had given up on life, the above reasoning made intuitive sense to the patient. He went to see the recommended dentist (who practised in another state of the US). His root-canalled teeth and metal fillings were removed and the fillings redone using compatible materials for which he was individually tested.

To his utter dismay, some time after his return from the dentist who had "cleaned up" his mouth, the same original symptoms — groin and back pain as well as a swelling leg — resurfaced. To the patient's mind, this could mean but a single thing: his tumor was growing (again). With the greatest reluctance, he submitted to another MRI.

To the oncologist's utter surprise (he had never seen this happening before) (and to the patient's greatest delight) it was found that the tumor had actually disappeared, including the "satellites" formed in his lungs — i.e. he had become tumor-free within seven weeks of his mouth's surgical cleaning by a competent dentist.

Where had the back and groin pain come from? It could only have been due to the shrinking of the tumor — which had pulled on the tissues just as it had pushed on them during its original growth.

Some six years later (in 2015), the former stage 4 patient continues to be in excellent health which he maintains via a healthy diet[3], regular exercise[4], and positive thinking[5].

Does everyone with root-canalled teeth and mercury amalgam fillings get cancer?

Of course not. Not every drinker gets liver cirrhosis either, nor every smoker lung cancer. Yet these habits, more often than not, can "help". As may frequently be the case, it's a question of individual resistance vs the stressors and toxins — whose numbers typically keep rising over the years — assaulting the body. At some tipping point, your immune system may no longer be able to handle the assault and efficiently defend the body against the invaders.

That said, root-canalled teeth, mercury amalgam fillings as well as other tooth- and jaw-related issues have been causally linked to numerous afflictions other than cancer, incl. chronic fatigue, brain fog, auto-immune disorders, mental illness[6], blindness[7], trigeminal neuralgia, permanent pain[8], paralysis[9] and many more — including death.[10]

Does a "clean" mouth protect from developing cancer?

This is just as incorrect, one example would be the case of Dr Dennis Robinson who developed terminal colon cancer in his thirties and who never had a single tooth touched by a dentist (see his story under DIY recovery from “terminal” metastasized colon cancer).

That said, even outwardly perfect natural teeth can hide noxious focal infections and/or interference fields leading to serious intractable illness (although I have not yet seen a case of malignancy linked to such factors). See Impacted wisdom teeth: potential health impacts (removing interference fields / focal infections can [near-]instantly heal physical ailments).

Are all holistic dentists created equal?

Alas, far from it. For background and tips see Beware of fake alternative and/or holistic dentists (some self-proclaimed alternative/holistic dentistry "experts" are incompetent and can do damage), Tips how to find a good dentist and Your dentist's treatment plan and diagnosis ....honest and reproducible or influenced by financial interests?.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways knows to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 For details on chemotherapy, see the Conventional section.

2 See Potential Serious Side Effects of Conventional Cancer Treatment.

3 Compare Nutrition.

4 Compare On cancer prevention and exercise.

5 Compare Mind.

6 From the "mad hatters" of earlier times to modern cases such as that reported by dentists Drs. Munro-Hall, see On the dangers of dental amalgam (mercury) "silver" fillings.

7 See e.g. Eyesight restored after amalgam removal.

8 See Testimonial: botched root canal destroys life (permanent pain and nerve damage after dental and other surgery).

9 See Testimonial: botched root canal treatment leads to hemiplegia

10 See the detailed coverage of the subject under Root canal treatment, Dental fillings (potential toxic timebombs ticking in your mouth?) and Dental interference fields and focal infections.

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