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The following information on lead and lymphoma/leukemia has been compiled, excerpted and translated by Healing Cancer Naturally from a German lecture held in April 2003 by Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D. at the ETH Zurich. It is provided here as one example of the possible (but not "obligatory"!) relationship between malignant diseases and heavy metals. Dr. med. Klinghardt specialises in effective holistic heavy metal detoxification as a road to achieving perfect health.

“Several years ago, in 1997 or so, an epidemiological study was conducted comparing the lead content in the bones of people who died c. 400-500 years ago with the lead content found in ‘contemporary’ skeletons. The amount of lead in modern bones was established to be 500-1000 times higher than that found 400 years ago. 500-1000 times!

We know the damage done by lead poisoning. On the one hand, it very much affects the brain, the mental development of children. Particularly their intellectual development will be slowed down considerably. In the bones, lead poisoning gives rise to a malfunction in the formation of blood, hence leukaemias, anaemias, lymphomas - all the tumours involving the hematopoietic [blood-cell-producing] system play a part here.

Over the last ten years, I’ve treated four lymphoma patients with nothing but DMPS[1] injections (this was before I learned about all of the other ways to chelate heavy metals). Simply by removing the heavy metals, all four of them were healed. After having demonstrated these results before some rather large national congresses, I never cease to be amazed that this therapy should not catch on and take that long to be accepted.

The lead stems from the times when petrol (gas) was still leaded. Even oil and latex paint used to be leaded. Nowadays regulations are trying to minimize this and have removed the lead from the gas. To prevent engine knocking, a number of chemicals were added instead - which are extremely carcinogenic.

In other words, out of the frying pan into the fire, switching from a neurotoxin to a carcinogen. This can also be shown on a graph. There is a graph in the US which clearly shows the dramatic rise in cancer incidence following the removal of lead from the gas.”

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1 DMPS is a sulphuric substance that strongly binds heavy metals, see explanations given by Dr. Klinghardt under effective holistic heavy metal detoxification.

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