Breast cancer, root canals and meridians

from an article on the relationship between cancer and dental toxins found on www.curezone.com

"I have been told about a woman who had a breast tumor. Oncologists (cancer specialists) do not like to operate if there are signs of other infection. Her physician asked the woman to have an abscessed tooth taken care of before surgery.

Immediately after the dental appointment, while lidocaine [a local anesthetic] was present in her system, the woman had a thermography x-ray that revealed a thin white line extending from her tooth, down her neck, through the tumor in her breast and on down into her stomach.

In light of the discovery, her physicians decided not to operate. Four months later the tumor disappeared. That was the first time direct connection to disease following an acupuncture meridian was clinically observed and was an immeasurably important observation for western medicine. Every tooth has a separate acupuncture meridian running through major organs in the body."
Tom Warren

"I have had a number of patients with breast cancer, all of whom had root canals on the tooth related to the breast area on the associated energy meridian."
John Diamond, M.D.
(...the reason being that dead teeth [which root canals are] will scatter toxins throughout the body, apparently following the energy meridian that they lie upon.)

On neutralizing root canals:
"My experience covering about 20 years indicates that most infections in teeth as a result of root canals or abcesses can be eliminated permanently by magnets."

It is possible that a similar meridian/cancer development relationship exists for other cancers and/or situations, compare for instance Can EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Help Prevent Cancer By Reestablishing Healthy Energy Flow? A Brief Breast Lump Case Study.

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For in-depth information on the potential dangers of root canal treatment, on dental autonomy and on practically free and fail-safe (for me) toothache relief without the need for a dentist, see Healing Teeth Naturally: toothache remedies, tooth and gum regeneration and alternative dental research.

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