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How to do urine [shivambu / amaroli] therapy

"Instructions" for using auto-urine treatment as a cancer cure

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After learning about the many resounding health and healing successes reaped either with various urine compounds or derivatives or with straight urine (see the full article list here), uropathy would certainly seem worth a try either as an adjunct or even a major part of one's own health and healing regimen.

How to do urine therapy

The reader wishing to undertake or include urine therapy for any serious disease such as cancer is strongly advised to seek the advice and supervision of a practitioner experienced in urine therapy. This may be easiest when you live in a country like India where urine therapy, at least in certain parts of the country and population, is backed by millennia of experience and acceptance.

For those who do not have access to an experienced practitioner and are unable to obtain and read books on urine therapy, the following contains a number of hints based on books by experienced urine therapy practitioners. In no case, however, are these "instructions" to be taken as medical advice and anyone wishing to follow them in an attempt to heal an illness is doing so entirely at his or her own risk. See Disclaimer.

Generally speaking, the most commonly recommended method of using urine therapy in cases of illness consists in consuming and dabbing on one's morning urine (mid-stream fraction) since it contains the most beneficial and concentrated medicinally active ingredients.

Otherwise there is some conflicting advice and evidence given by the various authors based on their own — necessarily limited — experience. For example, John W. Armstrong, author of "Water of Life" (see Urine Therapy Books) writes that liver cancer is unamenable to uropathy and regards it as "practically hopeless by whatever means it is treated" while others have reaped resounding successes with liver cancer.

Or Dr. Thakkar, author of "Wonders of Uropathy" (see Urine Therapy Books) warns of taking allopathic drugs while on urine therapy while some others report having encountered no complications. Dr. Hasler, MD, author of a German-language book on uropathy[1], takes the middle road and recommends taking medications with great care when fasting on urine.

In any case, the following "instructions" for doing urine therapy and particularly urine fasting (where it is imperative that the fast be supervised) are for informational purposes only and as mentioned above, must on no account be taken and followed as medical advice. They are primarily excerpted/summarised from the uropathy books by Armstrong and Dr. Thakkar and complemented by some tips of a general nature including by other authors.

John W. Armstrong's urine therapy instructions (excerpts)

According to Armstrong's book "Water of Life", a urine fast is the preferred method of treating cancer and much better than water fasting (other authors agree that fasting with urine and water is the easiest way to fast — not only does urine become water-like and tasteless if only water is consumed but it also helps keep the body's energy levels up). Since urine actually has nourishing qualities, urine massages must be added as well.

Armstrong comments: "If people who observe suspicious lumps on their bodies would only resort to these natural methods..., and resort to them at once, Nature would not fail them. But those who wait till the eleventh hour may have to pay the penalty for their procrastination."

Armstrong reports that growths and tumours said to be cancerous have yielded quickly to urine and water fasting (compare Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials). In the case of tumors, boils etc., cloths soaked in urine should be placed over the site of the trouble, and kept moist by adding more urine when required. Neither the place where a pack is applied nor the tissues nearby must ever be rubbed.

In addition to fasting on urine and water only, the body must be regularly massaged with urine. Armstrong observed that fasting on urine and water alone led to heart palpitations when not complemented by regular rubdowns with urine. If urine massages are applied, according to Armstrong, a reasonably well person will even be able to continue working while fasting.

Interestingly, Armstrong (in contrast to others, see below) is against enemas as an aid to enhanced elimination and insists that nature herself should decide when to move the bowels.

During urine therapy, the most important areas to rub with urine are the face, neck, and feet, in fact Armstrong recommends that very ill people should have their entire head thoroughly massaged with urine.

Properly done, Armstrong found that there was more healing obtained from ten days of fasting on urine than taking three months daily an entire glass of the same (compare Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials).

Dr. Thakkar's urine therapy instructions

In his book "Wonders of Uropathy", Dr. Thakkar (incidentally, not a medical doctor) frequently uses the Indian term Shivambu for urine which will also be used in the following, alternating with the term urine.

General rules for uropathy according to Dr. Thakkar

Only begin shivambu treatment after discontinuing all medications, non-vegetarian foods, intoxicating items such as cigarettes, tobacco, liquor etc. (allopathic medicines taken with urine therapy sometimes create complications while ayurvedic medicines and homeopathy agree with urine therapy). In cases of diabetes or heart trouble, the patient should phase out his medications very gradually such as over the space of two months.

1 Depending on the patient's condition, 8 to 30 days of shivambu fasting ought to be observed during which just urine and water are taken.

2 Daily gentle massages with old urine for a minimum of one hour each morning and night are imperative during the fast and thereafter. These massages allow accumulated toxins to be eliminated (precise instructions in Dr. Thakkar's book "Wonders of Uropathy"). To reduce the putrid smell of old urine, Dr. Thakkar advises mixing camphor powder into the urine during the massage.

(C. P. Mithal, author of Urine Therapy: Self-Healing Through Intrinsic Medicine and Miracles of Urine Therapy, writes that urine massages should either be self-applied or by a person who loves the patient.)

3 For cleansing the bowels, a daily enema must be applied for a week, mixing urine with lukewarm water in equal proportions. According to Dr. Thakkar, urine and water combined have such tremendously powerful effects in detoxifying the body that they are capable of easily curing more than 50 percent of all diseases suffered by mankind without using medicine, the root of all disease being constipation and the effective, simple, safe and most harmless remedy being the enema.

He asserts that there is no substitute for enemas for getting rid of old fecal matter that might be stuck to the intestinal walls.[2]

Rules for applying uropathy in chronic diseases incl. cancer according to Dr. Thakkar

Cancer patients should start urine therapy only after stopping all medications and treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics etc.

Start by administering an enema of warm water mixed with urine to cleanse the bowels.

Depending upon the disease's severity and the patient's condition, a complete fast should be observed for 3 to 30 days, exclusively living on water and urine.

Urine fasting should be done without or with short interruptions.

An initial worsening of symptoms may occur when toxins are loosened and discharged. Do not be discouraged.

Additional instructions given by Dr. Patel and Dr. Hasler

Author C.P. Mithal reports additional instructions for cancer patients given by Dr. Ravjibhai Manibhai Patel, author of "Manav Mootra": Dr. Patel advises to wash one's eyes twice daily with fresh urine, apply urine compresses as often as possible on the head and forehead (cut the hair short) and rinse and gargle with urine three times a day.

Dr. Ulrich Hasler comments on the subject of constipation: normally taking a urine and water fast regulates the stool but in case constipation should develop, take a flat teaspoon of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) in 250 ml of water in the morning.

Comments and caveats re water and urine fasting

Individuals with low blood pressure and a weak heart may not tolerate a strict urine and water fast. German uropathy author Ingeborg Allmann recommends such a person take light meals, ingest lots of urine and massage the body frequently and thoroughly with the same. She comments that taking urine and a little food allows a person to live very comfortably for a long time.

Allmann also recommends sick and overweight individuals who have lost a lot of weight to only fast for short periods. They should restart eating while continuing to take urine, then fast again, while doing daily urine massages of 2 to 4 hours which help prevent the unsightly loosening of the skin.

In case of intestinal diseases such as candida, Allmann recommends taking urine enemas only after applying 3 or 4 water enemas, and allow the urine enema to sit as long as possible.

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1 Dr. Ulrich Hasler: "Die Apotheke in uns. Behandlung mit Eigenharn - eine bewährte Naturheilmethode".

2 Dr. Thakkar even writes that there "won't be the slightest exaggeration in saying that for fighting against all the deadly chronic diseases shivambu fast is the only harmless weapon".

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